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The Unified Tablet Thread (No Group Buying/Store Mentioning/Selling in the Forums)

  • Hi. Needing a tablet for my daughter's school mostly for reading, surfing and browsing, and other school stuff. She already has a capable desktop and a hand me down laptop from her sister. I was initially planning 6-7K budget but making need to push to 10-11K for better specs. Can you share your thoughts on these: (1) Teclast T40 Pro and (2) iPlay 40 - or better ones at this price point?

    Thanks in advance!

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    sir locked na po ba options nyo dyan sa 2? add nalang po kayo ng konti, pasok npo sa huawei matepad 10/T10s.
    never had experience using the two brands you mentioned, but ive seen some good reviews on teclast... but my choice still goes to huawei at that pricepoint. hth
  • @Tekken_Zaibatsu

    Thanks for the recommendation! Nasa 7K yung T10, will check the specifications and compare with the other. Kamusta support ng Google sa OS, pala? Even new Huawei tablets ba wala nga Play Store?
  • Teclast t30 binili ko sa tatay ko ayos na ayos pinalitan ko lang battery niya in the span of 2 years pero ayos na ulit. Sana nga magka5g enabled din sila na tablet
  • @nomad

    i got my daughter an iplay 40 last year in lzda... w/ all the voucher discounts, it came out to only around 8k but of course it's much cheaper now.

    build quality is nice and it doesn't look or feel cheap! the screen is especially crisp as its 2k res and performance is good. likewise, she reads, browses, and surfs a lot on it, as well as playing genshin on it comfortably too!

    my son has a mipad 5 and comparing it, i'd have to say that the build quality of the alldocube is just slightly a step down.

    since i don't game on tablets (just for browsing and videos) i personally opted for a very cheap (6k) bmax i10 plus w/c has the same unisoc t618 cpu but only 4gb ram/64gb rom. screen is only 1080 (not in-cell laminated so meh) though but good enuf for me.

    despite the lower specs, performance is still decent and snappy!

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  • @knshnx and dino

    Thanks for your inputs. After much watching/reading reviews and comparing specs, I decided to get the Teclast T40 Pro. So far so good very capable for a budget tablet.
  • mostly ba cod ang method na gamit nyo? or online payment?
  • cod ako pag lzda or shop33...

    but sometime CC if the shop doesn't give the option, usually high value items, (beyond 20k)
  • ok sana tong huawei matepad t10 hirap lang walang google apps, got it from money max libre nung nag apply ako ng credit card from citibank