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SNSD (Girl\\\'s Generation )

  • up. im new to snsd.. ngayon lng ako sumabaybay sa kanila even though i heard of them since 2009... been following recently other kpop groups too like apink and girls day.
  • padaan lang hehe UP :)

  • Happy 28th birthday to our Dancing Queen!! KIM Hyoyeon!!!

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  • nice alive na alive pa din ang thread
  • Sino nanonood ng The K2 dito?
    TV series, bida si Yoona.

  • watashi mo! I'm also watching DA KEH TOH
  • Happy Birthday to my Queen,!!! Kwan Yuri!!!

  • Happy Birthday to my Queen,!!! Kwan Yuri!!!

  • Birthday ni Taeyeon!
  • Katatapos lang ng series na the Defendant.
    Bida naman dito si Kwon Yuri. Hehehe
  • any idea san ko pede iunload ssnd cds/dvd
  • para sa kaalaman ng lahat:

    <click here for link>

    Grabe ang tahimik na ng kapatiran natin!
  • Bad Thief, Good Thief - Seohyun
  • Not a fan yet, but I'll watch their mvid of their 6th album in youtube :D
  • The King in Love - Yoona
  • 3 members of SNSD decided not to renew their contracts.
    <click here for link>
    Sad layp.