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  • If it's from a valid product key or licensed through an OEM system, it shouldn't be a problem pag dating sa validity ng Windows. I also have a 6th gen system though galing Windows 8 to Windows 10 lang. Haven't bothered to upgrade yet. Wala pa ako nikikitang advantage/need.

    You'll have to force a Windows 11 install though since hindi officially supported ang 6th gen ng Intel. You should be able to rollback in case hindi maganda performance.
  • ^ sir, i just updated my 6th gen pc to w11. license ok naman carried over to w11 pro. tried updating, ok naman, even after installing the updates and rebooting. apps and games no changes sa performance except CP2077 parang biglang may stuttering...
  • Update gpu driver kung d pa updated. Try for a few days. If you're not happy with win 11, you should be able to roll back to win10
  • Pwede ba mag change ng wifi password ang isang naka login na Guest account sa Windows 8.1? Kung hindi, anong way para makagawa ng account that behaves like a Guest account pero kaya palitan ang wifi password?
  • What do you mean by "change ng wifi password" ? Do you mean change the password of the wifi in your home/area? It's not like anyone can change that without accessing the router 1st. It doesn't matter what kind of account you have. Kung alam mo naman ung router password, kahit anong browser pwede mo gamitin, kahit sa celphone.
  • ^ If the password of the router has changed, you also need to change the password in Windows for you to have access again, right? That's what I meant by changing the wifi password entered in Windows 8.1
  • If you are just connecting/reconnecting to a wifi network in windows 8.1, then this article says, yes, you can from a guest account:

    <click here for link>

  • Question for Windows 11 users

    Does shutting down your computer resets the CPU up time? Someone told me that shutting down doesn't reset the CPU up time and it will only reset when you restart the computer

    I tried to fully shutdown my PC but it resets the CPU up time. Does this mean that my PC have fast boot disabled? Because my Windows 11 PC has longer shutdown and boot time compared to when I'm still using Windows 10

    -- edited by garie234 on Aug 01 2022, 12:55 AM
  • @garie234

    Ganyan po talaga sa Windows 11.
  • ^good to know

    umay lang talaga ung shutdown at boot time ng Windows 11 kumpara sa Windows 10. 12700k kasi CPU ko kaya napilitan magupgrade to Windows 11
  • @garie234

    For me mas swabe Windows 11 compared to Windows 10. I am using an ASUS Zenbook laptop with 12700H and an SFF Rig with Ryzen 7 5700X both running Windows 11. No complaints here.
  • Fixed the fast boot settings by enabling Windows 10/11 WHQL support in the UEFI

    Now shutting down and boot time is just as fast when I'm still using Windows 10 before and the CPU up time doesn't reset anymore even if I shutdown my PC