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Fake Sennheiser CX Series Headphones and Other Model/Brands(pls see page1)

  • looks like his sales dropped drastically too judging by his feedbacks. nail in the coffin was fake ie8.
  • guys, is this an official facebook page of Senn PH? <click here for link> Anyone can confirm? I've tried to pm them and it looks legit naman.

    Sabi kasi nila they accept online orders. I'm from the province so I cannot visit any of the resellers like powermac/listening room/digital hub etc.

    By the way they respond and the pictures they post, they look professional, legit and original products. Any idea if this is safe to transact with them?

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  • mga boss, pwede ba ko mag-ask ng vouch sa inyo regarding sa sang seller dito sa TPC gaya ng mga community sa fb groups? thanks. :)
  • Pag headphone kasi masmaganda yong masubukan muna. In my case kasi I really go to the seller to try it first kong maganda ang tunog at malakas ang bass ng headphone.

    Mahirap kasi umasa sa brand dito, pinas ito wala naman bawal bawal kaya lahat ng fake andito na ang masama pa nito yong fake sinasabi ng original. Pati nga pangalan dito fake eh hehehehe

    Now, kong nasa province ka naman at walang seller dyan na malapit it will be a gamble talaga in your side dahil nasa rural area ka. I recommend kong gusto mo talaga magpabili ka nalang sa kakilala mo na nasa city area at yong maganda ang tunog at bass.

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  • @ jmtc ask first the headphiles community as mentioning of sellers are not allowed here at the discussion. They can be found at also, you can get in touch with them on their FB page (just type headphiles on your search and it should appear)
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  • FAKE klipsch?
  • madaming nagkalat na fake klipsch x10 dito sa china baka nakarating na sa pinas:

    Para hindi makabili ng fake basahin muna ito:

    Here is summary for fake Klipsch X10.
    Be careful!

    Earphones appears to be dynamic, not balanced armature.

    1. Color. Original X10 have anodized body. Fake are painted. Color is more glossy and bright.
    2. Outer body diameter. Fake 6.8mm. Original 6.7
    3. There is no acoustic filter on fake. Some rarefied grid instead.
    4. Inner nozzle diameter. Original 1.7 mm, fake 1.9.
    5. All body verges are more sharp on original and more round on fake.
    6. Due to it\'s dynamic driver fake are exellently magnetized to each other or any other metal surface.

    <click here for link>

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  • Hi, I\'m new in this thread and i\'m very interested on buying those Fake IE8.

    I am aware that it sounds different from the Authentic Product (this is expected since it is not made by Sennheiser and there is a huge price gap compared to the Original)

    But my main concern is its durability. How long can the fake one last with normal every day usage?

    Thanks in advance for the answer.

  • I am aware that it sounds different from the Authentic Product (this is expected since it is not made by Sennheiser and there is a huge price gap compared to the Original)

    then go for a cheaper brand. Tried and tested soundmagics or superlux. No sense in buying ie8 if it is not ie8 in the first place.
  • @Thakker

    have you tested and compared the fake IE8 to what soundmagic and superlux is offering at the same price point as the fake IE8?
  • Check the cx-300-II i prefer it than SM pl11.
  • @touji666

    About 2 years ago i tried a fake ie8 in a store near my place. Be aware that the\'re a high chance that these are not manufactured by the same people who creates today\'s fake ie8s. My opinion/review is only based on memory.

    Punchy (and a little bit boomy) BASS - this is the most noticeable freq
    Clean sound, doesn\'t sound cheap
    Good mids (vocals) but not as good as gr06/VSD1\'s (If gro6 mids = 10/10, this can pass at 7/10 as compared to common sennheiser\'s 5/10)
    No sibilance
    Good cable quality (better than most iem cables, but not on-par with real sennheiser ie-series cables)
    Excellent FIT (on my ears. i got medium-sized ears)
    LOOKS durable (it looks almost exactly like the real thing, unless you look closely and do an A-B comparisoh)

    No noticeable airy-ness despite having good bass
    Mediocre soundstage
    Disappointing highs
    No warranty
  • Thanks ej8989.

    I think i\'ll just buy the original CX870 to make sure that i don\'t regret anything.
  • Update lang. Solve ako sa orig cx870.

    Basehead quality ang low, clean ang mids, & sparkly ang highs.
    Small sound elements are also very noticeable.
    Floating ang voice on certain tracks (for me sa mga kanta nila nina & mymp nagtutunog floating yung voice which i think is great)

    Ang ayaw ko lang is yung cable parang hindi pang mamahaling earphones and the overall design is not for everyone (sa totoo lang hindi ko ganon ka type ang looks nya)

    ang tagal ko na kasi pinag iisipan if bibili ako nun. Durable kaya sya (mostly sa cable & driver).

    Pahabol na question is pwede ba sya gamitin ng cable facing downwards?

    Salamat ng madami! =)

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  • nice..ninetails_kid\'s negative feedback is still there! more power to the admins here! :)
  • May naka senn CX300 II -chrome po ba dito? May nabili kasi ako dito sa sg, and silver yung jack niya.. Just worried baka fake yung nabili ko

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  • @chik017

    Kahit yung mga IE series (4x-10x the price ng CX) silver din ang plug.
  • I\'m still using my 3yr old CX300II and still sounds amazing! Best in ear I purchased so far. Atsaka ito yung tumagal next to my sony na nabili ko nung college
  • To make matter simple regarding fake...f it\'s priced way too low then it\'s FAKE! As simple as that...
  • The fake IE8\'s that were presented here were not priced cheap.
  • The fake IE8\'s that were presented here were not priced cheap.

    Knock off\'s are priced way too low compared to real thing...for the simple reason that those are FAKES!

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  • IE8s were sellling for P22k in stores while a seller here sold \'em for about P13.5k if I can recall correctly.
    The catch - no retail box and packaging.
    I can testify that his demo unit was 100% legit but I don\'t know if everything he sold back then were authentic.
  • Why is this guy allowed to sell OEM(fake) products?
  • pwede makahingi ng update on lineage01? legit ba yung mga sennheiser nya

    nakatext ko yan pero nagiisip ako bumili ng momentum in-ear s akanya kasi 2500 lang

    sabi rin nya OEM daw ung items nya, wala lang daw warranty (mejo mahirap toh)
  • He's selling ie800s for P3,500. Original price is around P35,000. You decide.
  • Buti nabasa ko ito, muntik na ako bumili kay lineage01 whew...