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Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer

  • its the same form factor as the pi it self.
  • Well since walang single board thread, dito na ako magtanong.

    Habang hinihintay ko yung RPi3 ko atbp., naisip ko palitan na yung samba/seedbox ko.
    It's a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B (yung 2 pa lang USB port) that's been running non-stop for 6 years na din, with occasional sd-card corruption dahil na din siguro sa power interruptions.

    Now I'm thinking of getting something like this one from FriendlyElec: a 1-bay NAS Kit v1.2 for NanoPi NEO&NEO2
    <click here for link>

    Thoughts? Ayoko na kasi naka wall mount at exposed ang cables at nagamit pa ng powered usb hub. I'd spend more or less Php 3k including the shipping. Planning to install openmediavault and transmission.
  • ^

    I guess that's fine for its price, the total price of the unit (the nas kit and the neo2 sbc) is equivalent of rpi3 here in Philippines if you bought it locally in stores.

    Not to mention that Gigabit Ethernet has its own PCIe interface not like the usual shared USB bus all over IO ports on all raspberry pi lineups (seriously they never learned), So you might able to pull about 30megs/;sec transfer rate on it like other usual cheap NAS implementation using ARM.

    But given how low power the ITX board now a days (specially that braswell lineup that can go as low as 4 watts at idle) there no reason to go with SBC solutions with NAS, but hey this is a lot cheaper than my suggested setup (which can go as high as 15k for a DIY NAS that doesnt suck).
  • @polka
    something like this?
    <click here for link>

    kulang na lang power supply at case.. puro 2nd hand haha

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  • @ormoreno

    Maybe an ITX board with a Celeron J1800 or Q1900 would be better, in terms of power consumption?
  • ^this, even the latest gen 8 processors (1151) from intel so nowhere near the idle power consumption of Intel's SoC. I mean im not surprised here, they have this atom lienups that powers up some of the android smartphones/tablet in the market today.

    Im talking about braswell itx board like this <click here for link>
  • I could get two HC1s for the price of a second hand Q1900 from ebay.. wala pang memory, psu, at case yun

    For now siguro kahit ODRoid HC1 or HC2 will suffice, saka na ako mag levelup pag malaki na budget, thanks sa input mga boss

    would something like this be good?

    ModeL: ESPRIMO D551/DX
    ? InteL CELERON G530
    ? LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge
    ? Dual Core 2.4Ghz
    ? 2GB.RAM DDR3
    ? 160GB.HDD.
    ? DVD ROM
    ? InteL HD Graphics

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  • Im talking about braswell itx board like this <click here for link>

    + for this. actually may apollo lake na nga sa newegg. almost same price sila ng n3700. 10bit hevc.
  • Tutal ang pinag uusapan din naman ninyo is NAS, I used to be using Seagate GoFlexNet as my samba server, it's basically a Raspberry Pi, pero self contain and walang GPU... it has two SATA ports, and I bought a 8 bay eSATA enclosure, and some SATA to ESATA adapter and it was able to handle 4 HDD per SATA...

    I installed OWNCLOUD and OpenMediaVault, which allows me to make it to a RAID 5 device...
  • @ormoreno
    Power consumption-wise, probably not.
  • ^ yeah, that setup without any drives idles around 40watts which is phew, power hungry for a NAS,

    with 40 watts, you can power up 6-8 drives with that (depending how new the drives are).
  • New Pi 3 B+

    new on the hardware:

    - gigabit ethernet
    - dual band wifi
    - better onboard antenna
    - added PoE feature
    - better overclocks from 1.2ghz to 1.4ghz
    - better power delivery
  • ^
    Not just any dual-band wifi, but 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.2 (!!)

    Looks like a dress rehearsal for the rumored RPi 4.
  • Yes! Buti na lang di pa ako umorder haha

    Sana compatible pa din sa Flirc case.. Yung it sura ng CPU nya parang tulad nung sa tinkerboard ehh
  • ^ It's the same size, so it should fit. The new PoE (Power over Ethernet) header though, might have fit issues with some HATs.
  • Para kasing tumaas ng konti yung bandang CPU dahil sa bagong heat spreaders.. Baka hindi sumara ng bahagya yung flirc
  • mga sir saan po ba tayo makakabili ng rpi3 b plus locally

    gusto ko na kasi palitan itong rpi2 medyo nag pag iwanan na

    salamat mo sa sasagot
  • naayos na po ba yung bluetooth ng rpi ?

    yung pwede ka makinig ng music na galing sa pi to your bluetooth headphone or pwede ka manood ng movies na yung audio maririnig mu on your bluetooth headphone.
  • ok pa naman yung RPi2, not sure what are your needs specifically for the extra cores. yun lang ang difference ng RPi3 sa 2 to be honest ;)

    check out RS components philippines, dun ako bumili ng RPi3 kit more than a year ago (with official spec PSU and official case). and they deliver it for free