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Mechwarrior Online Announced

  • Nakakalaro na ko! Yay!

    Ganda ng grahics sa high/very high settings! Yay!

    Daming bago! Yay!

    Taas ng ping! Boo!

    Bano pa rin ako! Boo!

    Kamusta ping nyo?
  • PLDT. pag alas 12 ng madaling araw umaabot ng 230ms. pag nagloloko yung PLDT umaabot ng 400. nafifix naman ng VPN
  • -- delete -- wrong page

    -- edited by k_e_i_k_u_n_1_7 on Aug 05 2015, 09:17 PM

    I\'m getting 110 ping woohoo!

    I am sooo back in this game!
  • 40ms nga lang ping ni chiz e.
  • Nasa SG or Malaysia ba sya?
  • saken 56ms. balik na yung mga gustong maglaro at need na natin makabuo ng solid unit.

    link as given by keikun sa FB.
  • Ma install nga uli
  • Wala na yung FB group? Di ma access.
  • ok yung oceanic server getting 110 ping.. others are getting less than that... sarap mag laro!
  • Anyone purchased the Marauder and Warhammer? Waiting for mine to arrive this December and January. :)
  • Yo hellfire, join ka sa fb group nalang
  • @keikun17

    Thanks man! Will do.
  • k_e_i_k_u_n_1_7 Send Message View User Items on November 25, 2015 12:55 PM #

    Yo hellfire, join ka sa fb group nalang

    Laging unavailable yan pag trina try ko sa facebook. Ayaw ata sakin.

    In the meantime, eto muna pinaglilibangan ko:
    <click here for link>
  • Kumsta na ping niyo, nag-improve daw from last patch?
  • 50ms-62ms papi!!!

    Looking for lancemates for daily drops... Wala akong makhuha from the Formalhault FB Page.
  • HellFire01, i'm online. look for mut3

    -- edited by w1nt3rmut3 on Jan 27 2016, 12:19 AM
  • @HellFire01: thanks bro! Sige makapag-balik loob na sa MWO

    add me too: 'adzcer'
  • @mut3 and hack

    Niiiice! Will lance with you later when I get home from work. :)
  • @HellFire01: so it seems we're already acquainted since 2013!

    Nice to be back on this game, later then. :D
  • @hack

    Yeah dude. :) I'll be online at around 1AM-ish...

    I did some backreading and was quite surprised this thread is now 70 pages long. Is this still working?
    password: mechwarrior

    We can use TS later.
  • 45ms! O-yeah....

    ...just that my y580 crashes, 101 degrees celcius vc temp after 2 sessions!!! XD

    need to open clean and reapply thermal paste it seems

  • oi buhay pa! hehehe
  • @alexraz: yep bro, balik loob tayo kay MWO. hehe
  • Oo nga. May installation na ko dito sa bago kong laptop pero mga 6 months worth of patches din ang na miss ko.
  • mut3 and I are up for a few drops.

    Shoot us a PM sa game for those who wanna lance with us. :)
  • was on these idle temps (reached 98-101 when playing awhile ago)

    disassembled my Y580, cleaned and reapplied thermal paste

    back to normal idle temps!

    will try to drop, it's 0432 though... took about an hour and a half disassembling. XD
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  • Yikes! No worries man. Catch you later. :)

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