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Ancient astronaut theory

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  • dun sa kabili ko na lang i-post sa Ancient Alien thread...c",?

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  • List of reported UFO sightings
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  • Aliens found in 2023!

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    totoo kaya? ito na ba?
  • ^ revealed to be a cleverly made cake.

    However at this point I`m no longer interested in Aliens as I`m convinced they are real. And yes, I believe they have backed engineered UAPs but kept secret by the likes of Raytheon and others.

    And yes, those stories from the ancients clearly reference our cosmic origins and our DNA getting manipulated particularly DNA 2 and 7. Those 'junk dna' they dismiss, these are DNA that were turned off because were too smart for our own good, a threat to the alien masters.

    Check out The Emerald Tablets. A topic best discussed on Youtube by Billy Carson.