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  • . It can only run three hours on battery power when in fact the design spec for its 4-cell battery is between four and five hours of mobile usage.

    I am of the opinion that battery runtime figures stated by manufacturers are rather optimistic. Those tests are usually done with a bare Windows install, and as such have lower CPU and RAM usage compared to real-world usage.
    With background tasks like a virus scanner or even Windows Update, coupled with software that can utilize all processor cores (i.e. Chrome browser), battery life is expectedly shorter than what the manufacturer claims.

    Unless, of course, the issue is reduction of the battery's capacity. Lenovo's Power Manager software can show the battery's designed capacity and its actual capacity (as of the last full charge).
  • One thing also worth mentioning is the battery age or should we call it as "shelf life". Batteries loses their effectiveness to hold charge once they are past a certain "shelf life".

    Yup, and as a corollary to this even if you don't use the Li-ion battery at all (e.g. a laptop kept on AC power only) the battery will degrade naturally. Part of it is due to heat, but also because batteries expire. Thus in the case of a laptop, if you're gonna use it as a desktop 99% of the time you should consider taking out the battery and putting it in the refrigerator. There's even an optimal charge state for battery storage, I think it's around 60%, before putting them in the ref.

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  • He is good. Really, really good.

  • @Peorth @riddler @awakeruze

    Thanks a lot for the additional insights on battery charge/discharge/performance!

    Yep, I've read before about putting a li-ion battery pack in the freezer. I just don't have the balls to do it as I don't have easy access to spare thinkpad laptop batteries if sh*t hits the fan. And speaking of lenovo's power management tool, i think the latest software versions don't allow you to change the charging thresholds (before, i usually set it to charge if the battery hits below 80% and stop charging at 95%); instead, it's the software automatically determining the charging thresholds. It's one of the reasons why I can't let go of my ThinkPad X230 even if it's a bit long in the tooth and why i am thinking of replacing it in favor of a retina mbp (on top of the legendary ThinkPad toughness). Hahaha :3

    Again, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! Dami naming natutunan with these exchange of ideas. :D
  • @novicez @majingotan

    Ano ba marecommend niyong specific model na pang small room(30+sqm) gagamitin ko siya for gaming, movie tska music? San din ako pde maghanap para wala sa egghead eh?
  • @Jastine06

    Try mo bro sa Spectrum Glorietta. They specialize in speakers. :)