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sino po sa inyo ang gumagamit ng Linux Mint OS?

  • oh aking diyos. ito smartphone Xiaomi Mi2S hitsura kaya mainit ang ulo, at kaya mahal. ngunit ito ay ang pinaka-popular na telepono ng mundo. lahat ng aking mga kaibigan ay may isa.
    kung bakit ito ay kaya popular? kung ano ang tingin mo dito? Nais mong i bumili ng isa upang magkaroon ng isang Subukan: <click here for link>
  • Ako. pero pang recover lang ng mga files. saka medyo nakakalito magcode sa Linux Mint.
  • Linux Mint 14 on a z460 user here for around six months. All is well except in the bootup, minsan, di siya tumutuloy. I\'m considering Xubuntu 12.04 to be my next OS, medyo mas mabilis at mas stable sa tests ko(subjective observation).
  • Linux Mint User here. Dual boot with windows xp on Acer Aspire 4736Z.

    I use it for checking emails, for online banking and front-end web development.

    It\'s a complete OUT OF THE BOX experience. Ubuntu users try to use this distro. Di naman na kayo mahihirapan at ubuntu based naman sya.
  • so far so good naman Linux mint 17.2 \"Rafaela\"
  • Sorry if OT, but among two, Mint and Ubuntu, which is better in terms of regular use, like browsing, email, word processing and its environment.
  • Any update of this thread? Is mint still the best "windows" centric linux out there for those newbies like me who are coming from windows and want to try linux?
  • Linux Mint is much lighter than Linux ubuntu... sa ubuntu I still prefer the one base on gnome2 kasi very customizable friendly though I have ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed...
  • Linux Mint and Ubuntu is the same for every release ng Ubuntu may fork na Mint version na irerelease after. mas elegant lang ang theme ng Mint at mas friendly sa mga Windows users. Yung mga installer nila out of the box ay medyo bloated na rin ng additional add ons/plugins na hindi mo nmn kailangan especially Ubuntu. I somewhat agree Mint is lighter than Ubuntu (same base) Pero kung gust mo ng lighter experience for low powered pc look for XFE or LXDE desktop environment realease ng version nila or kung gusto mo ng challenge install mo lang yung ubuntu core, then install everything that you only need para mas lighter XD
  • @ padyakbud

    Any update of this thread? Is mint still the best "windows" centric linux out there for those newbies like me who are coming from windows and want to try linux?

    Try Zorin OS 12 <click here for link>. Download size is around 1.5GB. Like Mint, it's also based on Ubuntu.

    I have been using it since December 2016 and is stable for watching videos, music playback, web browsing, and playing games (Steam and GOG). The user interface is neat and newbie-friendly.

    My first favorite Linux distribution was Mint then got replaced by Ubuntu MATE. Now, it's Zorin OS :)

    Larger size <click here for link>

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  • Thanks Bintsmok. Zorin looks nice nga. I hope its resource friendly for old computers.
  • Update on my trial using Zorin OS. Very nice and stable. Unfortunately wine and playonlinux would not run my 3 window apps that have no linux equivalent and critical to my work. Looks like Win7, not linux is my direction. Nevertheless thanks Bintsmok for the recommendation.
  • @bintsmok
    wala ka naexperience na bug sa gnome-shell ng Zorin? (yung pop up na something crashed)

    resource hungry ang Zorin sir hidni sya advisable sa old computer pde mo cguro babaan usage nya kung classic session gagamitin. same color scheme pa din wala lang yung fancy desktop effects ng compiz window manager
  • Hi po. Newbie po ako sa linux. I just installed Linux Mint sa old desktop ko po pero hindi sya maka connect sa net. Ano pa po ba linux na ok sa old desktop na nakaka connect sa net without problems? Thanks
  • wireless dongle ba yan?