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CCBOOT - diskless users thread

  • naka-enable ba sa inyo ang Auto Reboot the largest Writeback Data Client?
  • naka-enable ba sa inyo ang Auto Reboot the largest Writeback Data Client?
  • @FireflyAlpha
    Lahat yan Boss

    Once na rich kasi ang max Writeback limit, biglang magre-restart ang client pc. Try to reformat your Writeback then, check if ganoon pa rin ang magiging performance rate.

    noong unang nilabas ang features na yan, sinubukan ko. Pero hindi ok para sa akin.

    -- edited by ZLite on Sep 20 2016, 04:46 PM
  • @CCBoot users

    Sino po sa inyo ang nakapagcreate na nang Windows 10 image, any feedback po.

    Thank you
  • I just tested out this CCBOOT via vmware, plan ko din try implement sa shop ko. I actually tested the difference between windows 7 and 10 and i find windows 7 boot way much faster.

    The testing i'm doing is to have a usuable system by opening the start menu. How much it would take to boot them. This is just the freshly installed OS without any optimization or software.

    You would see significant read and writeback sa Windows 10 as compare to Windows 7. If you multiply this to the number of clients, this is very significant if walang hardware to back this up.

    I think i just might stick with Windows 7 as i see it, but with proper hardware and optimization sa Windows 10, i think wala naman din problem especially pag cache na yung OS.

    Windows 7
    <click here for link>

    Windows 10
    <click here for link>

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  • Anyone be kind enough to share Kung ilang hdd and ssd nyo sa Server. I'm planning it like this.

    1 HDD = OS + image (I'll just use my existing 500gb) maybe 120gb ssd na din?
    2 HDD (raid 0) = game disk 2 x 500gb = 1 TB
    1 ssd = 120gb for writeback
    1 ssd = 120gb for cache.

    not sure if it's enough for a 16 units shop. How do you observed the disk idle state? and how about the ssd size ok na kaya sya for writeback and cache?

    -- edited by ryandegreat25 on Sep 21 2016, 12:32 PM
  • ^

    500gb hdd = OS + data/image
    500gb hdd = game disk
    120gb ssd = wb
    120gb ssd = cache or image
  • ^ thank you sir!, ilang units nga yan?
  • ^

    safe na safe yan pang 20units.
  • @ryandegreat25

    my existing setup for 20 units
    Total ram capacity: 32gb Kingstone HyperX 8gb*4 dimm DDR3-1600
    Microsoft Windows 7 x64
    Cybercafepro: Timer

    1 SSD AData 240gb: CCBoot server OS
    1 SSD Adata 128GB: Image
    1 SSD Corsair Neutron 120GB: Game cache
    1 SSD Corsair Neutron 120gb: Writeback
    1 WD Caviar Black 1TB hdd: Game disk
    plus additional
    1 WD 1tb hdd: Other applications such as MS Office, Adobe products, JAVA, etc, plus, Shared files over the network.

    Sir, question po, yon bang ginawa mong image, ilan ang total capacity?

    -- edited by ZLite on Sep 21 2016, 08:41 PM

    -- edited by ZLite on Sep 21 2016, 08:44 PM
  • ^ Thank you sir. Medyo overkill lang sa dami ng ssd balak ko sana medyo budget Hehe. anyway I'm considering adding probably 2 to 3 120gb SSD.

    yung image I remember 8gb sa win7 and 11gb sa win10.
    fresh installed lang sila as is. Btw the windows 10 is RTM version Yung unang release. Di kasi supported ng gamit kong vmware yung Anniversary Version.
  • @ryandegreat25

    Super liit ng Win7 mo Sir hah. More on gaming lang ba yong plan mo? I imagine, pano yong flash player, pdf reader, java, at iba pang kailangan ng customer? MS Office? Saan mo ito ilalagay Boss?

    Server kasi ang buhay ng Diskless, nung una, dalawa lang ang SSD ko, after makaipon, inunti-unti ko.
  • ^ ahh ok, ahm yung size is di ko pa alam eh Sir. kasi for testing purposes lang talaga yung ginawa ko sa machine

    yes sir gaming purposes tong current na gamit ko.
    yung current backup image ko sa Shop ngaun i know about 22gb including all the basic tools (MS Office, pdf, Java, etc )

    but traditional setup ako as of now using WINPE image to install sa mga client pc. and medyo mahirap mag maintain lalo na sa Games.

    since newbie pa talaga ko sa ccboot, just trying to understand the pros and cons hehe. I'll probably start looking at all in one server specs, last resort ko na yung dedicated Setup.

    -- edited by ryandegreat25 on Sep 21 2016, 10:38 PM