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Edifier users thread

  • @napsterpogi

    If you will use it for movies or playing video games, the S350db will be better as it has a subwoofer suitable for that purpose. For music listening, however, the R2000db will be a better choice.

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  • Got my Edifier R1280DB din sa Lazada, ginamit ko yung sa BDO (VISA PHP 1000 OFF) if makaabot ng 6K. Pinaabot ko na ng 6K yung items (speaker + router + misc) so 5K na lang. Hehe.

    Oks naman so far yung sounds, pwede na for the price though wala siyang "wow" factor kaya not too happy nor sad sa purchase. Hehe. Sakto lang since tagal na din ako curious dito. I have Swans M10, Swans M50W and Polk Audio S15 (+ Denon AVR-X1400H) to compare with din.

    Gagamitin ko siya for everyday use sa TV na no need to use ng HT.

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  • @TheGame92

    You have very good Swans already. Kaya siguro hindi ka na naimpress sa Edifier. :-)
  • @acid_burn628

    Thanks Sir! Ito pala feeling minsan kapag may na cocompare ka na. Hehe. Minsan if ano nasa iyo na eh hindi mo ma appreciate.

    To be fair, it's a good speaker (Edifier R1280DB) for the price:
    + Bluetooth
    + Neutral Sounding (leaning towards warm)
    + Decent bass considering there's no subwoofer

    - Not for basshead
  • i just ordered the r1280db since currently i just use the measly speakers of my monitor which gets video-audio signal via hdmi fro Mac Mini 2012.

    Should I buy a Fiio K3 for my desk setup para mas maganda sound ng FLAC? May toslink output naman si Mac Mini 2012 pero up to 96.0Khz lang siya.
  • @pael

    Depends if you have "trained" ears pero I suggest 'wag na lang. Some will say or will notice na merong "improvement" and some will say or notice wala. Even if there's an "improvement", don't expect much na lang.

    Personally, ganyan yung expectation ko dati na buying an additional devices will significantly improves yung sound quality but hindi pala, well for me. Siguro if we're talking about high-end devices is meron talaga pero question na lang is do you really need it? Kasi if oks ka naman sa current sound quality, it wouldn't make a significant improvement kahit ano pang bilhin mong additional devices. Napagastos ka lang. Hehe. Siguro masasabi mo na lang may improvement talaga dahil gumastos ka or may dinagdag, psychologically ba but then, it's up to you. Hehe.
  • @TheGame92

    +1. Well said.


    I have been in that bandwagon before also. It does improve sound, but the question is, does that improvement satisfies you? If you have the cash to spare and the curiousness to fulfill, then you can try and see for yourself. Either you will be happy with it or you will be left wanting more.

    If you are on a budget, just try to appreciate muna what you have. Sometimes, it is already more than enough, you just don't realize it yet. The Edifier R1280db is already good for what it is. For comparison, I upgraded to Edifier R1750db and found the R1280db to be better in the early weeks. Later, I begin to appreciate the R1750, and then I upgraded to R2000db. My point is you will end up wanting more. If that makes you happy go for it. :-)