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  • sirs pde bang lagyan ng subwoofer ung r2000db? ok sya kaso prang nakukulangan ako pag wlang subwoofer.
  • sirs pde bang lagyan ng subwoofer ung r2000db? ok sya kaso prang nakukulangan ako pag wlang subwoofer.

    sir check mo kung meron sub out port yun speaker system. kapag meron, pede sya kabitan ng additional subwoofer. example po ng modelo na meron ganun port ay R1850DB.
  • wlang port for subwoofer ung r2000 cno gusto swap haha.
  • workaround is look for headphone amp multi channel. with more than 1 out you can use two for speaker and then sub.
  • Bought an R1850DB superb sound quality lalo na sa flac and dsd format, using my samsung note 8 as DAC for DSD format music files...used the RCA connection but passed through a tube preamp for clean and much detailed sound and music. Direct to coax and optical spdif for CD audio listening also very good sound quality. Bluetooth connection is good too but not at par with other BT lossless hires connection.

    One thing na napansin ko yung sub out nya using 3.5mm stereo female connector, connected it to my ever reliable konzert 8inch powered sub woofer using a 3.5mm to 2RCA stereo cable at hindi ganun kalakas ang output have to set at least 3/4 level volume para maramdaman mo ang bass, usually nasa kalahati pa lang volume ng subwoofer ko dumadagundong na.

    All in all EDIFIER is a good choice sobrang sulit pera mo, I also have a logitech Z623 2.1 pang PC gaming na lang muna yun pero pag quality music listening iba ang EDIFIER.

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  • Question: May alam po ba kayong mabibilhan ng pamalit na cable na 3.5mm to audio rca (red and white)? Faulty na kasi ung sa Edifier C2 ko after 7 years. Any particular brand na pede nyo marecommend? TIA!
  • ^
    try mo sa mga audio shops
    sa the l*st*en*ng r**m sa megamall, meron dyan
  • meron nito sa ace hardware, if short run lang OK na yun available doon/
    <click here for link>
  • Thanks sa mga inputs mga sir. Will check it out this weekend. Edifier FTW 7 years na, mag 8 years this Nov. Crisp pa rin tunog wire lang mejo faulty na kailangan na ikut ikutin para gumana both satellites.
  • how about their headphone products? eyeing to buy W830BT.
  • Hi mga sir,
    Hingi lang po recommendation.
    Currently setting up a small tv room (8sqm).
    Ok na po ba si r1280db para dito? Or any recommendation?
  • small tv room (8sqm).
    liit nyan...kayang kaya nun
  • liit nyan...kayang kaya nun

    Salamat sir!
  • good day mga sir, tanong lang po..
    Puede ba i connect ang subwoofer ng M3200BT ko sa R1850DB ,
    salamat po sa mga sasagot.
  • @rhael

    sir tingin ko pwede. tiningnan ko sa google ang mga connectors ng M3200BT, ikakabit mo lang yun 3.5mm jack dun sa sub out ng R1850db. ganyan din kasi ang set-up ng R1850DB ko gamit ang lumang subwoofer ng Creative P380.
  • @chester, yun salamat ng marami..

    pinagpipilian ko kasi is R2000DB or R1850db.
  • mga sir may alam pa ba kayo na shop selling R1280T? wala na kasi akong makita online puro R1280DB na lang. TIA
  • Mga boss, planning to buy an all rounder edifier speakers. Going to use it connected sa tv for movies, ps4 and most of the time music me choose...R1280bt or XM3BT.
    I saw one video comparison, XM3BT pero R1280T lang comparison and not R1280DB...
    Anu mas okay sa pandinig nyo?
    <click here for link>

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  • buy this....Edifier M3600D THX Certified 2.1 Multimedia Speaker
    THX Certified
    Class DAmplifier
    (210mm) 8? Subwoofer Driver
    Digital Optical (toshlink) &Coaxialinput, PC / AUX dual analog inputs
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
    100-240V power supply
    Edifier M3600D with advanced digital audio technology, low power consumption, built-in high efficiency D class digital amplifier, which can output total 200W RMS. 2.1 active speakers with unique shape and MDF satellite to provide stability and strong impact; 80-inch unit subwoofer can output 130W real power, low frequency can dive to 40Hz; whether it is connected to the computer to enjoy music, or gaming or home theater, M3600D is the best choice of the sound. 6500lang...

    ang galing nya....dumadagundong yung buong room....kung condo ka magagalit lahat ng katabi mo....

  • strong impact; 80-inch unit subwoofer can output 130W real power,

    gulat ako dito ah,80 inches..hehehehehe
  • Hi! Any Edifier speakers that you could recommend me? Don't need bluetooth or wireless connection, will use it sa PC using 3.5mm audio jack

    Budget it 2.5k by the way.
  • hi mga sir,

    Bumili kasi ako ng edifier r1580mb parang nakukulangan ako kasi sa bass.
    Maganda ba ung x100 tapos i split ko na lang ng aux cable?

    Thank you.

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  • @vildiil

    try mo sir X100 maganda bass bought mine last lazada bday for Php1087
  • buy this....Edifier M3600D THX Certified 2.1 Multimedia Speaker

    Got it kahapon lang for 5.9k sa isang shop dito sa Rob pioneer....good thing pede ding icard last stock na nga lang. tingin ko ka level nya Z623 in which I also owned years back though nowadays mahal na Z623.
  • hi all, anyone knows where we can buy the edifier m3600d. preferably southern metro Manila areas. or online. meron dito naka post pero 7700. medyo mataas
  • edifier m3600d.
    ang srp nyan 6500 kung may mahanap kang mura ilagay mo megamall meron...
  • sa megamall meron...

    any idea which shop exactly? medyo needle in a haystack ang entire megamall. I only go there once a year
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    cyberzone, edifier
  • nick311hexum, thanks man. Nice to see you here din lol.

    na umay na ako sa portable speakers. nothing new din na lumalabas recently na bang for your buck.

    I already have the r1280db and R2000DB. want to try the m3600d. thanks.