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Unified Football / Soccer Thread (TPC United)

  • Panalo Argentina, pero talo sa Bet lolz

    Congrats to Leo Messi & Argentina.

    Looking forward to France again playing in the finals in 2026.

    This edition of the World Cup has been one of the best in recent years or decades. Well balanced competition. I think Qatar did well as host too. Nakabawi rin ng tulog since Monday, hahaha!!!
  • What's up football fans.

    Some notable football news:

    1. Malditas bow out of the Pinatar Cup with 0-3 record. Their last match vs Iceland ended in 5-0 defeat.
    2. Real Madrid destroyed Liverpool 5-2 in their 1st Leg Champions League Match at Anfield last night
    3. Manchester City defeated Arsenal last week to close the gap to 2-points on the league table, Manchester United, 5points behind
    4. Manchester United drew with FC Barcelona 2-2 in their 1st Leg Europa League match at Camp Nuo, Leg 2 at Old Trafford this Friday
    5. Local scene: PFL resumed their league matches for the ongoing PFL season with Kaya FC playing Cebu Dynamic Herb in Iloilo. Cebu Dynamic Herb came out as 3-2 winners
    6. PFL Team, United City FC, begged off from the remaining PFL season due to financial issues. :(

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  • Yes, Man U winning Carabao Cup!! Tas eliminated rin Barca sa Europa league!! Things are looking up, sana continue lang nila yun current form sa EPL.

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  • Thursday ng madaling araw naman ulit

    FA CUP round of 16
    Manchester United vs West Ham United

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  • ^Di na nga pala Malditas tawag sa Women's team natin. Hihi derogative meaning kse lalo na sa Spanish. Basta "Filipinas" na tawag. :)
  • #MalditasPaRin

    Ung tawag sa kanila now na "Filipinas" , parang di pinag-isipan eh. Hahaha
  • as it happens

    liverpool 7- machester united 0

    never expected this..

  • ^Hayup sira morning ko sa pagkagising ko ganyan nangyari. Sobra hype pa naman na yun last win ng ManU vs Liverpool yun turning point ng season nila, haist. On to the next game, boys!!

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  • liverpool 7- machester united 0

    United's 2nd half was awful. everybody just gave up. :(
    We march onwards....
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  • wohooooooooooooooooo history made 1st win
  • Galing!!!! Homaygad, sana icover naman sa local news hihi.
  • Sara to Sarina connection... galing.

    Congratulations sa Philippine Women's National Football Team for a very Historic 1st win at the world Cup!!!
    You ladies , etched your mark in the history of Philippine sports!!!

    #loveyousara Hehehe

    edit: POTM - Olivia McDaniel - awesome goalkeeping!

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