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Unified PFSense Users

  • pfsense 2.7 is finally here

    big changes, updated to FreeBSD 14 so, more driver support for nics, specially the 2.5gig stuff.
  • ^ Nice, finally!

    Kahit na matagal nila nai-release yung update na ito, mas ok sa akin as long as stable.
  • update from 2.6 to 2.7 was a breeze few months ago. that was my first upgrade.

    tried to do an update from 2.7.0 to 2.7.1 and 2.7.2 today. test reboot pa lang may issues na. not sure why.

    had to install 2.7.2 and restore config from backup.
  • I just switched from pfsense to opnsense because of the never ending politics with the pfsense owners. They're no longer offering pfsense plus for free for home lab users. They suck big time.
  • im not really enticed with the pf+ at the beginning. so didnt really bother about it and stayed on CE.

    as for the issues regarding their public relation, yeah its kinda bad, but not to the point for me to use other solution (eg, opnsense).

    for now, pfsense padin, and im not really looking forward reconfiguring my DHCP reservation, firewall rules, aliases, some random crap on NAT outbound, VPN tunnels for my torrent rig, various stuff like acme for cert renewals, ddns, etc.... in short my configuration is complicated enough that it might take my entire day just to reconfigure and check if everything works.

    for newcomers though at home, please give OPNsense a try first, pero kung for enterprise workload naman, im not going to be surprised if pfsense is your always first option for opensource firewalls, pero try and tested na kasi ang pfsense and im already so familiar on the interface that I can basically go to one place to another in muscle memory.
  • That was my exact predicament before I switched. I'm so used to pfsense that I can configure mostly everything blindfolded. But because of their last bad move, it's more than likely (although no confirmation or whatsoever) that CE will be dropped. That was the whole reason behind me switching to opnsense. I don't care about pfsense plus too but wanted to make sure that CE is supported all the way. It just doesn't look that way.
  • I switched to OPNsense as well. My only regret I didn't do it sooner. It's also very stable just like pf. It even offers a lot of plugins that are working very well with my set-up.


    Were u able to configure ur SFP ONU to work with PLDT?
  • @MagikMark

    I tried configuring it and it's still not working even with an IGD firmware. We've been talking about it a lot last week in the RTL960X_Discuss dicord server last week and it looks like my issue with the SFP ONT is an isolated case because of how my PLDT account is configured.
  • pfsense is now migrating to linux kernel

    <click here for link>
  • ^ April 1, 2024 blog post.
  • ^ there's a good chance that this is actually legit because the post is not even deleted for 3 days. and its seems like they were hinting this since the month of februaury by one of known people of pfsense team on reddit in a post.

    I think theyre plan is to have a two versions of it, one is running pure only freebsd and new one that runs on linux, just like what Truenas with Truenas scale


    nope, they got me there, its definetly a well constructed april fools joke. hindi ko namalayan yung isa sa mga reference link nila lol

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  • Lol. Treat every April 1 post with lots of salt grains.
  • Guys

    Do u have any tips on dhcp options for "bridged-mode" that would enhanced connectivity? Sometimes it take so long for an IP to be assigned

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  • Do u have any tips on dhcp options for "bridged-mode" that would enhanced connectivity? Sometimes it take so long for an IP to be assigned

    What do we have here?
    Residential or business plan?
    Are you behind a CGNAT?

    Have you tried cloning the modems mac address?

    Have you tried optimizing your NIC? Lots of optimizations available depending on what you have installed.

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