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Kalayaan Island (Spratly) / West Philippine Sea - AFP

  • this i am still to see. pag ang benham rise natayuan ng kahit na anong infra or matambakan ulit then i am very wrong to know the man.

    what about panatag shoal, it is recently declared a marine sanctuary by duterte? now china is planning to occupy or build a monitoring station? why do we need to reach to a point that china will occupy benham rise, before you will know, that you are very wrong to know the man? at this moment china is planning to occupy or build a monitoring station in panatag shoal (scarborough shoal) now declared a marine sanctuary.

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  • Spratlys guns for civilian use–China

    SYDNEY—China is not militarizing the disputed South China Sea, the country’s premier said Friday in Australia, claiming defense equipment Beijing has installed on artificial islands is “primarily” for civilian use.

    The South China Sea is a source of growing regional tension, with Beijing insisting it has sovereignty over virtually all the resource-rich waters, which are also claimed in part by several other countries, and deemed international waters by most of the world.

    “Even if there is a certain amount of defense equipment or facilities, it is for maintaining the freedom of navigation,” Premier Li Keqiang told a press conference with Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in Canberra. “Because without such freedom, or without stability in the South China Sea, the Chinese side would be among the first to bear the brunt of it.”

    ‘Civilian purposes’

    China “never has any intention to engage in militarization in the South China Sea”, he said, adding installations that include airstrips and missile batteries are “primarily for civilian purposes.”

    Li said aircraft and ships that transit through the South China Sea were from trading partners with Beijing, “so one can easily imagine how many Chinese interests are at stake here.”

    Sydney-based independent strategic consultant Tim Johnston said the nations involved in the dispute, including China and other claimants such as Vietnam and the Philippines, were “being slightly disingenuous.”

    “You build up features in the South China Sea in disputed waters, you are likely to have to defend them, which implies some degree of militarization,” he told Agence France-Presse (AFP). “We have the photographs of what looks like military installations on a number of the islands that China occupies.”

    Li’s comments that Beijing did not want to restrict navigation in the South China Sea was also to be expected as no country was seeking such an outcome, Johnston said.

    Instead, it was China’s need for a veto over activities in the waters that were contentious “in a region where nationalism is very raw and borders are undefined,” he said.

    But he added the premier’s remarks could be interpreted as an attempt “not to exacerbate the situation,” at least for the current period.
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    Does China think everyone is as easily manipulated as its citizens? How can China claim that anti-aircraft guns and surface to air missiles are for civilian purposes only? I won't be surprised if someone famous in the Philippines will agree to it.
  • Philippines could share maritime resources with China: Duterte

    MANILA - President Rodrigo Duterte said Thursday he was open to sharing resources with Beijing in flashpoint South China Sea waters over which Manila has been given exclusive rights by an international tribunal.

    Beijing claims most of the sea, including waters close to the Philippine coast, despite the claim being declared as without basis last year by a United Nations-backed tribunal.

    However, Duterte said the Philippines could not exploit the natural resources on its own.

    "Even if I wanted to extract everything we do not have the capital. Even the (oil) rig and everything we can't afford it," Duterte told lawyers in Manila.

    "I would consider sharing it."

    Duterte's predecessor Benigno Aquino had challenged China's claim to control most of the South China Sea, despite counter-claims by several other nations.

    The Aquino administration in 2013 filed suit at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague. The tribunal ruled in favor of Manila last year.

    However Duterte, who had taken office days before the tribunal ruling, has since reversed Aquino's policy and is seeking billions of dollars of investment and grants from Beijing.

    Duterte on Thursday repeated earlier pronouncements he would not go to war with China over the disputed claims.

    He said he and Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed in Beijing last year that they would look to boost faltering trade ties that had been impacted by the sea row.

    He said he also told Xi Manila would put off a discussion with Beijing on the Hague-based tribunal's ruling.

    However, Duterte said the two countries would have to address the issue the moment China began to extract minerals in waters over which Manila has exclusive rights to exploit under the tribunal's ruling.
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  • at wala din naman magawa ang UN para ipatupad yung UNCLOS. tapos ang sisi kay Duterte? aba ok ah

    this i am still to see. pag ang benham rise natayuan ng kahit na anong infra or matambakan ulit then i am very wrong to know the man.

    hindi natin lubusan kilala ang ugali niya. unless you rub elbows with him. so do not make comments as if you are close with the president.
  • @Atari...

    hindi natin lubusan kilala ang ugali niya. unless you rub elbows with him. so do not make comments as if you are close with the president.

    any positive assumption Sir?
  • any positive assumption Sir?

    i don't want to assume like you guys do. wala din naman nangyayari. hindi naman natin talaga kilala ugali ng presidente. wala din naman tayo magagawa.