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  • @ csdeathtrap

    Buy and keep both, simple as that:)
  • tinanong ko yung forza audio works kung pwedeng bawasan pa yung 0.5m na cable na target ko pwede naman daw pero same prize pa rin :-/

    ano yung MK2 cable?
  • @majingotan

    mahirap ipaliwanag kay kumander na meron akong 2 headphone sasabihin lang nun ibenta mo na ung
    to her all headphones are the same.
    that is why i dont want to buy kahit cheapo na gaming headphone sasabihin nya gamitin ko ung he400i ko for

    now dilemma ko anong portable amp ang babagay sa he400i na hindi chord mojo ang brand.
    now im leaning on objective2 by jdm meron pa sana kay itlugan ung standard.
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  • Done making JDS Labs DIYs.

    CmoyBB, bumili talaga ako ng Altoid Mint for the enclosure.

    O2 headphone amp, wait ko pa yung inorder kong enclosure.

    Planning to buy Sony MDR-7506.
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  • Planning to buy Sony MDR-7506

    Nice choice sir. Familiar ako sa sound signature nila dahil nakikinig ako sa mga recording studio (home studio) noon. They sound a lot like my AKG K712 except for soundstage and bass quality: Sony 7506 has a really deep bass that sounds like it's coming out of a well made subwoofer and I even consider the tonality deep bass much better and accurate than my K712. Baka lang ma-turn off ka sa upper midrange brightness kung hindi ka sanay sa brighter than neutral sound though at least in my ears.

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  • ^
    @majingotan, thanks sa input Sir. Yan din kase suggestion sa akin ng friend ko working as post production engineer sa GMA.
  • Yep: Very famous sa recording studio iyan all over the world:

    Check out Yeng na suot suot niya yung headphone habang nag-rerecord ng album:

  • ^ Uy oo nga noh. And he said this is one of the oldest model ng Sony hp since the 80s that is still in production today. Decided na talaga ako dito, ito talaga yung masasabi mong bang-for-the-buck na headphone.
  • ojay_c on February 07, 2016 06:50 PM #
    mga paps..

    pa-feedback naman po ng KEF M500


    +1, may nagbebenta kasi dito sa amin for 10K...
  • @jacko - I also built (and sold) a few cmoyBB's a few years ago c/o the parts I sourced from various vendors (JDS Labs and Mouser). Made a few tweaks myself (used Schottky diodes instead of regular ones, reduced the overall resistance on the gain stage to reduce Johnson noise, used mil-spec resistors, gain is around 3 - 4). You can also use Newman's Own tins instead of Altoids, mejo matigas lang ng konti pag magbutas ;)

  • ^Sennheiser HD238 ba yang nasa 2nd pic? I also own that open ear headphone, ganda ng sounds with adequate bass.
  • HD239, yung slight update nila

    One of the more bang-for-the-buck headphones around. Ginagamit ko for commute din ito para marinig ko yung nasa labas ;)

    Easy to drive naman sya without an amp, pero I amp pag naglalakad sa Ayala for work hehehe
  • Nai-intriga ako sa USB DAC/Amp na 'to. :3

    Encore mDSD by Sonic Unity

    Final Thoughts

    I remarked previously on the AudioEngine D3 review that I was pleasantly surprised by how USB DAC/AMP sticks performed and at $149 I thought it was reasonably good value for money. Well the mDSD just killed that notion at $99. It is probably the best value stick out there now for codec handling and sound quality. I really like being able to stick this little guy in a laptop or mobile phone and start playing my DSD128 and DSD256 tracks without a hitch. It is amazing how far DSD decoding has come down in price.

    The inclusion of the ESS 9010K2M, normally reserved for good quality portable DAC’s is a good move here. Badly worked chips of this kind sound thin, unforgiving with lower treble glare. This one doesn’t. It’s a neutral sounding signature with a touch of low end warmth, a sold bass response and clean and clear vocal presence. Most importantly that treble performance is good without any accompanying irritating peaks.

    Power and control is also equally impressive. Noise is absent on highly sensitive IEMs and there is enough power for most mid-tier and modern planars to sound excellent and in the case of planars pretty good for the price. The Ether C hates thin signatures and this isn’t one of them.

    If you are in the marketplace for a quick audio upgrade on your PC or mobile phone sound then get the D3 instead of the mDSD. The mDSD is anything but ‘quick’, it’s too good to be defined as quick, it is a serious upgrade.

    Technical Specifications:
    - 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD 256 decoding
    - Discrete USB audio receiver and D/A converter
    - Asynchronous transfer mode for doubled jitter-reduction at data input and over-sampling filter stages
    - High-performance headphone amplifier
    - Optical output (shared with 3.5mm headphone out) capable of S/PDIF and DoP stream
    - USB powered, no external power supply required
    - Diminutive size measuring just 2 – 3/8? x 1 – 3/16? x 3/8?
    - Works with Android (4.1 & above with OTG), iOS (with camera adapter USB cable), Windows 7/8/10, and Mac.
    - Available in silver or black finish

    Price: $99 with aluminium case and $69 without case.

    Headfonics review: <click here for link>

    Indiegogo Project: <click here for link>

    Gusto ko kunin yung 2 Encore mDSD para US$130 lang. :3
  • +1, may nagbebenta kasi dito sa amin for 10K...
    thank you paps. hindi ba mainit sa tenga since on-ear?

    additional na rin po, any recommendation/s for a BT headphones worth ~$100? will be buying from ama*on.

    salamat po ulit.

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