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Unified PFSense Users

  • Hello po,

    Pwede po bang magtanong dito? Kita ko po kasi na for enterprise setup po yung mga post :)

    Ok po ba pfsense for home network? Super novice po sa networking...hehehe

    Balak ko po kasi bumili ng HP T620 plus with intel nic.

    Or go na lang po ako sa omada?

    Simpleng setup lang naman po:
    router -> switch -> AP
    router -> AP

    Plan ko rin po maglagay ng NAS and ip camera in very far future :D

    Thank you po sa mga sasagot. God bless.

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  • well unless you fully trust omada when it comes to your network security, by all means go ahead.

    t620+ is fine, if you can get one.

    for switch, a ordinary/dumb switch is fine, but if you can get VLAN capable switch, much better.

    as for experience with omada products. their AP is meh, the range is not that great given their AP is only operating at 80mw or lower of transmit power. roaming is kinda dumb, mas ok pa yung roaming ng mesh wifi nila outside the omada lineup. in short ill avoid this lineup of product as much as possible and just invest a good ap from unifi, you can also go with ruckus is you have extra large budget on hand. in short omada ap is fine if you only use 1 ap, but once you get to multiple ap and want to get that roaming feature to work, your going to get a extra headache.
  • @polka

    Thank you so much sir, medyo leaning na ako sa pfsense. Sana makatulong sakin si Youtube university (wala kasing alam sa networking :D)

    I remember din sir, kayo din yung nagsuggest sa akin ng tvbox for android home. Hanggang ngayon gamit ko pa :)

    May recommend po ba kayo na murang VLAN capable switch?
  • ^ kung may extra router ka dyan na hindi nagagamit tapos compatible sya with OpenWrt, you can use that as a VLAN swich. else, there are cheap VLAN switch out there offered by tplink and netgear, both are functional when it comes to vlan but also both suck when it comes to securing the management interface of the switch, so all you can do with this cheap vlan switches is just put a extra hard to guess password on it.
  • Sakto! meron ako dito Sir naka OpenWRT.

    tingin na rin po ako ng switch sa shopee. 12.12 po kasi ngayon. hehehe...

    I looking for ruijie. Mukhang ok naman. I will invest na lang sa AP.

    Thank you so much Sir for the help :)
  • @polka

    Curious ako sa crypto accelerator. Pwede Ba sya sa Windows 11 Pro. Yun nababasa ko kasi pang server lng sya. I use a lot of WireGuard at home. Baka sakali mas maibaba ko pa yun latency.

    Anong brand yun gamit nyo?
  • do i need to enable dial on demand sa wan setting gamit ko na pppoe account finally
  • ^nope set it as always connected, you dont want on connect on demand since once na mag detect ng system ni pfsense na walang internet traffic na dumadaloy, disconnect yung pppoe connection mo until someone needs the internet access again.

    to be honest this connect on demand only make sense in 56k dial up days, but in today standard, always connected is a must.
  • Mga Sir, pwede po bang magpahelp. Currently installed pfsense in default settings. bale ang setup ko po:

    pfsense <- tp-link TL-SG2008 switch <- dumb access point (openwrt)

    Currently naka-allow lahat ng connection sa vlan firewall rules ng pfsense para wala po munang maging problem habang nagsesetup. Pero nagkakaroon po ako ng problem regarding DNS. Laging dns_probe_started or DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN po yung error, unless magbago po ako ng dns sa lahat ng devices na nakaconnect. Nagtry po ako magpalit ng lahat ng klaseng dns within dns settings sa pfsense pero same error po pag nagbbrowse. Sana po matulungan nyo po ako. Baguhan lang po sa pfsense.

    Thank you so much po.

    EDIT: I resolve by enabling DNS query forwarding.

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  • ^if that's what's happening and DNS forwarding did fix it, something fishy on your ISP is doing either they blocked the access to root dns server or they intercepting port 53 traffic.

    I suggest enabling DNS over TLS just to be sure.

    <click here for link>
  • Thank you so much po sa tip Sir @polka

    Naconfigure ko na po :)
  • Sir @polka,

    As ko lang, ano pong recommended nyo? Should I go with pfblockerng or should I stick with Adguard home for pfsense. For home use of course.

    ISP ko po is Converge :)

    Many thanks!

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  • @vhick

    Ganyan gamit ko. pfblockerng for IP blocking tapos Adguard Home for DNS resolver using NextDNS for upstream queries. Mas maganda yun features ng NextDNS pagdating sa queries. Pati device pwede mo ma logged using diffirent DNS technologies
  • @vhick

    ill stick with pfblocker instead for DNS related firewall stuff. less complication sa setup, I only recommend dns server like adguardhome, if your still using a normal router from ISP or 3rd party. No need to complicate stuff.
  • Sir @polka/@MagikMark

    Thank you so much for the tips. Nakakita po kasi ako ng tutorial running Adguard home natively in pfsense box. Medyo not overwhelming your dashboard ng Aguard home compare the pfblockerng para sa noob and still learning na katulad ko. hehehe..

    Maraming salamat po ulit sa inyo :)
  • @vhick

    Kung san ka masaya. Tama si Polka. 3rd party dns resolvers are not supported by pfsense. Anything can happen. It adds some level of complication. There is no official support
  • ^ not to mention that it can potentially break when a new update pops up, either you ended up with broken installation of pfsense or the stuff you installed stopped working after the update.

    sakit lang sa ulo, just stick with pfblocker instead. the only benefit you get with adguard is the fancy ui anyway, functionality wise, its basically the same.
  • @MagikMark @polka

    Thank you so much po mga Sir, so far gamit ko pa rin po yung pfblockerng-devel. It easy to whitelist and make regex for blocking ads. I enable unbound-python and para na siyang adguard home. I think I satisfying my ego kasi nakikita ko yung average processing time.

    Good morning po sa inyo :)
  • ^dont bother with processing time, once it cached <1ms na lang response time nyan.