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Kalayaan Island (Spratly) / West Philippine Sea - AFP

  • The HIMARS truck-mounted medium-range missile launchers for Balikatan 2016 is now in town ready for deployment

  • China destroys 35 tons of bananas from Philippines

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    We should do the same. Sirain mga sub-standard and dangerous China-made products.
    Yung mga charger na sumasabog, mga laruan na puno ng lead, etc.

    ok ako dito kaso madami talaga sa atin ang tumatangkilik ng mga made in china sapag kat mura...
  • Japanese warships in Philippines near disputed waterway

    Two Japanese destroyers and a submarine docked at a Philippine port on Sunday near disputed South China Sea waters, where Beijing's increasingly assertive behaviour has sparked global concern.

    Manila is seeking to strengthen ties with Tokyo as tensions mount over the disputed waterway, almost all of which is claimed by China.

    Japanese submarine Oyashio and destroyers JS Ariake and JS Setogiri docked in the Subic port Sunday for a routine visit at a sprawling former US naval base just 200 kilometres (125 miles) from a Chinese-held shoal.

    "The visit is a manifestation of a sustained promotion of regional peace and stability and enhancement of maritime cooperation between neighbouring navies," Philippine Navy spokesman Commander Lued Lincuna said.

    The Ariake was equipped with an anti-submarine helicopter, according to an AFP photographer at the scene.

    The port call came on the eve of war games between the United States and Filipino soldiers in the Philippines, which is seen as a showcase of a long-standing military alliance that the Philippines is counting on to deter China.

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  • IMHO HIMARS and its big brother MLRS has limited cost effectiveness for us. It's main selling point is mobility to evade counterbattery fire and its long range. Against local insurgents, I doubt there are many situations where you would have territory claimed by the insurgents thats soo large that you need long range rockets to hit targets inside insurgent territory. And I doubt insurgents have any artillery aside from small mortars much less anything capable of counterbattery fire. 155mm artillery and maybe air support from helos and COIN aircraft might be better suited and more cost effective.

    against chinese held islands? Tempting, but we would lose our moral high ground if we did a first strike. And if it comes to the point where we need to strike them, its full on war and we cannot win full on war without other countries
  • but if ipapahiram ng kano sa atin ang HIMARS for free? why not. Just dont do a first strike against china

    hehe, asa pa ako lolz

    -- edited by AmalgamvsAloof on Apr 04 2016, 11:21 PM
  • Chinese President Xi's family implicated in Panama Papers scandal
    Julien Girault AFP News
    4 April 2016

    The families of some of China's top communist brass -- including President Xi Jinping -- used offshore tax havens to conceal their fortunes, a treasure trove of leaked documents has revealed.

    At least eight current or former members of the Politburo Standing Committee, the ruling Communist Party's most powerful body, have been implicated, highlighting the hot-button issue of wealth among China's ruling elite.

    The eight are among 140 political figures around the world alleged to have links to offshore accounts, after an investigation into the leak of 11.5 million documents from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca.

    One of the people named in the leaks is Xi's brother-in-law Deng Jiagui, who set up two British Virgin Islands companies in 2009 when his famous relation was a member of the Politburo Standing Committee but not yet president.

    Xi has been dogged by foreign media reports of great family wealth. The claims are ignored by mainstream Chinese outlets, and their publication on the Internet in China is suppressed.

    In 2012 the Bloomberg news agency published investigations into the vast wealth said to have been amassed by Xi's family, revealing that Deng and his wife had accumulated several hundred million dollars in company shares and property assets.

    Since becoming president that same year, Xi has staked his reputation on pushing for transparency by initiating a vast anti-graft campaign to clean the party's ranks of corruption and to reassert his authority.

    The daughter of former premier Li Peng -- who was in power from 1987 to 1998 --- was also identified in the documents.

    They revealed that Li Xiaolin, the former vice president of state-run power company China Power Investment Corporation, was the beneficiary of a Liechtenstein foundation controlling a firm registered in the British Virgin Islands during the period when her father was in office.

    A granddaughter of Jia Qinglin, a former member of the Politburo Standing Committee, Li Xiaolin was also the sole shareholder in several offshore companies, through which she discretely controlled companies within China.

    The so-called "Panama Papers" were obtained from an anonymous source by German daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung and shared with media worldwide by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

    Chinese media remained silent on the revelations about the country's elite.

    But while the the ICIJ's website is officially blocked in the country, users of the micro-blog Weibo who had managed to see the findings began discussing them online.

    "My confidence in socialism has suddenly collapsed," quipped one user, before the post was promptly removed.

    The revelations come two years after an ICIJ investigation identified nearly 22,000 offshore clients from mainland China and Hong Kong, including relatives of former president Hu Jintao, former premier Li Peng and late leader Deng Xiaoping, the man credited with opening up China's economy in the 1980s.

    <click here for link>

    Corrupt apparatchik. I wonder how those power hungry PLA generals turn the table on XI who is hell bent on putting them in line. Will Xi wag the dog on South China Sea? lets wait and see.
  • against chinese held islands? Tempting, but we would lose our moral high ground if we did a first strike. And if it comes to the point where we need to strike them, its full on war and we cannot win full on war without other countries

    Our military top brass know exactly the consequence if we strike first; and most likely the Chinese is also aware of he consequence if the strike first.

    Spratlys is within HIMARS' effective range from a military base in Palawan. This is a good deterrent considering that the Chinese' man-made islands are fixed (not moving) targets which can easily be hit with missiles launch by HIMARS.

    but if ipapahiram ng kano sa atin ang HIMARS for free? why not. Just dont do a first strike against china

    hindi kailangan ipahiram because these HIMARS will be permanently based in Pawalan as i've read from one of the foreign news articles (hahanapin ko pa yong link).
  • WATCH: US Marines fire 6 rockets using HIMARS in PH
    April 5, 2016 Gloria Seloza

    United States M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) have fired six practice rockets in Philippines April 4 as part of Balikatan 2016, US Marine Corps Forces in Pacific said at the same time releasing a video of said rocket firing.

    The US Marines said units from 2nd Platoon, Fox Battery, 14th Marine Regiment, fired six Reduced-Range Practice Rockets (RRPR) utilizing two M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS), at Crow Valley in Tarlac.

    US Marines said that RRPR training round has a maximum range of 15 km and it’s ballasted with non-explosive material.

    Balikatan, an annual bilateral exercise between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the US military, focuses on the Philippine-US partnership, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief capabilities, Philippine capability development and military modernization. Balikatan opened April 4 and will run until the 15th.

    “[American units] will not be firing live rockets [during the April 14 live-fire exercise in Crow Valley, Tarlac] as it is expensive and we do not need to see the actual effects [of the rocket when it hits its target]. Inert rockets will be used to demonstrate on HIMARS when fired in the field,” said Major General Rodolfo Santiago, Balikatan Assistant Exercise Director for Philippines.

    <click here for link>
  • Our military top brass know exactly the consequence if we strike first;

    that's why they are in charge not some random internet warriors

    hindi kailangan ipahiram because these HIMARS will be permanently based in Pawalan as i've read from one of the foreign news articles (hahanapin ko pa yong link).

    close enough, although the soldiers manning it would only follow commands from the US , unless we steal one. Malabo, dont want to antagonize our partners
  • Pinoy fisherman to Chinese: Where’s your deed of ownership?
    CATO, Pangasinan – As Asian countries jostle for territory in the South China Sea, one Filipino fisherman is taking a stand.

    He has faced down Chinese coast guard rifles, and even engaged in a stone-throwing duel with the Chinese last month that shattered two windows on his outrigger.

    “They’ll say, ‘Out, out of Scarborough’,” Renato Etac says, referring to Panatag or Scarborough Shoal, a rocky outcropping claimed by both the Philippines and China. He yells back, “Where is the document that shows Scarborough is Chinese property?”

    At one level, the territorial disputes in the South China Sea are a battle of wills between American and Chinese battleships and planes. At another level, they are cat-and-mouse chases between the coast guards of several countries and foreign fishermen, and among the fishing boats themselves.

    Indonesia seized a Chinese fishing boat last month and arrested eight fishermen, only to have a Chinese coast guard vessel ram the fishing boat as it was being towed, allowing it to escape.

    Vietnam’s coast guard chased away more than 100 Chinese boats over a two-week period, its state media reported this week, and made a rare seizure of a Chinese ship carrying 100,000 liters (26,400 gallons) of diesel oil, reportedly for sale to fishing boats in the area.

    The South China Sea, a hodgepodge of overlapping territorial claims in the Pacific, is both strategically important and a vital shipping route for international trade. It may also contain valuable oil and natural gas reserves.

    As tensions ratchet up, though, it is perhaps those who make a living at sea who feel it the most. Here are some stories from fishermen around the region:

    Phl: Guardian of Scarborough

    Etac has had dozens of encounters with Chinese ships.

    More than once, a small team of Chinese coast guardsmen on a rubber boat approached his boat and pointed their rifles at him, but he says he knew they would not fire and risk starting a war.

    At other times, the Chinese will surge as if to hit his boat, but the 37-year-old fisherman uses his keen knowledge of Scarborough Shoal — where he has fished for Spanish mackerel, trevally and grouper since he was a teenager — to outmaneuver them.

    Etac says he just wants to defend his livelihood in waters that used to be open to all. China took control of Scarborough Shoal in 2012 after a two-month standoff with Philippine government ships. It sits about 230 kilometers west of the Philippines, and 1,000 kilometers from the Chinese coast.

    “It’s like quarreling, like playing games,” he says. “Yelling, dirty finger, everything’s there. Sometimes I use expletives in different dialects and I get to laugh when I see them, because they don’t understand what I’m saying.”

    He enjoys what he calls the territorial “debates” in the high seas, though his earnings from a weeklong fishing expedition have dropped by more than half to P3,000 ($63), because of both the Chinese disruptions and competition.

    “He’s like the guardian of Scarborough, sir,” said Greggy Etac, a relative and fellow fisherman. “I used to sail with him, but now, I’m scared.”

    China: Coast Guard to the rescue

    Chinese fishermen working out of the Hainan island port of Tanmen say they now enjoy much greater support from their country’s beefed-up coast guard.

    They have been forced to range further out to sea because of the heavy depletion of coastal fisheries, says Li Xianchuan, a 64-year-old crewmember who has been fishing in and around Scarborough, the Spratly islands and the closer-in Paracels — claimed also by Vietnam — for 40 years.

    “There are many more fish in the Nansha islands, particularly Huangyan island,” he says, using the Chinese terms for the contested Spratly group and Scarborough Shoal.

    In previous years, Chinese government ships would issue radio warnings about the presence of Philippine patrol ships around Scarborough Shoal.

    “It was very dangerous and scary,” he says, as his 90-ton vessel takes on fresh water in preparation for a foray into the South China Sea. “We had to run around the reefs to get away from big (Philippine) boats. – AP

    <click here for link>
  • just watched a documentary on the Filipino soldiers in the Korean war where 1,400 Filipino soldiers defended against 40,000 Chinese.
    There was a line "...and they were not even fighting for the inang bayan. what more if they have to defend their mother land."

    I have to say it was very inspiring.

    Taas kamay mga reservist na tulad ko.
  • That particular situation (Battle of Yultong) is the 10th BCT against one of the Corps of the "Volunteer Army". More accurately though, they weren't against the whole Corps, but rather one division (the other divisions of that corps would be coming up against the 65th Infantry Regiment of the US Army's 3rd Division, which is also the 10th BCT's parent unit). Still, 1k v. 10k. And they were able to hold off the division, breaking out of the encirclement by nightfall.

    After getting through that night, they were temporarily attached to the British 29th Brigade in the morning. Along with the 8th Hussars, they tried to link up with the surrounded units of the Gloucestershire Regiment. Although they unfortunately failed to do so, the fact that they themselves were also surrounded just a day before tells a lot about their fortitude and valor, that they were still able to deliver sufficient effort in trying to relieve another UN unit.
  • ano kaya ang mangyayari sa kalayaan sa next presidency?
  • ano kaya ang mangyayari sa kalayaan sa next presidency?

    depende kung leftist or hindi ang mananalo
  • What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea
    <click here for link>

    If you're a visual person, this article is for you.
  • Pentagon chief: US military units to stay for South China Sea patrols
    By Camille Diola ( | Updated April 14, 2016 - 6:09pm

    MANILA, Philippines — In a rare move, United States Defense Secretary Ash Carter revealed on Thursday that at least 200 American servicemen will stay behind after the US-Philippines military exercises Balikatan for joint air and maritime patrols in the South China Sea.

    Speaking at a press conference with his Philippine counterpart Voltaire Gazmin, Carter bared that the US and the Philippine militaries started joint maritime patrols in the South China Sea—a move decided at a ministerial meeting with Gazmin, US State Secretary John Kerry and former Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario in Washington in January.

    To compliment the maritime patrols, a contingent of US aircraft including their crews and pilots will remain at Clark Air Base in Pampanga for air missions, Carter said. He also admitted that this will be the first among many contingents that will regularly maintain presence in the country.

    This initial unit will include five A-10 Thunderbolt attack aircraft, three HH-60G Pave Hawk search and rescue helicopters and one MC-130H Combat Talon or special operations plane.

    "These patrols will continue to help build our interoperability and improve the Philippine Navy. Even as these patrols contribute to the safety and security of the region's waters," he said.

    Another group of American personnel will also remain in the Philippines to boost command-and-control capabilities.

    "With these steps, we'll make a strong alliance, even stronger," Carter said.

    The planned joint activities of the longtime allies came following a Supreme Court decision allowing the implementation of the Enhanced Cooperation Defense Agreement providing for the rotational presence of American troops in selected Philippine military bases.

    The US recently announced that under the agreement, it will build facilities in five Philippine bases, spreading American military hardware in strategic parts of the country. The chosen bases include the Antonio Bautista Air Base in Puerto Princesa, Palawan near the South China Sea. The other facilities are Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base in the Visayas, Lumbia Air Base in Mindanao, Subic Bay and Clark Air Base.

    The Pentagon chief is scheduled to observe and speak to Filipino and American troops participating in Balikatan on Friday.

    <click here for link>