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Four-Thirds and Micro Four-Thirds users (Info in Page 1; 2 pictures per post / 800x600 pixel limit)

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  • How do you guys post pictures in here using flickr? TIA
  • I am not sure if Flickr allows it. Just insert the image link between [ img] and [ /img]. Clicking the Image button types the code then paste the link in between. Some image sites have forum codes generated which you can copy and paste as is. I use

    Remember to resize your images to max 800px width.

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  • Guys, where can I buy Olympus E-M10 II? Ang hirap maghanap dito sa atin. Kung bawal sabihin dito pakiPM naman po ako. Thanks!
  • Thanks sir gino!
  • i've got an oly macro 60mm macro lens, di ko masulit kasi ung body E-PL2 mejo hirap
    anong magandang ipalit na body ngayon kung mag upgrade?
  • @nomyaz05

    check the omd em5/10 mk2 and panny gx85, or get a used em10 mk1 if you're on a budget.
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  • @Gradius

    per forum rules trading is not allowed.

  • shoot na lang ng shoot lol...

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