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Unified Laptop/Notebook/Netbook Users Thread Part 2 (NO Trading Allowed)

  • mas bibilis poba yun pentium laptop kun mataas ang ram, 8gig ram at 256 ssd?
  • ^kung HD yan before, pag nag SSD ka sobra dama mo difference. Ram di masyado.
  • Meron na bang amd ryzen 6000 mobile dito sa pinas?
  • @macool

    Meron pero sa gaming laptops pa lang di pa ata released yung mga mainstream laptops dito nauna pa Intel Alder Lake.
  • Pulled the trigger on the ASUS Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition. Sulit na sulit looks, performance, speakers, etc.

    CPU-Z Validator:
    <click here for link>

    <click here for link>

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  • Need help mga sir. Any bang for buck laptop na pang autocad. Max budget po at 55k. Thanks
  • Need help mga sir. Any bang for buck laptop na pang autocad. Max budget po at 55k. Thanks

    Asus VIVOBOOK PRO14 OLED M3401QA-KM051TS, 14in WQXGA -AMD RYZEN 7 5800H/16GB RAM/512GB STORAGE/AMD GRAPHICS/WIN10 - 55k now sa V*l*ma*

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  • thanks for the rec sir. Will consider it also. Besides Asus, ano pa kayang brands ang panalo sa durability, reliability at warranty dito stin sa Pinas? Tia
  • @emer08

    Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 Pro 14ACN6 82L7003LPH | 14in 2.2K | Ryzen 5 5600U | 16GB DDR4 | 512GB SSD | GeForce MX450 2GB | Win10 - 52,995

    Sa pagpili ng laptop tatlo lang lagi ang choices ko ASUS, Lenovo and Acer. Pinaka-okay ang ASUS kasi 2 years International Warranty sya.

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  • feedback ko sa Acer predator helios 300 na naka-i5 RTX 3060, wala pa 4months sira na LCD monitor :(
  • ^ no display na? pa warranty mo sir
  • mostly nakikita ko nasa repair o laging sira HP, Asus, Acer maybe kasi sila yung mabenta?
    source - Gigahertz

    kaka repair lang ng Lenovo legion-5-15imh05 dec 2020 model
    nasira rin LCD/monitor 3weeks lang narepair at inextend ko warranty for another 2years (until 2024)
    eto gusto ko sa Lenovo madali kausap about warranty, toll free numbers din

    hindi talaga ko fan ng laptop isa sa mga reason talaga eto repairs
  • hindi talaga ko fan ng laptop isa sa mga reason talaga eto repairs

    Yan talaga major drawback ng laptop. Di pwede DIY replacement for most of the parts.
  • Based on experience depende talaga sa type ng user ang buhay ng laptop. Minsan may tiyempo na lemon unit kahit na anong brand pa yan pero kadalasan nasa user talaga nakadepende ang lifespan ng laptop. Kahit sa cellular phone and desktop PC ganun din naman. I started here in TPC as a desktop PC enthusiast but got tired of maintaining a desktop PC unlike a laptop na minimal ang maintenance nya. Everything depends on what your priorities are as for me I have learned to appreciate the convenience of using a laptop. Never ako naka-experience mismo ng factory defect sa laptop pero sa desktop PC mas madami ako na-experience na RMA.

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  • Depende rin sa priority. Kung portability, laptop talaga.

    Na-experience ko mandatory stay-in duty sa work. Dinala ko SFF gaming PC ko, hassle yung kailangan mo ng monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, cables, etc.

    Laking tulong ng may laptop capable of gaming.

    Sa akin, ang habol ko lang ay APU laptops. Di naman masagwa ang 720p sa 14-inch display. Ang panget lang sa laptops without discrete GPU ay soldered ang RAM. If it came with 16GB, you're stuck with it forever. Minsan, may models na 1 DIMM soldered, 1 DIMM removable.
  • hassle yung kailangan mo ng monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, cables, etc.

    One partial solution is to have a way to pack the peripherals together-- a custom bag could hold the keyboard, mouse and most of the cables.
    Another is to minimize cables whenever possible (wireless keyboard and mouse, using WiFi instead of Ethernet, etc.)

    A more drastic solution is to buy or fabricate a portable PC casing with built-in monitor

  • Any feedbacks po for Off lease thinkpads for studies?

    Planning to buy one po this weekend and just wondering kung kamusta po performance and yung quality po?

    Tatagal din po kaya given it's a refurbish one?
  • ^Tatagal yan. Dami refurbished Lenovo units sa opisina to cut costs. Some of them I have known to last 3 yrs at least. Yun battery tlga madalas una na bibigay.
  • I'm using a lenovo T480s and serviced replace only the motherboard before expiration. pagkatapos nun sailing smooth ang laptop pa rin.

    Yung T460 na huli kong ginamit umabot ng halos 5 years sa akin.
  • My Asus X202E was with me for 6 1/2 years at least before I sold it ang naging issue ko lang sa kanya is twice ako nagpalit ng HDD bago ako nag-SSD. My Acer Swift 3 served me for 2 years and 10 months hanggang nabigatan and nalakihan na ako sa kanya.

    And I am now happy with my almost a month old Asus Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition. I have always been an Asus fan even during my desktop PC days matibay talaga and reliable yan lang masasabi ko. Maganda din after-sales support ng Asus.

    Lenovo okay naman din mostly yung high-end nila pero but as per my experience yung low-end to midrange nila madali masira trackpad, keyboard and yung casing unless aluminum prone to cracks kahit hindi nababagsak. Ilang Lenovo na pinacheck sa akin yan ang laging complaints nun owners sa akin.

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  • Any feedbacks po for Off lease thinkpads for studies?

    Bought a 2nd-hand Thinkpad X220 for my dad on December 2014, and it's still working now.
    We had to replace the keyboard a while back, and bought a new battery 3 years ago. Upgraded the RAM and put in an SSD too.
    With the included Win 7 license, we were able to upgrade to Windows 10 without issue.

    I'd stay away from the low-end models (E and L series) and stick with the T series, or X series if you prefer small (12-13 inches) ultraportable laptops.
  • Maraming salamat po sa lahat po ng feedbacks nyo sir. Appreciate it so much..

    Will look po sa Gilmore bukas na T series, baka may ma recommend po kayo store mga sir?

    Thank you so much po ulet
  • HP Dev One - A Great, Well Engineered AMD Ryzen Linux Laptop
    <click here for link>

    The overall specs on the HP Dev One are great with the Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U being very capable, but a bit unfortunate that it hadn't launched a few months prior... There are the Zen 3+ laptops beginning to appear in market. While on the CPU side these "Rembrandt" parts are just incrementally better than the Zen 3 "Cezanne" APUs, these refreshed models do have the benefit of having newer RDNA2 graphics. Still though the Cezanne laptop SoCs are plenty capable and will be for some time ahead, but if they had been able to ship a Rembrandt-based SoC with this HP laptop it would have just been all the more compelling attraction.

    The only other real hardware gripe is just the 16GB of RAM, which is enough for some but with this being targeted at developers it's unfortunate there isn't a SKU with 32GB of RAM. Yes, the laptop is user-upgradeable if wanting to go for 32GB of 64GB of RAM, but for user pricing, one less headache to worry about for RAM compatibility, etc, it would have been nice if there was a second SKU for the HP Dev One. The 16GB of RAM can be cutting it if compiling very large code-bases with parallel jobs, keeping multiple browser tabs open, etc.

    The build quality of the HP Dev One though is great especially compared to that of many of the other Linux pre-loaded laptops out there. The FWUPD/LVFS support for firmware upgrading is very welcome and hopefully will be expanded across more HP consumer products moving forward for easier firmware updating under Linux. The 1000 nit display with this 14-inch laptop is terrific, the Ryzen 7 PRO 5850U is plenty capable for 2022, and all-around this has been a great device.
  • Can anyone suggest a laptop around 50k, will be used for Photoshop, video editing, and maybe light to mid gaming. Thanks in advance
  • Hi guys! Help naman. Ngayong nakakaluwag na ako ay balak ko ng i-upgrade yung laptop ko which is currently this:

    HP Zbook 15u G4
    Core i7 7500u
    256GB SSD
    8GB DDR4
    AMD FirePro W4190M

    Medyo hirap kasi ako sa compatibility ng specs. Hehehe.

    Ito sana yung plano ko ipang upgrade sa ram:

    At ito naman yung sa SSD na gusto ko:

    Please guys tulong naman. Salamat po. :)
  • @vagrantsoul
    You sure about getting the Crucial P2 ? It's a DRAM-less SSD with QLC flash, not really a great performer.

    I'd rather spend a bit more and get either a Samsung 970 EVO Plus or a Crucial P5 Plus.
  • @awakeruze
    Salamat sa heads-up

    Btw, re compatibility ng ram, kamusta? Wala naman issue sa compatibility ng hardware?

    Pasensiya uli sa tanong, I really have a hard time figuring out compatibility issues of PC/laptop components.

    Salamat uli?
  • @vagrantsoul

    Looks OK to me. agrees: <click here for link>
  • My daughters' school will require them to bring their laptop for f2f classes next month. Ang gamit nila is Lenovo Slim 3 with na hindi pa USB-C ang charging port and almost 2 hours lang ang tinatagal on battery. Charging is allowed for 20 mins lang daw sa charging stations so mukhang kakailangan kong bumili ng power bank. Ano bang pwedeng power bank for 20v laptops? Technoamp lang ang nakikita ko na merong port pero sobrang mahal 7k each and I have 2 daughters.

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  • Penge po recommendations, looking for a low profile gaming laptop. Hindi naman ako heavy gamer so I think 1650/3050 would be enough but of course 3060 would be nice. At least 6 core. Budget is 60k max (with 16gb ram na sana). I'm not looking for an ultrabook, basta hindi lang super bulky. Might be willing to spend more ONLY IF it supports USB-C PD, otherwise max na talaga yung 60k. Thank you

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