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TPC HeadFi Group (No Trading, mention of Seller/Shop Name)

  • @matchachloe & majingotan - Thanks for the feedback!

    @jaibautista - How to twist wires like that? I'm doing a car audio project and I want my wires to be twisted like that.
  • @BlackSG5

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to twist wires like those in my pic. I had my lowly earbud recabled by a local cable maker after I pulled the OEM cable too hard that I managed to open a gap (and expose the wires) near the plug. :(

    That said...I've seen pictures of cable makers using desk clamps (usually seen in carpentry shops) and pliers to twist them cables. For reference, the cables you see in the pic are UP-OCC, which are kind of stiff (and hence can't be twisted like your regular copper or Litz cables).
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  • ^Dun sa nagpost na dinelete yung post niya:

    Okay ang UM3x for vocals. For rock/metal...depends kung anong band pinakikinggan mo. I think it's fast enough naman to make listening to those genres more than tolerable. hehehe
  • For some reason mas okay ang tunog ng monk sa itouch 5 kesa sony a35 kahit on ko pa clear + audio or ibahin settings or it is just me. Pero sa fidue a83 mas okay sa a35 pero turn off ang clear+
  • mga boss/chiefs...may pagbibigyan kasi ako ng headphone na wireless/blutooth, bata lang, yun kasi request may mairerecommend ba kayo na pwede sa windows?, budget ko lang 500-1k.salamat!
  • Hello Guys,

    I'm here again to ask for your suggestions..

    I just acquired an SHP9500 and I plan to have this amped. Can you please help me with finding a budget portable amp that can also be used on a desktop ? Thanks !
  • ^ I have the SHP9500 too and don't find a need to amp it. Save your money and spend it somewhere else. :-P
  • I have the SHP9500 too and don't find a need to amp it. Save your money and spend it somewhere else. :-P

    + 1

    It's a very efficient headphone design. I have one too and it gets very loud regardless of the source.
  • Any circumaural headphone will benefit with some amping. Even the ATH-M50 will sound better when amped by a small Fiio E5.
  • Tonight's companion.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. Will save my money on something else :)
  • Pagbabalik loob na ba ito?

    Naaaah. More like trying whether this triple patty setup works. And it does! :3

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  • ^ kulang pa ng external battery stack
  • @majingotan

    Hanap ako mamaya ng Motolite hahahaha :3
  • Back to regular programming with the Elear. :3

  • The Elear has finally met its match.

    Initial thoughts: Elear + D100 > Elear + D100 + Hugo + Duet

    There's just something with the D100 that brings out the best from the Elear. If you love the Elear's superior dynamic range and PRAaT, look no further.

    This actually throws a spanner on my upgrade plans. Lol

  • Anyone know where all the local heafphone/audio forums went? Been out of the hobby for a few years.
  • ^ Sa FB. May HEEP at others pa dun
  • May HEEP, HEX, FAC, at kung ano ano pang nasalihan ko. Hehe. Pagnaging member ka na ng HEEP madami pang lalabas na suggested groups.
  • Mga ka HEEP, este ka-TPC,hehe! Opinion on Darkvoice 336SE vs Little Dot 1 x2 for my hd600?

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  • ^ Sa FB. May HEEP at others pa dun

    Too bad for people without FB like me ;-p
  • lurking ar familiar names
  • Salamat! Nakita ko na sa Fb!
  • OK ba Audio Technica ATH-A500X? May sale kasi sa megamall Apr28-May1, magiging 5.2k ang price nya. Mejo pasok na sa budget ko. Currently using Superlux HD668B. Thanks.