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  • sir muymra, pati ba ang full release ng game free sa mga bumili before dec 20?
  • Sa lahat ng bumili yung full game (gold release, after ng beta stages). Beyond that, yung alpha accounts (lahat ng bumili before Dec 20, 2010) lang may free updates.
  • Nakahanap ako ng matinong host. Parang gusto ko ulit mag-rent ng server. $32/mo 15 slots.
  • is it really in euro? and pag maglaro ka pano server?
  • Yep the developers are Swedish.

    Maraming public servers, ping lang ang poproblemahin mo. Although you can host one yourself locally, matakaw lang sa RAM pag dumami na tao. May mga hosting services na mas-stable pero karamihan nasa US or UK. Playable naman yung mga US hosts, around 200-300ms ang ping which is fine for this kind of game.
  • We\'re running a small whitelist server on the west coast US. We\'re keeping it whitelisted to help prevent griefers.
  • @muymura I was planning to make a server too, na setup mona sayo bro? If not maybe we can help make a pvp server I\'ve already have a linux server minecraft server running.
  • I\'ve decided not to pursue my current hosting kasi may times na sobrang lag. There\'s another host at with a Singapore server but don\'t know yet if consistent yung speed nya. Binackup ko na lang yung world ko and will probably re-upload it when we find decent hosting.

    Not really interested in a PvP server, I just like building and exploring. Mostly building.
  • Anyone still playing?
  • Bridge, castle and watchtowers on my SMP server. I\'ll eventually turn the entire mountaintop into a large keep.

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  • Im a graphics whore pero sobrang naaapreciate ko tong game na to kaadik sobra. Vanilla ba gamit niyo or with mods? Anung HD graphics mods ang the best but still stable sa FPS? I tried Photorealistic pero naging slideshow sakin e.
  • Server-side Craftbukkit with the following plugins: Essentials, PermissionsEx, WorldGuard, and WorldEdit. Client-side ang gamit ko lang Eldpack textures (link: <click here for link>). Medyo di ko trip yung mga HD texture packs eh.

    May nakita akong water shaders pero sa standing water lang, yung flowing water walang shaders.
  • Pa advertise po ng server baka trip nyo sumali:


    Hosted in the best Dedicated Minecraft Hosting: Beastnode for 99.9% uptime guarantee

    Minecraft client 1.1-r4 (Faction,Guilds,PVP,PVP Web Ranking,Dynmap,Monster Hunt) Funserver 24/7

    Core plugins:
    Monster Hunt
    and more...

    Survive,build your base, defend and kill enemy factions to gain territory. Monsters drop diamonds, sell diamonds to the Bank (/warp bank). You can\'t craft ntools and equips you need to buy them at the local shop. Tools and equips are invulnerable and repairable (/repair all or n/repair hand) no need to craft equips and tools over and over again.

    Armor and Tools has their own unique skills and magic powers.

    Premium user\'s only

    Max slots: 64 players

    Server since: March 2011 server thread:


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  • \"Fallen Kingdom\" - A Minecraft Parody
    <click here for link>

  • Gusto ko kasi kaming dalawa lang ng kapatid ko sa server pero di sya makasli sa server na ginawa ko pero ako nakakapasok and pag sya naman gumawa ng server ako naman di makasali, naka LAN po kami. Help pls :)
  • Anyone still play Minecraft? May server ba dito sa Philippines? Naghahanap ako ng mga kalaro
  • @jozap
    baka naka block yung port 25565, try nyo mag port forward sa router

    @bardagz wala pa atang official minecraft server dito sa philippines but you can try my (premium) server


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  • Is anyone here playing minecraft?

    I just started up my server again (it has been down for a few years).

    Not the most powerful hw, but it should be able to handle a few people.
    Available at
    It is of course completely free.
    It\'s currently hosted on a PLDT connection, but i might move it to my cablelink connection (they have better routing to globe users) if there is any interest.
  • Server is now active on

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  • Warzonedefenders (FPS \"Gun Survival\")


    server host:
  • --------OT--------

    Mga master may nag bebenta ba dito ng Minecraft for PC CD
    gusto ko lang magkaroon ng hardcopy nito

  • Minecrafter din ako!!
  • Sino pa dito ang naglalaro ng Minecraft? First time ko nag laro September last year, creative mode lang, build ng kung ano ano then got bored. Pero ngayon nag lalaro ako ng survival with friends (LAN). I tried playing on different servers kaso hindi matino.

    EDIT: Sino may realms subscription dito? Pa invite ako: chaoz28 :)

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  • Sino naglalaro pa?
  • Up
  • Ako! Haha
  • Laro tayo ng Creativerse :)
  • Tara!
  • Hi guys, legit ba yung Minecraft galing sa GamerHaus na P750?