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Mechanical Keyboard Thread (Full list on page 246)

  • thanks Snow_Raptor !
  • Nakabili rin my 1st keyset at PBT pa. Konti lang meron sila kaya bumili na kyo.

  • @romeodiners

    Thanks sir, i think mx red na lang din ako . .
  • mga sir, what do you think is better? CORSAIR K70 RGB or DUCKY SHINE 5?? nga pala may news na ba kung kelan available locally ung DUCKY SHINE 5 and kung magkano?? thanks . . .
  • @ratratanx

    backlit ba yan?
  • @RatratanX

    Sir san po nabili yan? How's the feel of the keys? :)
  • Please continue over to this thread -- <click here for link>