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VOIP LAN telephone system

  • @guile
    thanks for the info

    I really have no idea about ISDN=PRI
    if you can provide a link so I can pursue more knowledge about the topic this would be appreciated

    I recently wanted to know if there is a SIP phone directly connected to the internet that could call international destinations cheaper than PLDT. I found out that VOIPSTUNT could do this. I signed up for username password but I have not tried it out yet by putting in the configuration on a sip phone

    May experience ka po in this area?
    thanks again
  • @alanyu

    musta na project mo?

    i\'m done finally hehehehe

    alcatel <- > asterisk/elastisk <-> bizpbx (next project ko yan elastix to bizpbx)

    sana magkaroon pa ulit isa pang workshop sa elastix.. kahit maikli lang yun oras yung matutunan ko naman sobrang dami
  • @recardo,
    sent you PM

    ok na pero pending yung implementation due to scheduled na wiring upgrade
    buti pa kayo ni stac ok sa linux command line

    sir ok ka ba sa php?
  • @alantyu

    marami po SIP phone sa market. and isa na rito ang Polycom. mag subscribe ka nalang sa nghHosted ng PBX para wala ka ng maintenance. beside tipid kapa with all the expenses na maari mong magastos.

  • @linuxxx
    I already have an ATCOM SIP phone
    I just need to evaluate the best alternative for VOIP services as an alternative to overseas calls. Syang walang direct SIP phone connection ang SKYPE (SIP phone directly connected to the internet without a local VOIP server)

    My friend use to have VOYZME until about 2 weeks ago when their account expired
    This is for another project completely different from the Ip PBX. They need cheaper calls to 8 foreign countries they call on a regular basis

    as for the IP PBX, we need to have an onsite server for the FXO lines
    thanks again
  • @alanyu

    The best alternative i think is majic jack $20/year lang, free call to any in US/CANADA pero not in other other country but valid cheap price and you can use your SIP Phone skype meron silang sariling phone to connect to skype.

    wat project? dont know kasi kung ano ano mga requirements.. un nasa 8 countries ba ay is iisa lang yun tntawagan? sa branch ba ng company sa ibang bansa ang tatawagan or for personal use lang? dependa po kasi sa paggagamitan yun proper setup ng Voip..kung sa cloud(hosted) ang dapat or setup ng physical server.

    well u need FXO lang naman if you will use it for PSTN call. so its not a big deal for that. DID number can also offer cheap price compare to regular call
  • goog

    SIP trunk provider. and choice a provider that provides cheap calls to your preferred destination.

    GIZMO project gamit ko dati kaso binili na ng google..

    now pwde ka mag VOIPSTUNT
  • @gmkfree
    I have VOIPSTUNT as stated above pero my concern is that it is in EURO which turns out to be expensive din
    sayang talaga VOYZME, rates were very reasonable

    thanks a lot sir
    Sayang nga, we have magicjack pero North America lang

    from here sa pinas we have to call 8 countries Russia, India, indonesia, MALAYSIA, jAPAN, etc

    I\'m looking for US$ denominated option to VOIPSTUNT

    The SIP phone connected directly to the internet sir ay i
    bang project. They have no need for SIP server . Just a small 4 person company that has to call the above mentioned countries on a regular basis

    The other requirement that I am working on sir has an aging analog PABX with 60 extensions/locals and 5 trunks. That is why there is a need for a asterix server. The LAN wiring is also more than 10 years na and in need of an an upgrade

    My current problem here is that they have a very big compound with extensions sa analog PABX currently wired as far as 250 meters away. these distant extensions have no LAN wiring just wirings for analog phones

    Our only option awaiting their approval are costly FXS ports.This project is pending due to decision which they have to do

    thanks sir
  • @anlanyu

    any country po ang magicjack.. pero like what i said, sa US/CANADA lang un free call. pwede ka hanap dito sa net yun rate ng magicjack sa ibang country.

    i see. so need mo nga ng hosted PBX. hanap ka mga campany na meron call termination. it much cheaper that the ordinary one.. i think you can found in pero for me mas maganda parin meron Asterisk Server, then bili ka ng termination sa India, Russia, JApan and etc para ma-route yun calls mo papunta sa ibang countries, pero cympre much better kung magconduct ka ng comparison report.

    then dun mo malalaman kung anong proposal ang mabibigay mo sa company.. kasi sabi mo regular basis, meaning everyday sila tmatawag. magkano yun cost nila per month para sa calls na yun?

    Analog PABX? eto ba yun PAnasonic or avaya or what? ncurious ako kasi bigla mo sinabi na Asterisk.wel IP-PBX ang tawag sa asterisk. kasi sa IP cya tmatakbo.. para maintergrate mo sa analog phone at sa PSTN kaylangan mo ng FXO/FXS. existing naba yun Traditional PABX mo or bibili kapa? sa asterisk kasi unlimited na ang extensions and Trucks. so u dont have to worry in the futures, unlike sa traditional PABX, my bayad kung mguupgrade.

    setting up Asterisk is not costly.!!! hanap ka lang ng core2dua tatakbo na ng maayos un.. how much lang naman yun FXO, 15,000 for 4 ports,, and for FXS 4,000 lang... so hndi po costly un compared sa PABX ng panasonic..

  • @allan_yu

    sent you pm sa messenger di ka nagrereply

    ano matutulong ko sa php

    try mo na sched yun mini workshop natin
  • sorry po minsan I\'m away from KB but I\'m online
    kayo sir kailan kayo pwede?

    ako naman I texted you but no reply. it was around 11pm na when I texted.

    I\'ll PM you requirement sa php, so far walang natutuloy sa php project proposals ko. malas talaga
  • awww,sayang naman

    naku medyo hinde active yang number ko sa tipidpc, ito number ko 09082057453, sa monday message na lang kita sa ym, baka matulungan kita off ko ng monday

    si pat mukhang busy eh
  • Any home based solutions for something like this?

    1 PLDT phone line - SIP box - wireless lan / internet - SIP Phone

    something that doesn\'t require a PC to be on. - Yes
    will forward landline calls to my SIP Phone - Yes
    can use SIP to do landline calls. - Yes
    SIP Phone can be connected via WLAN or internet - Yes

    Nag-backread lang ako and napansin ko Asterisk/Elastix yung suggestions. Suggest ko lang Voice Router ni Cisco. The above requirements can perform all your needs. I have this setup sitting in my home operating in 24/7. With just a single router and no appliance needed, it is capable to do the following:

    Cisco 2621XM | 256mb RAM, 48mb Flash
    Fast Ethernet 0 - connected to LAN, with Access Point
    Fast Ethernet 1 - connected to Internet
    VIC-2FXO - Port 0 connected to PLDT landline, Port 1 connected to Globe via Huawei GSM Modem
    VIC-2FXS - Port 0 and 1 connected to analog phones
    NM-2V - to handle FXO/FXS cards
    2 x Cisco 7941 IP Phones
    Cisco IP Communicator and X-lite for my PC
    3CX for my Android phone

    1. Call Manager Express - to support maximum of 36 Cisco IP phones, or 72 virtual ports for sofphone (IP Communicator)
    2. SIP Proxy Server - to support maximum of 24 SIP IP phones, or 72 virtual-ports for softphone (X-Lite, Eyebeam, 3CX)
    with SIP Proxy, I can register 3CX softphone using my Android phone via Wi-
    3. VPN Server - to support remote users via Internet, can register softphones and do toll-bypass
    4. Auto-attendant without using voicemail Network Module - Cisco Unity Express
    5. Call features (forward, transfer, park, conference, hold)

    And many a SINGLE router. Depende po sa model ng router yung capability.

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  • Any home based solutions for something like this?

    1 PLDT phone line - SIP box - wireless lan / internet - SIP Phone

    something that doesn\'t require a PC to be on. - Yes
    will forward landline calls to my SIP Phone - Yes
    can use SIP to do landline calls. - Yes
    SIP Phone can be connected via WLAN or internet - Yes

    pwede rin:

    1 PLDT Landline <-->Linksys SPA3102 <---> internet<---> Sip Phone

    Pinakasimple and cheapest na po yan.

  • Any home based solutions for something like this?

    1 PLDT phone line - SIP box - wireless lan / internet - SIP Phone

    something that doesn\'t require a PC to be on. - Yes
    will forward landline calls to my SIP Phone - Yes
    can use SIP to do landline calls. - Yes
    SIP Phone can be connected via WLAN or internet - Yes

    something that doesn\'t require a PC to be on <-- wifi router + custom firmware w/ sip server optware or any hosted pbx
    will forward landline calls to my SIP Phone <-- ATA adaptor + dialplan settings
    can use SIP to do landline calls <-- ATA adaptor + dialplan settings
    SIP Phone can be connected via WLAN or internet <-- sip deskphone? softphone? wifi sip phone? sip client on mobile?


    PLDT landline <--> wifi router w/ ata adaptor + hosted pbx <--> SIP Phone


    PLDT landline <--> ATA Adaptor <--> wifi router + custom firmware + sip server optware <--> SIP phone

    pinaka simple na yan :p

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  • Buhayin!
  • saan po nakaka buy card pci or pcie mag aaral palang ako ng voip elastix

    small setup muna pang demo sa boss
  • im using PLDT Fibr that has VoIP system for the landline.

    what I did is setup a SIP relay server in my network, create a few account designated with their own trunk number, eg local, SIP client on my smarphone, and SIP access to abroad so my relatives can use my landline to make local calls here in Philippines without paying long-distance calls.

    it may not work on all users specially for Fiberhome ONU uers, but it works great on HUawei ONU.

    -- first is backup your huawei onu's configuration and find the crendentials for your SIP service, the username is something like <randomnumbershere>@pldt.... and password is your account number.
    -- bridge the VLAN confguration for SIP, afaik, VLAN100 is for SIP. so bridge that to one of the ONU's LAN port.
    optional, tagged the traffic using your smart switch, so you can only use 1 LAN card for this task, else you need a extra NIC for the SIP.
    -- install and setup your Asterisk client insert your SIP credentials that you got earlier and set it up as a relay,
    -- also setup your own credentials on your asterisk server
    -- setup your VoIP Handset/SIP Client software to connect to your Asterisk server.
    -- make a test call and whoala, your done.
  • ^ Sir polka. pwede pa help about sa setup nyo

    PLDT Fiber din gamit namin with Huawei ONU. Sa bridging VLAN configuration for SIP, paano gawin yun sa modem?

    As for the SIP credential, makikita po ba yun sa loob ng modem? Is it something like this username: <areacode+landline number>; password: <account number provided by PLDT> tama ba? sa username lalagyan pa ba ng @pldt?

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  • Magandang gabi, baka may ma suggest kayo na open source for monitoring calls (marinig ng live or recording ang mga calls).
  • Meron po ba dito ang nakapag backup ng config sa Fiberhome through FTP? Need ko lang kasi makuha yung SIP credentials para ma login natin sa CP at makatawag tayu anywhere haha yun eh kung hindi blocked ang Smart at Globe IP addresses.

    Saka pag halimbawa na backup yung config ng Fiberhome ONU, pwede ko ba kopyahin yung some parts ng Fiberhome config para mapagana sa Huawei ONU?

    Thank you!
  • may mga 3CX users and admin ba dito? tanong lang po.
  • pwede rin:

    1 PLDT Landline <-->Linksys SPA3102 <---> internet<---> Sip Phone

    Pinakasimple and cheapest na po yan.

    meron po kayo dyang config details kung pano isetup?
  • good pm ask lang po ano need ko para ma connect ko yung phone mula sa pldt fibr router to pabx bali kasi tumawag yung tga pldt sakin yung landline standalone namin eh may sira talaga yung linya nila matatagalan pa daw sa rehab sa labas ngayon gusto ng tech na i force migrate daw sa PLDT fibr namin kasi dalawang slot naman yung phone sa router.

    Tanong ko is capable ba i connect sa pabx yung phone na main line niya is router at ano mga need na gamit para dun kahit wala nang galawin na setting dun sa pabx parang magiging plug and play nalang. tnx sa mga sasagot
  • Does PLDT and or Globe Telecom offer SIP Trunk for residential use?
  • Does anyone here know if possible and how to directly link an IP phone to the VOIP line provided by Globe at Home Fiber?