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LED Lightbulbs - super efficient light bulbs

  • My CDR buking LED project.

  • cool
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  • nice!

    pati cd canister cdrking?
  • Not sure if the cd canister is cdrking. Because i have a lot of those.
    Here is the circuit if you want to make one.

    12V socket is at the back for charging.

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  • two 3W CDRKing bulbs na pang security lights ko ay gumagana pa amazingly. almost two years na siguro or lagpas pa. around 100+ lang bili ko dati
  • any recommended LED bulbs these days? Pang kwarto lang mga 15sqm
  • Any recommended na LED Light na pag maliwanag na kusa namamatay as in 0W then matic din umiilaw pag madilim na? Plano ko lagay sa may gate ko dalas kasi makalimutan turn off sa umaga. Yung iba ko kasi nakikita yung sa omni 10W. Gusto ko sana parang gaya lang ng gamit ko now 3W lang kasi 2 posted naman may ilaw. Thanks.
  • Any recommended na LED Light na pag maliwanag na kusa namamatay as in 0W then matic din umiilaw pag madilim na?

    impossible yun, kailangan ng power, a few tenths of a watt siguro to power the photosensor. If you use a de pihit or spring powered macgyver timer, yun no electricity used.

    100 pesos from cdrking. I had two, madali masira. And masyado insensitive ang sensor. Bright na in the morning bago mamatay ang ilaw. Buy branded nalang

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    Thanks boss. Right now ano na gamit nyo? Oo nga sorry impossible nga na 0W pala. Hehe
  • OMNI gamit ko sa photo sensors - lampas isang taon buhay.
    mag wire ka manually from power to load to sensor Php250 sa mga mall hardware stores.
    may stock na ng aako sa bahay dahil apat naka deploy sa paligid at sa upper floors.
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    Omni nga din napm ko meron daw sila. Kaso di ako marunong sa ganyan baka makuryente ako. Haha.
  • Thanks boss. Right now ano na gamit nyo?

    sa amin manual, human ang nag on and off

    sa relatives ko cdrking digital appliance timer which surprisingly is still alive. Ang analog timer mabilis masira
  • Tag ulan nanaman.

    Nag fli flicker/nightlite ang ibang ilaw ko including CFL pag naka off kasi basa and grounded ang power lines

    Also, may butas ang roof. A few bulbs were destroyed by water. Will need to fix the roof later.

    I fond one still working bulb with the plastic dome half filled with water. But still works. I carefully drilled a hole on the apex of the dome and drained the water then put it back. Now water still enters the bulb but it exits via the hole so it still works.
  • update: the wet led bulb which I drilled still works after a night of rain.

    Did more work. Sealed the small holes on the butt side (pointing up) of the bulb (you see that in some older firefly and akari bulbs) with candle wax and oiled the socket and the screw base with wd 40 to at least delay rusting.

    wax is a small fire hazard but it will melt and drip away if it ever is too hot.

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  • typical LED filament bulb on the left, incandescent on the right. Saw one very similar today in the hardware section of a major supermarket

    You can see that instead of the tripartite body plan of a normal LED bulb (screw:body:dome), it mimics the bipartite body plan of an incandescent (screw:dome). But for my purposes the point is (if you have been reading my last points) that it seems to be watertight since there is only one joint and the metal is overhanging the joint plus its probably sealed with glue.

    I would have bought it except for the fact that its e14
  • Update: the akari 5w is juuuust hot enough to melt candle wax at least partially. And this is with cool weather.

    But the drain hole keeps it alive.

    A 4w firefly that had some water damage (slightly dimmer) seems to have recovered. I placed candle wax and drilled a hole too and replaced it in the same spot. Heat must have dried out the electronics or something. Now it looks like almost full light output

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  • planning to install LED strips around the rooms of the house for accent lighting:

    1. will be using a computer PSU kasi may spare ako, waste not want not...
    2. saan makakabili ng plastic diffuser katulad nito?

    3. any tips, i-DIY ko lang kasi
  • 1. will be using a computer PSU kasi may spare ako, waste not want not...

    I predict that the psu being very oversized for the LED strips would consume more watts than a dedicated LED driver. The absence of the fan alone in dedicated LED drivers drops consumption a bit

    but hey it would still work, you gotta compute if the extra wattage is worth the lesser cost