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Whats your GPU History?

  • 20xx ?
    1. ) NVIDIA 6600 LE

    2. ) NVIDIA 450 (palit)

    3. ) AMD 270x (Sapphire)

    34 ) AMD 270x (Asus)

    lahat to 2nd hand lol

    di ako bumibili ng bnew na card kasi parang di worth it. unlike proc and board it can last up to 5 years and still relevant pa rin naman sila

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  • 1. FX5500 AGP(b-day present ni erpat)
    2. 5850(1st sahod, naihian nang daga)
    3. GTS450
    4. GTX460
    5. 6950
    6. 270x
    7. GTX 760
    8. R9 280x
  • 2004-2006: Geforce 2 MX 400 64mb SDR - dami ko nalaro games nito, most unforgetable is Doom 3, 640x480 reso lowest settings
    2006: Asus ATI Radeon 9550 256mb DDR - sandali lang nagamit, binigay ko sa kuya ko kasi palagi nagkacrash sakin to find out later psu lang pala problema
    2006: (2nd hand)Sparkle Geforce 4 MX 4000 128mb DDR - bigay ng kuya ko in exchange sa 9550 na binigay ko sa kanya.
    July 2007: Inno3d 7600GST 256mb GDDR3 - dealt with crashes/hang-ups for the most part na gamit ko ang gpu na toh, ended up underclocking the card para maging stable until pinalitan ko nalang. Best game na natapos ko is COD4
    Nov 2008: Palit ATI Radeon HD4670 Super 512mb GDDR3 - less than a year nagamit still madami din games natapos ko DMC4.
    July 2009: Triplex Parasoul ATI Radeon HD4850 512mb GDDR4 - got it cheap, 4.9k vs sa mga HD4850 binebenta at that time (7k+). Finally finished Crysis at high settings.
    Feb 2011: EVGA Geforce GTX 460 FPB 1GB GDDR5 - nasira in less than 2 months. Pumutok isang cap, pinadala daw sa taiwan, got it around June nah. BF3 one of the best games natapos ko sa card.
    Feb 2012: HIS AMD Radeon HD6870 IceQ X 1GB GDDR5 - not much into games at this point so di ko na naalala yung mga games natapos ko if meron.
    Feb 2013: XFX AMD Radeon HD7950 DD Black Edition 3GB GDDR5 - bought it sa kasagsagan ng first lan party event namin sa aming group. Worst AMD card na nabili ko particularly yung DD cooler na gamit ng XFX. It sucks. Wala ako maalala na games na natapos ko sa card na to.

    -Mining Era-
    Jan 2014: Sapphire AMD Radeon R9-270 Dual-X 2GB GDDR5 - I did finished Starcraft Heart of the Swarm, Pero the rest sa kanyang serbisyo ginamit ko as mining card.
    May 2014: 2 x Sapphire AMD Radeon R9-280x VaporX TriX 3GB GDDR5 - mining
    -End of Mining Era-

    Feb 2016: Inno3d GTX 750 Green Edition 1GB GDDR5
    - balik sa games pero mostly NBA 2k lang nilalaro ko at mga old strategy games
    May 2016: (2nd hand) Powercolor ATI Radeon HD5750 1GB GDDR5 - got it cheap at nba 2k lang talaga nilalaro so the 750 has to go.
    Aug 2016: Onboard intel HD510 - No more NBA2k games cause obviously di playable. Still playing som strat games though, old strat games to pass time.

    As of now la na ako plano bumili ng vc, pero once lumabas ang NBA 2k17 baka mapapabili ako ulit.

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  • 1. Riva TNT2 - 2002
    2. GeForce 7300LE (2006, overclocked it and fried)
    3. R9 280X (2014, First computer build and ITX build that I made)
    4. GTX 970 G1 Gaming (2015, ITX node 304 build)
    5. GTX 980 Strix (2015, ITX Corsair 250D build)
    6. R9 390X Strix (2016, ITX Lian li PC-Q36WX build)
    7. Intel HD 4000 (2016, upgrading to 1070 strix)
  • GeForce4 MX (2004)
    GeForce GT 7400 (2006)
    GeForce GT 9500 (2008)
    GeForce GT 430 (2011)
    GeForce GTX 750Ti (2014)

    Not a hardcore AAA gamer, so these were adequate for me.
  • Estimate lang yung year

    2002 - Nvidia TNT Riva 32MB
    2003 - Nvidia GeForce 4 MX440 64MB
    2005 - Nvidia Geforce 5200
    2006 - ATI 9550
    2006 - ATI 9800SE
    2007 - Nvidia 7600
    2008 - Nvidia 8600GT
    2009 - ATI 4850
    2011 - ATI 5850

    Tapos wala na, not into gaming na
  • 1) Nvidia(forgotten the model name) 32mb 2004
    Our very first video card, bali our "family"(not NES) computer sa bahay. I remember when I was in grade 6 playing Counter Strike and played GTA: Vice City on it. I played Empire Earth with immense loading times and only in medium settings. Not to mention C&C: Generals, while it has 32mb graphics card its proce was a simple pentium 3 so both loading and gameplay is pretty banged up but I was adamant to play it despite having loading times and having to defeat 2 to 3 enemies within 2.30 to 4 hours(having a slow-mo gameplay). Aside from that constraint I was able to play it especially my excitement to have it on our PC. Rise of Nations was fine but in medium settings also. Battle Realms also was good but in clash, the fps drops. This is the first time I was patient(Specially playing with Generals) with slow computers and never thought in this future that I would own a computer 5x faster than our first one.

    2. Generic Video Card(I forgot the actual model name) 2005-2006
    After a year our first PC had its early retirement, halos na sira "daw" lahat ang laman ng PC namin due to electricity issues according to the technician. Our computer was replaced with AMD athlon(I dont know about the competition between AMD and Intel that time). I played Diablo 2 and GTA VC on it til the summer. Medyo may kahinaan nga lang ang card na to since it cant play Need for Speed Underground I was excited but yeah it didnt work out, lots of lines and distorted colors. Generals's gameplay is still the same, walang pinagbago not to mention it went a little bit slower sa Generals: ZH. Afterwards Warcraft but slow pa rin. Until there was a promo sa isang comp. shop sa labas ng bahay namin na 1 hour 1 point. I gained 300-500 points to get a video card of my own and was eager to play a newly released Battlefield 2.

    3. HIS Radeon Excalibur 9250 128mb October 2006-2015
    After winning that video card na excite na ako mag laro ng Battlefield. Although na mahina ang loading times I was still adamant due to addiction to it. Gameplay wasnt that smooth but still playable due to low-med setting, but fps was around 35-40. Generals gameplay has improvement. Also Need for Speed Underground 2. Our computer got a little problems(harddrive issues) there I started repairing it my self by cleaning the Ram with erasers and started to know how to reformat regardless of no internet connection Since I got to college I went to Cebu and still had few knowledge on computer. After coming home on August 2008, since it was our intrams, our computer received an upgrade. Ram was increase to 512mb and received additional 80gb IDE harddrive. Until our athlon finally went down early 2009 and was replaced with IBM Server type Pentium 4 at early summer. I was still 512mb and used the same video card and had our internet connection. Other game's gameplay went okay, WoW: Burning Crusade was slow, Need for Speed Most Wanted was okay but Navyfield is having issues with loading at first. The video card proved its service well until 2015, that was the last time I tested our IBM computer. I fear that caps on the IBM board are busted and I never touched that computer anymore nor testing it. But the card might still be functional. Oh the good times.

    4. ECS A780GM-A On Chip (AMD 780G-based with ATI™ Radeon HD3200 graphics) 2011-2012
    I got my own PC on my graduating days. My classmate sold me some 2nd Hand parts. It was faster than our previous computers(still having few knowledge in computers) I played DMC 3 on it provided by my classmate. Having a LCD monitor on it, I was happy on it considering it was a graduation gift but I still had our Compaq Laptop last purchased 2009 for project and thesis purposes. I played WoW: WotLK but on a med setting. On WoT it was totally almost unplayable with 10-15 fps and getting pwned from time to time. That June I decided to buy a video card.

    5. AMD HD 5450 Sapphire 1gb June 2012 - June 2014
    I was frustrated on WoT and WoW: Cata having slow fps. I decided to buy a card for it. It was this card. Having increased the fps I still managed to run WoT and later WoWP. Afterwards I bought a new powersupply because the old one is failing(due to it was generic) and I was suggested to replace it for future video cards and boards. After my ECS having its capacitors busted the mother board slowly failing(but blamed the video card as culprit). I remember stopping by into a local surplus computer parts shop so I check out what are they selling. There I decided to replace my videocard. I saw some high end cards but my budget was not enough. He suggested me a 9600GT and I wont be disappointed.

    6. Nvidia MSI 9600GT 512mb 256bit June 2014 to 2015
    This was the first time I got a 256 bit video card. Also replacing my motherboard and built another PC. Some games played well, Red Alert 3 was okay with it, Need for Speed Undercover was okay. I can do View Distance on WoW. Until I research more about it. Despite having bad decisions I should save up with those GTX series, but again I end up on a GIGABYTE GTS 250. After purchasing it I decided to give my GT to my brother as a gift. And currently the card is on standby.

    7. Nvidia Gigabyte GTS 250 1gb 256 bit July 2015 to October 2015
    Having bad decisions continues on this one until I realized that I should have purchased GTX 400 or 500 series instead. This comes to realization when I played World of Warships that fps isnt enough and not to mention that MKX requires a bit powerful card. I was excited that time to play until error pops up. So I decided to save up for the GTX series that they are selling. With money already wasted now I have to wait for the next wage to buy a new one. Again after planning to replace this I decided to give it to my brother until I sold this thing to my office mate last Feb. 2016.

    8. Nvidia Gigabyte GTX 460 1gb 256 bit October 2015 to December 2015
    After purchasing this I went to play MKX. Aside from having my old proce which was AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ I still have issues with MKX Fps and the loading times. Until I discovered this site(TPC) and begun my search with cards until I stopped by and got my eyes on the Zotac GTX 560 with pretty decent price. So I replaced the 460. The card was pretty decent though. Later the card is just on standby, waiting.

    9. Nvidia Zotac GTX 560 1gb 256 bit December 2015 to February 2016
    Last December I rewarded my self with a card and since my brother has a later and more advance computer than I had, I decided to give the GTX 460 to him.
    The card was awesome until I got an i3 this January. I got that rig on my aunt's place since they closed their shop. But at a long run I sell my i3 due that it was second hand. The card proved its worth and played MKX, WoWS and Steel Ocean. Until I decided to build a newly built rig having my eyes on an i5 but later changes my mind with AMD despite having issues with heat but since my room was designed to have alot of windows I went to build a full AMD setup and bought a nice case. And I gave this card to my brother and ask him to return the 460.

    10. AMD Sapphire R7 265 2gb 256 bit February 2016 to present
    Now that I got my new computer I decided to buy an AMD card here. That time I had my excitement and had this bad decisions na naman. After purchasing this card R9s pop up with decent price and if not with the same price, just a little slight difference. Oh well. I now play 2015 games with med-high settings on this rig. While im at it im setting my eyes on the R9 280x or the RX 470/480s to improve my gaming experience.

    Yan na history with wall of text ko.

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  • went thru some graphics cards in the day. it varied from s3 virge to ati rage based cards to voodoo 3, geforce2 mx and ati radeon 9600.

    (time of peace)

    next upgrade was igfx via amd's 780g chipset. moved on to 5850, 6850 tapos 750ti.

    (time of peace uli...)

    updated the whole rig to an apu. ran an a10-7800k for a year. downgraded it to an a8-7600 a couple months back. this pc now is on facebook / minecraft /dl duties.

    i built a personal rig late last year. graphics started with hd530 (kasi laging out of stock ang gtx 950) tapos gtx 960 (kasi out of stock pa din ang gtx 950) and now, 1070 (kasi di kasya 1060 jetstream sa core v1).

    (ayoko na...)

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  • Sapphire Radeon 9100 64mb agp
    Asus Radeon 9600se 128mb agp
    Gecube 9550 extreme 128mb agp
    Sapphire Radeon 9600xt 128mb agp
    Leadtek Geforce 6600gt agp 128mb agp
    Sapphire Radeon x1600 pro agp 256mb
    Nvidia Geforce 6100 built-in
    Inno3d Geforce 7300gt extreme pci-e 256mb
    Powercolor Radeon HD4870 PCS+ 1GB
    Sapphire Radeon HD5770 Vapor-x 1GB
    EVGA Geforce 560ti DS SC 1GB
    MSI Geforce GTX 960 2GB
    XFX RX 480 Black Edition OC 8GB - current
  • Inno3D Riva TNT2 M64 32MB PCI
    HIS Radeon 9200 128MB AGP
    Sparkle GeForce FX 5900 XT 128MB AGP
    Palit GeForce 6600GT 128MB AGP
    PowerColor Radeon X1650XT AGP (temporary)
    Inno3D iCHill GeForce 8600GT 256MB PCI-E
    Inno3D GeForce 9600GT 512MB
    Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1GB/Palit GTX 460 SE 1GB
    Palit GTX 660 OC 2GB
    Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Super Jetstream 8GB (Current)
  • Inno3D Riva TNT2 M64 32MB PCI
    HIS Radeon 9200 128MB AGP
    Sparkle GeForce FX 5900 XT 128MB AGP
    Palit GeForce 6600GT 128MB AGP
    PowerColor Radeon X1650XT AGP (temporary)
    Inno3D iCHill GeForce 8600GT 256MB PCI-E
    Inno3D GeForce 9600GT 512MB
    Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1GB/Palit GTX 460 SE 1GB
    Palit GTX 660 OC 2GB
    Palit GeForce GTX 1070 Super Jetstream 8GB (Current)

    naalala ko pa yang ichill 8600GT mo back pc-experts days. Yung monitor mo na-upgrade mo na? XD
  • Thread necro!! hahaha!

    S3 trio 1MB
    Inno3d Geforce 2 MX 400
    3dfx Voodoo 3
    Gecube Radeon 9550XT
    Gecube Radeon 1950XT
    2x Gecube Radeon HD 3870 (crossfire)
    Powercolor Radeon HD 4670 + sapphire Radeon HD 4670 (crossfire)
    2x Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 (crossfire)
    2x Vtx3d R9 290x (crossfire)
    Sapphire RX 580 8GB
    Sapphire RX Vega 64

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  • 9600gt (bigay ni kuya, miss you kuya! rest in peace)
    9600gt ulit.
    Sapphire HD 7770 ghz edition vaporX OC
    Sapphire r9 280X VaporX triX OC
    EVGA GTX 980 reference card (Had this since 2015, still working, nakasalpak na sa PC ni wifey)
    RTX 3060 bilibili ek ek. (gamit na ng anak ko, pinagbigyan ko na, taas ng grades eh)
    RTX 3070 eto current na gamit ko.
  • 9500GT Inno3d
    HD4350 Sapphire
    750Ti Palit StormX
    1050Ti Palit StormX
    RX570 4gb (Gigabyte Gaming, Sapphire Pulse, Sapphire Nitro, XFX Black Edition, Aorus)
    RX 570 8GB Sapphire Nitro
    RX 580 8gb Sapphire Nitro
    RX 580 4gb
    1070 Palit SuperJetStream (mga 3 pcs hahaha)
    1060 6gb Palit Jetstream
    1050Ti Palit StormX
    1060 6gb Zotac Mini
    1050Ti Gigabyte LP ITX
    1070 Gigabyte Mini ITX
  • 2009 - PowerColor Radeon HD5770
    2015 - MSI Radeon R9 290X
    2016 - MSI Radeon RX 480
    2017 - Aorus Radeon RX 580
    2017 - Strix GTX 1070
    2017 - Strix GTX 1080 Ti
    2020 - Tuf RTX 3080 (current GPU)
  • 2012 - GeForce 210
    2014 - GTX 460 SE
    2016 - GT 730
    2017 - Radeon R5 M230 (sa dating kong laptop)
    2019 - GT 1030
    2021 - GTS 450, GTX 560
    2022 - GTX 650

    Di ako mapili sa gpu e hahaha oks na makapag csgo at genshin
  • 1996 - Elsa S3 Trio64 2MB
    2000 - Creative Labs 3dFX Voodoo 2 12MB SLI x 2
    2008 - XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog XXX SLI x 2
    2010 - EVGA GTX 285
    2014 - EVGA GTX 680 Superclocked
    2018 - Nvidia GTX 1070 Founders Edition

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