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Epson Chipless Conversion Ciss

  • Ok ba ito gamitin?

    <click here for link>
  • ...
  • Ive read through the ad....brilliant, this is really good! bubuksan nila yung printer tapos may irereplace silang controller chip somewhat sa loob. then a new printer driver is supplied along with the replacement chip.

    the Epson printer turns into a zombie and becomes only any of the three:

    4-color printers (T13, ME32) become L100.

    4-color multi-functions (TX121, ME320, ME340) become L200.

    6-color printers (T60, R290) become L800.

    its worth evaluating...lets see if the claimed pros really gets delivered.
  • guys any feedback on this? planning to buy a printer na rin kasi ..if ok \'to ..eto na rin siguro bibilhin ko :). wait ko feedback niyo guys ..
  • up...
  • up natin to. plano ko rin bumili nito.
    and pwede din kaya pigment dito?
  • Up ko lang baka may nakatry na, balak ko rin bumili nito.


    Pwede ang pigment sa epson.
  • Nkabili na ako last week. Ok nman xa. Gamit ko xa pang print ng pvc id. Pero parang mababa ang resolution nya. D masyado detailed ang image using pvc sheet. Pero ok xa using photo paper. Pigment ink nga pala gamit ko.
  • 1 more, meron akong t13 na nka cis din, nagkaproblema sa print head,lagi error lumalabas. Ang ginawa ko, ginamit ko ung wic na program, convert ko into chipless, ayon ok na ang printer. Nilagyang ko lang ng cis wid out the chips. Ok na xa ngayon.
  • Panong hindi na susunod yung color? Pano pagginamit to sa photo printing,
    yung wala kana kakalikutin sa settings basta print lang, panget ba kakalabasan ng print?

    pa pm naman kung kanino ka bumili.

    -- edited by mbus on Jul 26 2012, 12:09 PM
  • check my IFS! Chipless CISS with no hardware modification and you can convert your own printers to Chipless.
  • mga bossing baka meron kayong free software para maging chipless yung Epson ME32 nasira kasi yung chips ng printer ko 1 week ko na hindi nagagamit... thanks po sa magbibigay....
  • Sino na mga nakabili ng Chipless T13? What is your feedback?
    @quialo, anu ginawa mo para maayos, share mo naman, para sa iba. Thanks

    -- edited by Phentesul on Sep 04 2012, 11:55 AM
  • sir ask ko lng po yung hardware method ng pagchichipless, kung panu gawin,
    any idea?
  • Hi. I\'d like to put in my 2 cents\' worth re: the chipless printers. I have already tried using it and it\'s a joy to use, less the hassles of resetting, wasted print jobs, frequent head cleaning, wasted inks. With the ciss with chips, I get so many wasted printjobs because the printer stops in the middle of printing when the \"ink is low.\" I also had to replace my chips every now and then because the chips get easily damaged.

    But now, I can still print even when the \"lights are blinking.\" I have the option to reset the ink levels before, or even after printing. No wasted paper and inks. (By the way, I can reset the ink levels with or without the WIC Reset Utility) :)

    About the resolution, well, I noticed a change, too. The colors are darker (in my experience. I bought an S22 pigment printer). So I asked the seller and with a few tweaks in the printer settings, I am now satisfied. I can make IDs with my chipless printer, too. I can use the printer for my docs and even for photos.

    I am now thinking about buying the 3-in-1 chipless, if I\'ll have the budget :)
  • mam paano po ireset yung ink lvel po ginamit ko kc pang chipless yung wic
    pa help nman po
  • meron ba kayo resetter ng epson s22?
  • compatible ba sir ang Epson ME-10 sa wic para gawin ko sanang chipless?
  • may na download ako wic resseter.. ahmm ask lang talaga babf may resseter key un?? panu maresolve po?? any suggestion po?? pag tnatry ko kasi sa net.. sabe.. may bayad pa e.. thank you..
  • up natin itong topic na toh, i have 2 units T13 and 1 unit T10.
  • (By the way, I can reset the ink levels with or without the WIC Reset Utility) :)

    @maryjasmine, Paturo naman po kung paano nyo ginawa, have my t13 chipless, and problem how to reset ink levels. please...
  • Guys pa pm naman if may mai recommend kayo na pwede ko mabilhan ng CIS printer. yung medyo abot kaya ang price. salamat po sa sasagot.. thanks
  • Para sa ink out error (hindi ko sure kung gumagana sa ibang error pero try niyo rin) hanapin niyo yung resetter by OrThOtHaMiNe. Tapos open niyo yun, hanapin niyo lang yung "Initial setting" pagkatapos niyo i-select yung printer model niyo tapos click niyo yung checkbox na nakalagay "initial setting" tapos ilagay niyo lang yung serial no ng T10 or T13 niyo. Tapos click perform then turn off at pagkatapos turn on. Mawawala na yung ink out pagkatapos nun.
  • Hello, sorry it took me a long time to reply. I never thought I would receive some queries re: my post last Sept 2012.

    About the WIC reset utility. I use this to reset the ink levels and to reset the protection counter. But as I said, I can reset my chipless S22 and my fairly new SX130 (L200) WITHOUT the WIC. Just wait until the printer stops printing and flashes an \"Ink Low\" sign in the PC monitor. Then there\'s a tab there, \"Continue\". Just click it and the succeeding tabs that follow. And then voila, na-reset na ang ink level.

    All these I learned from using my chipless printers, and of course, from my seller.

    Suffice it to say, I\'m a satisfied customer. Otherwise, I woudn\'t have bought a second (chipless) printer. Hehe.

    But I am not an expert in this topic. So if anyone\'s interested, try to contact this number: 09228304019. Look for Marlon or Julius. Aside from being adept in this topic, they are accommodating.

    (Ayan ha, na-promote ko pa kayo. :) Thanks sirs for being nice).

    Best regards to all.