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Kalayaan Island (Spratly) / West Philippine Sea - AFP

  • ^Bad trip, di pa umiinit sa tin yan a. Hayz
  • PH needs US to protect sea claims – Duterte
    ... Philippines also open to proposals from China, Israel in fighting terrorists

    MANILA — The Philippines needs the United States for the South China Sea, where it remains locked in a territorial dispute with China, according to President Duterte.
    Mr. Duterte made the statement on Tuesday, in the course of explaining his earlier remark that he might later ask US soldiers to leave Mindanao to pave the way for talks with Moro rebels. The Moros or the Muslims in Mindanao have been pressing for a Bangsamoro state and demanding recognition by the US of the brutality suffered by the Moros as it colonized the Philippines 100 years ago.
    “I never said get out of the Philippines, for after all, we need them there in the China Sea. We don’t have armaments,” he said.
    He added that the Philippines would not be ready to go to war with China anytime soon, and he would not want it, because a war with China would be a “massacre.”
    The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, acting on the Philippines’ complaint, earlier invalidated Beijing’s claim to almost the whole of the South China Sea. China, though, has refused to recognize the ruling.
    The President is seeking bilateral talks with China over the issue, and has said that he would insist that discussions between the two countries be based on the decision.
    But even as he said that the Philippines needed the US, Mr. Duterte said the Americans have always looked down on the Philippines.
    “I really do not know what’s wrong with these Americans. They look at us as if we’re lowly,” he said.
    He repeated his earlier lament over the FA-50 jets the country had acquired, which he said did not have missiles.
    He said the Philippines had bought them from South Korea, but these were made with US technology. The Philippines could not have acquired the jets without US consent, he said.
    Earlier, Mr. Duterte had railed against the US for planning to discuss the human rights situation in the country with him, and said the Philippines was no longer a vassal state.
    But he subsequently said the Philippines would not cut ties with its close allies.
    Meanwhile, Mr. Duterte also said the Philippines was receiving offers for anti-terrorism equipment from China and Israel.
    Regarding intelligence equipment, the country would have to be careful and ensure that it would get only from trusted sources, said Duterte.
    “There will be at least one or two sources for our intelligence equipment. We just can’t buy these anywhere, because they’re listening to us,” he said.
    “There are about two countries where we are safe. They are allies,” he added.
    But he did not identify these two countries.
    When it came to firepower, the Philippines could get cheap ones from other countries, he said.
    Mr. Duterte also promised to arm all soldiers with a Glock pistol as sidearms. His announcement was met with applause. SFM

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    Mukhang nakapagpulong na si Du30 sa mga may inside info. Good news to as it is.

  • Eto pa damage.
  • dapat pinalubog yung bumangga dyan. tsk.. tsk.. peri nakakabadtrip yung bunganga ni Duterte. Focus nalang sa plataforma nya wag nalamg magmura. Di pa naman tayo superpower at karamihan satin may kamag anak na ofw.
  • ok lang ang puti (caucasians) american, europeans. understanding pa sila.
    ang problema pag arabs, ang minura ni digong. nga nga ang mga OFW.
  • PH, US to hold joint PHIBLEX in October
    The Philippines and United States will conduct the annual bilateral exercises “PHIBLEX 33” next month, the Philippine Marines assured yesterday.

    Marine Captain Ryan F. Lacuesta, director of the Marine Corps Public Affairs, said the annual exercise will be held on October 4-12 with the opening ceremony set to be held at the Philippine Marine Corps headquarters, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

    Top officials from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the US military are expected to attend the opening ceremony.

    Activities lined up for PHIBLEX 33 include the Amphibious Landing Exercise to be held at the Naval Education Training Command in San Antonio, Zambales; the Combined Live Fire Exercise (CALFEX) to be held at Crow Valley, Tarlac and the turn-over ceremony of the Engineering project in Sta. Ana, Cagayan.

    PHIBLEX is a bilateral training exercise hosted annually by the Philippines.

    The AFP said the annual exercise is meant to enhance interoperability and readiness of their men and US forces.
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