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Official Microsoft Windows OS Thread (No Trading and Discussions of Piracy!)

  • @wafumet, kung oem hardware nasa uefi/bios ata yan nilalagay ng manufacturer, kung retail, hash ng machine mo then stored online tied with your account.
  • @aldyu ayun meaning nasa bios ko nga since after ko mag install na auto detect. kahit pala naglogin ako ng ms account ko sa laptop, hindi pala to hash kasi nga kasama nasa laptop un OS nun napurchase. thanks for this, at tama nga din yun nahanap ko sa ibang forums.
  • I have an unused old laptop(basically new but old specs) I bought online a year or so ago. It has a Windows 10 Home Single Language Build 10240 (July 2015 version 1507).

    If I turn on wifi, will Windows Update kick in, download all the updates(probably tons of it)? Or no because the build/version is too old? I've read that if you're not using the Pro version, you cannot stop Windows updates.

    The reason I asked because I don't want it to automatically download the updates(if ever it will). I could try turning it on and find out but I might be risking it since I have a slow connection and it might take a very long while to finish plus I've read somewhere that you cannot cancel or close the laptop/PC while it is updating because it might ruin the OS installation itself. I just need to use the laptop as it is while online.
  • Windows 11 won't upgrade from win10 automatically in most cases. Why not stay on win 10 if you're worried?

    Your laptop needs to meet the published requirements to upgrade to win11. If it doesn't, you can't install it w/o using the workaround that microsoft published.

    For updates, you should be able to disable automatic updates.
  • @bum4now

    Is your reply for me? I wasn't planning on updating it to Windows 11. What I want is not for Windows 10 to run updates(since I have an old build/version there should be tons of updates since) when I connect it to my wifi.
  • ^ you can change update settings - disable automatic updates, just what bum4now recommended.

    on my side its the opposite, i wanted to update to windows 11 but 6th gen intel is not qualified for it. I think its hello linux in 2025 XD.
  • ^ I don't see any settings for disabling automatic updates. I think that's only available in the Pro version? Or I may have missed it? The only ones I see are "automatic to notify schedule restart" and a checkbox for defer upgrades. I think the latter if for the new features, different from the updates.
  • Unless they have changed it, you can set or limit the bandwidth by percentage the windows update can eat up. You should also be able to set the time of day when updates can only be applied. I dont think you should disable the updates, even if possible. Your system could be vulnerable if you do not install the important patches.
  • How to unlock Windows 11's God Mode to access advanced settings

    <click here for link>
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  • @thevoid try install wu10man.
  • Win 11 update today. First major update for Win 11.

    Release Date:



    OS Build 22000.282

    <click here for link>

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  • For the folks who are still on Windows 10, the 21H2 update is due to roll out soon.
  • windows network printing is still broken even after KB5006738. hayzzz.....
  • Windows 11 start is terrible amongst all the Windows version I have ever used before. Ginawang parang OSX na walang ka kwenta-kwenta para sa isang Windows user. Tragis yung mga group pinned apps ko sa Windows 10 wala na. Ngayon kailangan ko pa mag type para pumasok sa app na gusto ko dahil sa sobrang liit ng portion ng mga pinned apps. Ano ba nakain ng mga tukmol sa Microsoft at naisip nila to, pagka walang silbi na Start menu.
  • kala ko lulusot sa vmware hinanapan pa rin ng tpm. :(
  • im still in windows 10, if your one the people like me running LTSC on their work computer, a new update has been released, LTSC 2021, running on 21H2 build 19044.1348

    saka na lang ako mag update sa windows 11 once available na yung LTSC sa Windows 11. Sa ngayun naka plano pa lang, best case scenario, baka Q4 2022 pa sya or worse somewhen in 2023.
  • Anyone else having problems accessing youtube? Yesterday it stopped working on Roku and xbox, today can't access with PC or phone. Wanna know if it's the site or ISP or config of my router. For the latter, gamit ngayon for work and school so don't want to adjust any settings.
  • ^might be routing issue with your ISP. Try accessing Youtube using VPN, if nakapasok, ISP issue nga.
  • Thanks for confirming!

    Turns out that it was OpenDNS that was blocking Youtube. Had it set as my primary DNS server. Changed it to Google's and kept Cloudflare as secondary. Now working without issues.

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