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The LCD Monitors Thread: Tips, Tricks, Tweaks, New Products and Reviews

  • Help me decide

    MSI MAG274QRF-QD (this is new, medyo frustrating ang feedback sa CSR ng MSi. Also nakaka frustrate din yung issue sa b550 tomahawk ko)

    TUF Gaming VG27AQ (medyo oke sakin warranty ng asus dito, na try ko na pa rma and got a new monitor)

    Lenovo Y27q-20

    LG 27GL850-B

    any other suggestions? comment?
  • @goalfinch
    Response time wise, ghosting and overshoot handling, MSI wins, with the LG a very close second. Y20q-20 uses the same LG panel but has worse tuning. VG27AQ has overshoot/ghosting issue below 100 hz. You'll have to deal with the panel lottery with everything. Cons for each.
    MSI - Oversaturated with unclamped color gamut (no sRGB mode), which means that skin tones would look more red/orange/tan than normal.
    LG/Lenovo - Subpar contrast ratio.
    ASUS - as stated above.

    You may look into Gigabyte M27Q as well but take note of its BGR instead of RGB pixel layout. I had no issues with that but it may be an issue with you. Some other options are:
    1. HP x27i - cheapest 1440p 144hz IPS monitor at 17k
    2. Viewsonic VX2758-2KP-MHD - previously the best value 1440p 144hz IPS monitor per Hardware Unboxed
    3. AOC Q27G2S - similar pricing with Viewsonic, 155hz 1440p IPS. No mainstream reviews at the moment.
    4. Gigabyte G27Q - cheapest HDR400 144hz 1440p IPS monitor. No mainstream reviews at the moment.
  • @goalfinch

    check mo din Benq EX2780Q
  • @winterXD sir, as for MSI monitor kaya bang ma fix ung unclamped color gamut via firmware update?
  • @hei3000

    As far as I know, wala pang nirerelease si MSI na firmware update para dun eh. Sabi rin ni Hardware Unboxed, typical na walang sRGB clamp 'yung mga MSI monitors per their experience.
  • @winterXD this is dealbreaker I think.

    Antay2 nalang ng new release with same rapid ips panel.
  • @winterXD
    Thank you sir.

    Hirap mag decide lalo pala. Nabasa ko din yung BGR, ngayon ko lang din nalaman na may ganun haha. So blurry ang text pag ganun? parang deal break yun :(

    Should I try LG/Lenovo?
  • @all

    Hi po, ok po ba yung benq gw2480 na monitor @ 6k php kahit na 2017 model pa ito?

    Or may mairekomenda kayo na monitor na hindi lalampas sa 6k na medyo mas bago.

    Thank you
  • Ano marecommend niyong monitor for office work? Budget is 10 to 15k. Gagawing siyang monitor ng macbook. 24to27 ips. If posible curved. Salamat

    Benq gw2780. Ok ba to?

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  • What can u say about xiaomi curved 34 monitor? 20k lang kasi siya. Or ano marerecommend within 20k 1440p (ultrawide or not is okay bastat curved) 27'is okay for me bastat 20k max
  • ^
    Mag ultrawide ka na kung gaming hanap mo. Lalo na pag supported ng ultrawide yung games. Pero kung gaya kita na nasanay sa IPS panel ng LG. Di mo na kaya bumalik sa VA or sa mga low quality IPS.
  • @goalfinch

    Okay naman ang Lenovo per posts sa Reddit. Kaso since available naman na 'yung LG dito sa'tin, dun ka na lang, better overdrive tuning kasi. Same panel naman sila.


    Kung for office lang naman, hanap ka ng 27 inch 4k monitor, dami diyan na pasok sa budget mo, pili ka lang ng brand.


    Kung hindi ka naman sensitive sa smearing at di ka nagamit ng G-Sync, okay yang Xiaomi Ultrawide. Issue ko kasi yang dalawa na yan kaya di ko marecommend yung Xiaomi.
  • Comments on Gamdias Atlas DHD323C?
  • any suggestion pong model? wala kasi ako nakikitang 4k na monitor. puro 1080

    1st choice ko kasi Gigabyte g27f or ASUS VG279Q1R (Maganda talaga ang specs nito pero parang sayag lang kung pang office work gagamitin)
    2nd choice ko is Philips 271V8, AOC 27B1H (Mura pero tingin ko ok na to kung pang office lang. yung sosobrang budget pambibili ko na lang ng office chair and monitor mount)
    3rd is Ultrawide monitor

    ang importante lang naman ay 27" IPS LED

    gagawin nga pa lang 2nd monitor ng macbook

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  • BenQ GW2406Z 24" LED LCD gave up after only around 4 yrs of service lang...started having on all sides mga 1-2cm yung pixelated/grainy artifacts na. I was expecting longer life given na light gaming and school work lang gamit nito ng daughter ko.

    Anyway, I got the Dell S2421HN 24" as a replacement for light gaming and school work, so far happy naman siya.
  • may owner ba dito ng asus VG249Q1R na overclockable sa 165hz may ghosting po ba?
  • Eto last na talaga dito na lang ako sa dalawa namimili for 20k budget

    Viewsonic XG2703-GS LED IPS 165hz 19999
    Viewsonic VC2758-2KP-MKD LED IPS 144hz 18999

    Yung xg meron gsync native while yung isa freesync lang.

    Downsife lamg 3 years ago pa yung xg while yung vc, neto lang ata nirelease. So if the 3 year old monitor is better sa VC, maybe mag XG na ako pero please help me between the two haha
  • May nakatry na po ba ng AOC U28P2U 28'4k res. ok po ba?. parang masyadong mura kasi para sa 4k monitor, 15k ang price sa DQ.
  • Viewsonic XG2703-GS LED IPS 165hz 19999
    saan meron? mas ok to kasi may height adjustment yung stand nya. yung isa wala.
  • Viewsonic XG2703-GS LED IPS 165hz 19999
    Viewsonic VC2758-2KP-MKD LED IPS 144hz 18999
    ayaw mo ng Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ - 19k hehehe
  • ayaw mo ng Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ - 19k hehehe

    Out of stock eh :( baka may alam kang stock nyan gusto ko din yan e haha
  • pm kita master
  • Hi! i'm currently planning to join the 144hz monitor community but for a budget. i saw this cheap monitor in datablitz called ACER EG220Q PBIPX 21.5-INCH LED GAMING MONITOR and wondering if this is a good monitor. Is it like a true 144hz monitor? (saw some articles regarding fake 144hz monitor) is the 1ms legit? and its says that it has AMD Free Sync Technology so does this remove the screen tearing of my games specially in fps in 144 fps while also using an nvidia card? thank you for future response.
  • It's a TN Panel. so makatotohanan yung 1ms response as advertised. There are no reliable reviews yet for it though (in the likes of hwunboxed). Yes it's a true 144hz, and the Gsync will work fine on your case of Nvidia GPU, it's just not Gsync certified.

    What is the use case? purely FPS? or casual use only?
    You might want to go at least 24 inch though
  • 21.5 inch is i guess good enough for me since 1080p looks better in a smaller screen. Hmmm most of the time FPS mainly Rainbow Six Siege and mutiplayers/battle royal COD warzone/cold war. then a little bit of "work from home" stuff. I have a GTX 1650 Super btw not that fancy so hoping this monitor will fix the tearing problems i encounter with my current monitor.
  • Magkano yang ACer 21.5? I recommend 23-24 inch monitors for 1080p.
  • Mostly average recommend monitors ngayon ay 24 inch ang size. Pag 21.5inch, napakaliit nyan, di mo ma enjoy yung graphics ng laro. Lalo na shooting games hirap dyan.
  • Hello, saan may available na G9? Thanks!
  • Hi guys! I have an issue with my monitor however I'm unable to determine if its something that can still be remedied.

    I purchased my Specter Pro G24SL monitor back in Nov 2020. It serves as my secondary monitor. Upon turning on the monitor it shows random lines (closest description i can give would be is that it looks like distorted static lines) however after about 10-15 mins they eventually disappear. My concern is that despite the distorted static lines disappearing after a few minutes the lower bezel part of the monitor is close to scalding hot after leaving the monitor on for roughly 30 mins.

    My primary monitor is the exact same model and has been with me for almost 3 years yet it doesn't get as hot as the secondary one. I tried swapping the power cord and hdmi cables but the secondary monitor still results with the same issue. Everythings been working fine until today when I turned it on. Was this just a case of a bad luck with a faulty unit? TIA for any help on this matter
  • ^
    defective ata, pa warranty mo na po