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Unified Intex or KTC LCD/LED Monitor Thread (No: seller names, brand wars, oversized image, FAQ on Page 151)

  • ^ try ko idisassemble baka maayos pa. Thanks sa info.
  • Baka may member dito na may defective ktc 23L15.. bilin ko nalang need ko Ng panel eh.. contact nyo Lang ako 09224354585..
  • any remote for sale here guys? salamat
  • For anong model?
  • 32l11 boss
  • mga sir yung ktc na 42 inches namin yung android ayaw mag boot... may icon lsng then black screen... pano reset to mga sir kasi walang physical buttons e
  • After almost 10yrs..bumigay na din ung ktc 23l11 or blue screen nalang lumalabas pg on..sulit na para sa hindi kilalang brand para tumagal ng 10 years
  • @Dietrich, ung KTC ko buhay na buhay pa, pati remote control. perfect condition pa rin.

    41. Eggman - 32L15 (12/08/2011)
  • 23L11 - purchased 2011

    bumigay na rin, nagkaroon na sya ng parang white fog, pwede pa naman panooran
  • Mine had a busted power supply board from a nearby lightning strike, rotted out speaker diaphragm, rotted buttons on remote control. replaced them all and my 32L15 is still alive and working as a bedroom tv.
  • bumigay na rin, nagkaroon na sya ng parang white fog, pwede pa naman panooran

    same sakin purchased Nov 2011. pwede pa panooran pag madilim nga lang eksena di masyado makita
  • Akala ko ako lang meron din pala ganito un experience nyo pala...
    Ano kaya cause neto sa unit naten bakit may parang fog
  • bumigay na rin, nagkaroon na sya ng parang white fog, pwede pa naman panooran

    Polarizer film lang yan.

    Fog or "haze" as i call it, has started on my KTC unit as well... in my opinion, its because i use alcohol directly to clean the screen, hence it dried up the film causing the minute "cracks" to form which we see as "fog" or "haze" (my opinion lang to ha)

    Search nyo sa youtube, Polarizer Film LED, or something to that effect.

    Mahirap lang i determine kung anong type of Polarizer used by KTC (0 degrees, 45, or 90)

    Sa Lazada may local seller, they have a 0 degree polarizer, 32" size.

    Matrabaho lang mag baklas ng unit.. hindi ko pa na try mag palit, but at least we know its just a film and not the whole panel itself.

    Like what others have said, for an unknown brand when it launched years ago, it did quite well to have lasted this long... hindi ko na maalala kung what year i bought this.. but it was when Park Square was still around, the one at the back of SM Makati.

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  • Number 1 enemy ng polarizing films is UV itself. If yung TV niyo naaanigan ng araw, expect a shorter lifespan from it. Mine's still in pristine condition since it not near windows etc..