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Raspberry Pi credit-card sized computer

  • probably the cpu, full cpu time is on php alone.
  • ^
    Were you running it on the original Pi, or the Pi 2?
  • tested on all pi 1 with 4 usb ports same with pi 2 and 3

    lahat puro php issue.

    please take not that even my 8core atom NAS (currently 6 core only since 2 cores are reserve for openwrt vm) were able to utilize it specially kung nag browse ka ng mga files mo sa webpage nya even on app. But owncloud is more usable in x86 machines than what I experience on rpi.

    experience like

    browsing for files

    1-2 second wait per directory browse in x86
    10-20 (worst 2 minutes) second wait per directory browse in rpi3 (if youre lucky enough to get rpi stable)

    based on directory with 900 files on it.
    browsed the files using a external storage (CIFS/SMB) you can also add the performance penalty due to SMB.

    -- edited by polka on Jun 03 2016, 09:56 PM
  • Thanks for the input on owncloud. I guess the rpi is still not yet powerful enough as a practical platform.
  • may user po ba dito ng daloradius?
  • Why do you want owncloud btw? For Cloud feautures?