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TPC HeadFi Group (No Trading, mention of Seller/Shop Name)

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  • I'm stuck in mid-fi purgatory. haha.

    Nakapila ako dun sa 35X, and now looking at the moondrops Kanas pro. Tapos minamata ko pa yung meze classics.
  • Ask lang po

    How do you order items sa mas*dr*p? do they ship directly po ba here sa atin?

    and also just in case, im planning to get HD6xx gagamitin ko for ps4 gaming and music, movie and etc. Do i still amp to properly drive it, and if what can you recommend po.

    example is gaming: ps4-monitor- hd6xx


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  • ^Parang normal online shopping site lang sir si Drop (Formerly Massdrop) when it comes to ordering. Click on Join Drop, enter your payment method (CC or Paypal) and your shipping address. Nakalagay kung kelan nila ishi-ship yung item so take note of that before you commit to your purchase. Then you will wait... They use the cheapest option for their shipping, which is the local courier at ipapadala yan satin via sea kaya expect wait times between 2 weeks to more than a month. Pag dating pa dito sa PH, sa local post office mo kukunin yung item.

    Also, not all items in their catalogue are eligible for shipping to the Philippines, kagaya niyang 6XX. Para mabili mo yan, gagamit ka ng mga third party services gaya ng shipping cart na sila bibili para sayo at ishi-ship nila sa doorstep mo. Or pabili ka sa kamag anak mo na nasa US. Mas mabilis hehe.

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  • IMO, mas bagay yung HD600 for gaming kumpara sa HD650/6xx.

    Mas clear yung dialogue at footsteps since mas "neutral" yung HD600.
  • Just dropping by to say hi, medyo matagal-tagal na rin since I've last posted here :3

  • @dlegendkiller

    I hope it isn't too late for me to throw my thoughts regarding your quandary inside the hat :3

    Value is entirely dependent on the listener, regardless of pricing. If you have enough disposable income to burn on a pair of CIEMs costing six digits and you feel it's the absolute best listening experience you've ever had, I don't think no amount of discouraging will prevent you from shelling out said moolah. That said, not everyone doesn't have the luxury of being able to spend that much money. My personal take on/approach to your dilemma, based from experience, is to assign audio stuff along a "value-for-money" continuum and get the best item (i.e., one with the highest "ratio") that my budget can accommodate.

    I understand that the EE Legend X is a hybrid design (mix of BA and DD drivers), hence the extra rumble relative to the CA Andromeda S (which is made entirely from BA drivers). I have yet to hear a pure BA IEM to match the rumble of a DD-based IEM; physics has a lot to do with it (DD drivers move more air than BA drivers). That said, the major disadvantage of hybrid IEMs is coherency, i.e., how tightly integrated the different frequencies are presented as if the sound is just a single sonic image (nothing is left behind). That's why I tend to lean towards "pure" IEM designs. That said, the latest IEM releases have apparently managed to close the "coherency gap" (but not entirely, IMHO); hybrid designs that I like include the Meze Rai Penta, Campfire Audio Dorado, and the old AAW hybrid series (I understand that AAW has overhauled its IEM line).

    Custom or universal? Personally, I would only get a CIEM if (i) I don't expect significant weight changes in the foreseeable future (because this will affect fit and ergonomics) and (ii) I have a preferred sound signature that I can comfortably live with. In terms of resale value, CIEMs tend to take a huge fall because the next owner has to spend quite a sum to have a 2nd hand CIEM reshelled; not all CIEM manufacturers allow reshells for the new owner. Owning a CIEM is a long-term commitment; if you feel that your listening preferences change easily then purchasing a CIEM might not be the right decision for the meantime.

    I have owned three CIEMs since 2015, all from FlipEars; two remain with me (the A-Z, a 5-BA-per-earpiece design, and the Axl, a 10-BA-per-earpiece design). Both more or less sound "balanced", i.e., all frequencies are given equal weight, with a slight hint of warmth. Compared to foreign CIEM manufacturers, FlipEars' prices are quite competitive (for reference, the SRP of the Axl is Php68k while the A-Z is Php35k). You might also want to consider them, especially that they're made locally; it's much easier to deal with refits in the event you encounter fit problems. They're quite fast to respond to Facebook PMs (if you still haven't made a a purchase); they're very much worth the try. :)

    I don't know if this help your decision (assuming you haven't made any yet), but these are my top five IEM picks:

    1. Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered (UERR) (3BA) - USD999 (Php52k)
    2. FlipEars Axl (10BA) - Php68k
    3. FitEar ToGo! 334 (4BA) - JPY111k (Php53k) [neareast place you can purchase this bnew is Singapore via Jaben]
    4. Meze Rai Penta (1DD+4BA) - JPY128k (Php61k) [Egg**** used to carry Meze products but after checking their FB page they don't feature this brand anymore]
    5. Campfire Audio Lyra 2 (1DD) - USD599 (Php31.5k)

    Sorry for the long post. I hope you reached 'til the end! And good luck to your decision! :3
  • for my gaming console headset
    razer kraken pro v2

  • Senheiser CX200 yung hinahanap ko pero wala ba sa ItlogUlo shop, wala po bang ibang alternative na Senheiser model dun, need ko kasi yung may Microphone.
  • Ended up getting the Audio Technica ATH-CLR100iS IEM at ItlogUlo for 899 php.

    While not as loud as the ES18, the CLR100iS appears to be clearer as it lacks a certain high-frequency distortion that I hear on the ES18 when playing a certain song.

    I still might get a better IEM if this one doesn't satisfy me in the long run.
  • So I just randomly found my old KPP habang naglilinis ng kwarto. This was recabled by sir JM(Sese) way long long ago using denko cables. Had to resolder a couple of parts para lang gumana uli siya. Listened to it again and it felt nostalgic.

    Anyway, saan ba a pwede maka source out ng good cable wires locally? Also, any wires I need to look out for? Medyo matagal tagal na rin akong walang knowledge when it comes to audio gears.

    P.S. I just ordered some ear cushions online. The waiting game now begins.
  • Hi guys nagbabalik loob lang sa audio world. I just want to ask if is there a store here in the Philippines that sells iBasso daps specifically DX220? Im thinking of getting one after disposing my DX90 3 years ago (bad move I missed it so much) or is it better to buy on Amazon have it shipped using LBC shipping cart?

    I might audition din IEM sa itlugan this coming December thinking of getting Campfire IEM haha

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  • @Kaii_12

    The shop along taft avenue that sounds like Petshop28 has the iBasso DX120 and are accepting orders for iBasso DX220. My suggestion is order from them or try visiting their shop so you can audition the DAP first. Most likely they will have 1 unit on display for demo purposes so people can audition before ordering.

    They also have China-Fi, Japanese brand, and high-end IEM's that you might want to check out.

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  • @sleepygeepy

    Hi thank you! i just did I’m so happy its along taft lang because I live nearby might drop by na lang before buying so I can test it out :) messaged them too on their fb page 2 stocks na lang daw with more incoming.

    Sige I’ll check their IEMs too pati na rin sa egghead can’t wait to be back ulit haha
  • Any recommendation for a 1k below in ear headset?
    Wala na kasing mabilhan ng Soundmagic kahit sa Lazada. Currently using my wife's JBL T110. Mostly for calls at pubg gaming lang kapag mainit ang panahon ko gamit.
  • kz zsn pro
    Any recommendation for a 1k below in ear headset?
    Wala na kasing mabilhan ng Soundmagic kahit sa Lazada. Currently using my wife's JBL T110. Mostly for calls at pubg gaming lang kapag mainit ang panahon ko gamit.
  • Good day,
    ask ko lang if ano best Bluetooth earphones within 1-3KPHP?
  • Onemore Tripple Driver or Ibasso IT01?