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Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer

  • @TheLibra23 depends on the price of the ASUS Tinkerboard since it also needs to have a competitive price against the Raspberry Pi 3.
  • @Nunchuuucks yeah, depends on the price. But If this one has a price range between 3k to 4k php, it's a steal I guess. :)
  • @TheLibra23 Plus the good thing about the ASUS Tinkerboard is it's hardware compared to the Raspberry Pi 3 though it falls back on its software support.
  • @Nunchuuucks well yeah. But the android OS for the Tinkerboard made it more usable. I researched and saw that the tinkerboard's benchmarks is 40-50% better than the Raspberry pi's.
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  • I got my ASUS Tinkerboard already. Hihi
  • may nakagawa na ba sa inyo nung optical character recognition using rpi 3?
  • hi, may seminars din ba ditto regarding clustering?
  • @thelibra23 nice sana makahanap din ako niyan. .
  • tempted na magbuo ng raspberry pi3 as replacement android box. tantya ko nasa mga 3.5K ang kelangan na total budget -
    raspberry pi3
    hdmi cable - recycle from existing item
    micro sd card - recycle from existing item
    ac power cable - recycle from existing item
    hdd - recycle from existing item

    eto naman ang softwares na kelangan ko sa pi -
    emulators for retro gamin

    may nakagawa na ba ng ganito? more on DIY / kalikot din kasi ako kaya ayaw ko ng pre-made solutions.
  • ^search ka dito sa tpc or olx at kumuha ka ng intel compute stick, dual boot mo na lang yan with your preferred os (kodi/lakka) and youre golden.

    plus intel compute stick is CEC capable so if your tv supports it, you dont even need a remote control, just use your tv's remote control.
  • @ryanrudolf
    Ganyan din usage ko sa raspberry pi ko ngayon. Just use berryboot para makapag multiboot between retropie and kodi. As for the IPTV 'di ako nagamit niyan eh.

    Just make sure din na angkop yung power na isu-supply ng ac power adapter mo. Sa akin kahit na galing canakit mismo adapter ko, nagkakaroon ng thunder icon sa upper right corner ng screen which denotes (sa pagkakaalam ko) kulang na sa power kapag nanonood ako sa kodi ng 1080p minsan. Minsan din yung temp icon.
  • natapos na din sa wakas yung project ko sa pi zero w.

    my goal here is to create a low power AP router that has 2 Wifi devices, each wifi devices connected externally via usb hub will be connecting to a free wifi (gowifi from globe for example) to bypass the 1hour limit without any noticeable interruption on connection.

    what the device do is:

    - builtin wifi from pi zero act as a AP mode
    - 2 wifi will be connecting to a same SSID and mac address of the targer network
    - what the pi do is connect the wifi1 to the free wifi, auto accept the agreements and do sanity check to ensure that is internet connection is ready to go.
    - add firewall to iptables and ready to go
    - after every 45'th minute of the uptime of each connection, the wifi2 connects to the same ap that wifi1 is connected, accept agreements and do sanity check.
    - at 50th minute the connection swap from wifi1 to wifi2 (or vice versa)
    - do repeat from step 5 with addition of running a mac generator script to change the wifi1 or wifi2 mac address.
    - and this loops over and over, basically defeating the 1 hour limit on gowifi free wifi.

    my fiancee is actually using this not me, and she found it very useful since she doesnt need to register any data plans while on work. she runs a optical clinic in the mall so yeah.... 40% of her time is just idling and wait for the next customer.
  • @polka

    galing... although mabagal at congested ang wifi sa mga SM Malls, pero at least hindi na ikaw mabwi-bwisit sa pag switch ng wifi every hour...

    Magandang idea yan. Automated na...

    May dalawang DLink Shareport Go ako na portable WIFI hotspot (battery operated), next time siguro pag nasa SM ako, dadalhin ko ang both hotspot, turn on one, and connect to SM WIFI, at pag natapos na, yung 2nd hotspot naman ang bubuksan ko... magaan lang naman ang DLink Shareport Go (DL-506L) at kasya sa bulsa ko... up to 5hours ang battery which is enough... $10 ko lang nabili... may Dlink 505L din ako, na plug in naman, which has the same features, di nga lang battery operated...

    yung hotspot usually gamit ko sa mga hotels that limit connections to only one user per room... yung hotspot ang ginagamit ko, and share the internet to the other users....
  • @polka
    nice! pics please!

    ang ginagawa ko naman kapag nasa airport free wifi, pinapalitan ko ung MAC address via browser URL. ayun reset ulit ng 1hr wakokoko
  • @roland

    wala sya sa SM, available lang sa mall is either smart or globe free wifi. smart naman medyo restricted, kailangan ng SMS confirmation (ngek), sa globe naman basta accept agreements lang ok na, yun nga lang stuck lang sa 512kbps yung internet speed, but hey its free so what do you complain for.

    so shes connected only in globe's gowifi. the pi zero is just doing a change mac address and automate the accept agreements things on the fly. there's no noticeable (at least she said) disconnections, I only simulated this using mikrotik captive portal and it seems to work very well on globe gowifi.

    sa sm naman hindi ka naman maka connect, hindi man lang lumalabas yung portal, sabay disconnect lang.


    wala na sa akin, so hindi ko na picturan.

    well just imagine it, it all fits in on a plastic container ng mga baraha, inside it has a dual 1866 battery with charger controller/power regulator, a pi zero w, a hacked up usb hub and a hacked up usb wifi dongles, so bale makikita mo lang sa labas is dalawang antenna which corresponds to each wifi usb, and a single usb port for charging and a power button. all installed inside using a hotglue.

    I hacked up the usb hub since its too bulky, I also snap it into smaller piece leaving only the essential electronics on the usb hub, ginawa ko lang is naka marked yung mga data pins nya papunta sa usb ports and solder the data line directly on the chip and solderd it on both wifi usb which is also i removed the usb port, leaving only just a pcb inside the case.

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