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The PC Gamers Thread (no SPOILERS)

  • Ano Controller mo sir? Baka kelangan mo pa gumamit ng Xbox 360 Controller Emulator..

    generic wireless controller blue tooth dongle gamit nya para kumonek sa PC oks naman sa ibang games e sa ME 2 lang ayaw gumana sa witcher 3 flawless naman
  • "This has been our issue since release on PC. We bought the game hoping to play together just like in GTAV. But until now we can't cause it's always saying that we can'y connect or the friend is unavailable even if we just entered the game from the main menu.

    The solution they are telling us is to port forward certain ports which is kinda silly as other games don't have to do this and a lot of people can't port forward cause their ISP is connecting subscribers to CGNAT which disables port forwarding to clients.

    I have reported this a lot of times and not a single reply or confirmation that they will fix this. We are nearing completion ofg the game and it feels like we are lied to from the trailers and marketing about the coop portion. They should have indicated that port forwarding is essential and if you can't port forward then you can never play coop with friends.

    This does not look well for their upcoming games like For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands. I think I'll now be skipping upcoming Ubisoft games as they have no support at all from their customers plea. We keep getting set aside and ignored and I have tried everything from VPN to buying a new router and none works. They could have just told us that this won't ever get fixed and probably saved more but they seem to really not care. I think this is my last Ubisoft Game purchase."

    totoo yan hindi kami makapag party sa rainbow six siege ni kyrencross dahil sa palpak na party system ni ubishit, kapag lahat ng member ng party e puro taga pinas hirap mag kita kita kelangan pa namin ng player from abroad para sya ang makapag party lead, i even tried port forwarding as per R6 siege advice wala padin same result always getting error code,

    kaya tingin ko yang for honor at wild lands kung peer to peer system yan kagaya ng r6 siege e malabo na kayo mag party dyan, unlike kung sa the division may dedicated servers sila kaya ang dali makapasok sa friend mo...ubishit should really spend their money on purchasing servers to host their game just like what steam is doing with their popular games like CSGO and the likes
  • ^ That is the reason why I'm having second thoughts on buying games with its core gameplay on online multiplayer and don't have dedicated servers.
  • reklamo nyo sa Ubisoft thread mababasa nila yan

    ang tanong kung gagawan nila ng paraan yan prob nyo

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  • Mas mag focus daw muna sina Ubi sa paggawa ng additional DLC at "season pass" para kumita pa lalo ng pera hehe
  • weird ng RE7 kapag i explore mo yung map walang ulo yung character akala ko may naka attach nacamera :D

    bawal ang pedo

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  • Anyone has the For Honor game? Maganda ba like Witcher 3 level good?
  • Playing mafia 3 using nvidia gamestream technology on my rig located in the living room with GTX1080 and being streamed wirelessly to my 55" LG Oled b6p via NVIDIA SHIELD TV in the bedroom through Asus rt ac87u router in 4k ultra quality. Graphics quality is awesome! No lag whatsoever.

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  • Anyone has the For Honor game? Maganda ba like Witcher 3 level good?

    nothing is close enough to witcher 3.. kidding but maybe.. hehe.. tried For Honor Open and Closed Beta.. ok naman siya.. masaya kaso madaling pagsawaan..
  • ^yeah right.. dragon age origins lang pwd tumapat sa witcher series. Witcher 2 and 3 the best ")

    playing GR wildlands now. ok na rin performance. nice setting. pag dating talaga sa visual especially sa mga vegatations, lighting the best ubisoft. sali ako party guys pag labas ng full game. :0
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    Anyone has the For Honor game? Maganda ba like Witcher 3 level good?

    sobrang layo nung comparison.. gaya ng sabi ni immortal, nothing comes close to Witcher 3.. magkaiba din ng type ng game yung kinompare mo..

    Online MP focus yung For Honor, may Single Player campaign siya pero forgettable yung story.
  • Currently playing God Eater. Okay din to kasi libre ung first game kapag binili mo ung 2nd game sa steam. Parang Monster Hunter type of game