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*OC of i5-2500k

  • ang init talaga ngayon can\'t go below 50 on idle. :(
  • IBT as of 1pm, no aircon/fan

    running 4.0
    vcore 1.27

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  • <click here for link>
  • good chip gaspar! it would probably take me 1.55-56 to be stable for those clocks! :)
  • nice 5.2, nakakatakot na yan para sakin..
    Anu full load temp mo dyan at anu gamit mung cooler?

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  • thanks sir tomawps..
    @sir raisenx...
    for validation run lang po \'to...hindi ko pa nasagad sa p95 kasi papalo kaagad sa 96deg.w/in 5-10seconds of blend test closed chassis.hindi na kayang palamigin ni CM Hyper212+ \'tong Sandy na to at these clockspeeds...

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  • sir buhay pa ba ung thread? :P hehe just wanted to ask what would be a good cooler pag nag inoverclock ko ung i5 -2500k ko to 4.0 ghz - 4.5 ghz would a coolermaster v8 be alright or corsair h40 be good?
  • pag 4.0ghz kahit stock pwede :) for 4.5ghz v8 is fine, v6 is better! :)
  • V6gt is good even at 4.8ghz.

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  • true! :)
  • i see salamat mga sir sa help :)
    oh yeah btw is there a noobie tutorial or who can help me with overclocking with my i5-2500k my mobo is a asrock z68 and memory 8 gigs gskill and kahit 4.0 ghz - 4.5 ghz would be good na meron po bang makakahelp sa akin? salamat po sir in advance :)
  • go to the asrock z68 thread. meron yata. they should be able to help you there!
  • @tomawps
    salamat sir :) ill be checking it there :)
  • mga sir mobo ko is MSI z68ma ed55 and balak ko i-undervolt ang i5 ko from its stock clock.
    ang prob ko lang pag undervolt ko is yung idle nya is nasa 1.002 and load is 1.032.

    ang stock kasi ang idle nasa 0.96v and load 1.25 (ata).

    anyway ang gusto ko lang ma-achieve is at least nasa 0.72v ang idle and max 1.032v pag load.
    nagbasa ako na nakita ko sa net and eto yung settings na nakita ko para ma achieve yun:

    \"internal CPU PLL overvoltage\" to disable, have set \"cpu vcore\" to normal, and changed \"dynamic vcore\" to -0.175v.

    problem is yung dynamic vcore setting to -0.175v di ko makita sa mobo ko :(
    pahelp naman po.

    ...and i am undervolting kasi balak ko salpakan ng GTX 570 system ko.
    currently using seasonic m12ii 520w and takot ako sa psu calc since ang recommended
    psu nya is 516w considering stock settings.

    and if i-undervolt ko ang cpu magiging 450w-ish ang recommended psu wattage.
    gusto ko lang magkaron ng breathing room sa psu before ako mag upgrade to higher wattage (wala pa kasi extra).
    but if someone can tell me na ok na maski di ko undervolt i guess mag proceed na ko sa purchase ko.

    TIA :)
  • Thank you so much po sa inyo dami kong natutunan dito!

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  • ^^)

  • mga sir share ko lng exp ko sa pg overclock sa i5 2500k, basta nilagay ko lng ung multiplier sa 48 tapos automatic ung vcore ko nsa 1.36 volts sya, nagboot nman tpos nag IBT ako 75- 80 deg. sya pinatay ko agad dahil sa ibig sabihin pag manually ko sya inoverclock mas mababa pa ung vcore ko syempre bababa rin temp ko...disable pala ung turbo boost saka ung mga c1 state, nashare ko lang po
  • guys buhay pa ba ito?

    i recently received 2500k and gigabyte z68x ud3h. The problem is im really noob at overclocking, i want to hit 4.2 or even 4.5ghz on air with cooler master x6, my room is kinda hot since i don't have window its a closed wall.

    I'm also planning to get either of this two cases, coolermaster scout 2 or corsair 300r. need your help guys! thanks!
  • both are fine cases for what you want. you need a decent cpu cooler for those clocks - something like a cooler master hyper 212 or similar. usually for a 4.5ghz overclock, youll need around 1.3v to 1.35v.
  • hello sir tomawps.

    Yes sir meron po ako aftermarket cooler, coolermaster x6 po.

    Problem is i don't know what to do, ive been reading this and watching videos about overclocking.. Ask ko lang sa sandy bridge, since may turbo boost feature po siya, ano ano po yung mga dapat i-disable at enable if ever mag OC ako, i just want to hit 4.2ghz or if lucky 4.5ghz.. Yung mga software for testing din pala sir..

    Basically i don't know what to tweak. I've heard 1.3v++ will shorten the lifespan of the processor, so i might stick aroudn 1.25v.. And i decided to get Sandy bridge over Ivy since masOkay i-overclock ang sandy with Ivy having a minimal advantage.. I can't wait on haswell since for sure matagal tagal pa magdodominate ang era ng sandy's or in other word in 3yrs andun pa rin sila sa top of the line procie... hehehe!

    Thanks for the input sir :D
  • you heard wrong. 1.3v is fine. do a quick google search on how to oc i5-2500k with gigabyte boards. im not familiar with the bios too much.

    this video should help you.
  • ^ sir thanks a lot, ill try to watch that video once i got home. Youtube is banned here at my office and using proxy is not a good idea, hehe!

    thanks for the help sir! I'll visit here again. :D
  • Its nice to oc again
    stock vcore. [email protected] load as per cpu-z
    Asrock P67
    Thermalright ultra 120 w/arctic cooling mx2 paste
    [email protected]

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  • 4.6ghz 1.32v LLC off 78-82c @ 1 day p95

    cooler : seidon 120v

    ok ba ito ?
  • running @ 4.6ghz 1.32v LLC off 24 hours p95 blend test 80 c max temp core 3 only using frostflow 240l
  • kamusta na po ang mga i5-2500k natin, ang akin binili ko feb 2012 okay pa din naman with Asrock z68 extreme 3 gen3 mobo, never ko siyang ni OC di ko naman kasi need at dota 2 low settings lang ako using hd3000, any recommend GPU na ginagamit nyo, okan ba po ba ang GTX 750TI for ultra high settings? salamat
  • Still using this Processor. It still serves me well