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League of Legends Philippines Thread

  • ^ aw. ano yung deleted?
  • mamaya nasa LoL NA ulit ako.. kahapon tapos ngayon tapos bukas... NA... sarap mag wukong sa NA saka Yi... jg...

    yung wukong ko sa NA kulet mag Supp...

  • I'm definitely going to buy this one. Fap Mode Jinx.
  • magkano kaya yung jinx starlight skin?
  • ^ I'm thinking it's going to be a 500-RP skin like the DT Tristana. Naaatat nako bilhin to. Ang cute eh. Hahahahaha.
  • Guys, help me spread this.

    It's a 2013 forum post from From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong coz I don't have that high understanding about this kind of things), PLDT is bottlenecking the connections here in Philippines.