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Four-Thirds and Micro Four-Thirds users (Info in Page 1; 2 pictures per post / 800x600 pixel limit)

  • Try mo sir henrys, camerahaus o mga stores sa hidalgo
  • Okay po, thank you! :)

    May suggestions ka pa po ba sa first camera ko? Budget is 20-30K. Balanced sana for photo and video :)
  • Em10 mark 2 or gx85 po
  • E-M10 + 12-40mm f/2.8 Handheld shots

    The Ruins, Bacolod City

  • Em10 mark 2 or gx85 po

    How much po yung GX85? Wala kasi akong makitang pricing online
  • Hi po! San po pede bumnili ng mga pansonic camera with warranty? :D
  • ^Check mo sa Hidalgo. Andaming stores dun

    Guys, okay po ba yung Panasonic LX100 as a first camera? Di naman kasi ako magpapalit ng lens (I'm a student), kaya sa fixed lens nalang ako tsaka for mixed stills and video use. Thank you :)
  • ^djdelarosa
    I ditch my canon 80D for a lumix lx100. :D I got mine na today.
  • That's great! :D Saan mo po ba nabili and how much?

    Also, know any sellers of the TZ100/ZS100?
  • ^Online store boss.
  • Post deleted #12010430
  • Hello epm1 user since 2012. Ano na nangyari sa Olympus sa Philippines bigla na lang sila nawala. Hoping may some sort of support pa in case magkaproblem ang unit
  • ^ olympus does not have an official distributor in the ph for years now. better to look into the mirrorless offerings of fujifilm, panasonic, sony, canon, nikon, leica, etc. if you need local support. if you want to stay with the mft system, then panasonic is your only choice. :)
  • on that note, where can an Oly user now get after sales support? yung USB port cover nung E-M5 ko nag-crack na, as well as the plastic surrounding the eyecup. Yung eyecup for sure madaling palitan, pero yung rubberized port cover, i don't know kung kaya palitan without taking the camera apart. yun din palang spring sa battery compartment, mukhang umatras na ng konti, kailangan ko na lagyan ng pang-kalso para lang mag-contact ng maigi yung terminals ng battery.
  • Thoughts on 3rd party battery for Oly OMD-EM10 Mk II?