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Samsung NP535U3C-A01PH

  • @rogerguanlao so hdmi to vga cable lang gamit mo? Lumabas naman sa monitor? May mga nabasa kasi ako na ndi effective. Thx.
  • @ryzi kasama sya sa pagbili ko ng lappy sa TCA. Free kasi ibabawas yung USD 14.99 sa total value. Then ako na nagregister at nagbayad sa microsoft upgrade offer.

    Ano pong model ng nabili n'yo, NP535U3C-A01PH po ba? TIA!
  • pwede Left4dead2, high settings.

    Ilang fps po? And 1366x768 resolution po ba?
  • @ryzl ndi. NP530U3C-A02PH.
  • @ryzl ndi. NP530U3C-A02PH.

    Ah. Sige po, thanks! Puntahan ko na lang sila, sana may upgrade option din yung gusto kong model.
  • @mike

    Hdmi to hdmi cable yung gamit ko.... meron nga akong kilala na di gumagana yung hdmi to vga meron naman sabi ok yung hdmi to vga..... kaya di ko na sinubukan kaya hdmi to hdmi nalang ako since hdmi din naman yung lcd ko
  • san kaya makabili nung VGA dongle for series 5.
  • guys,

    i have this samsung ultrabook series 5.
    there is a small port which im not sure kung anu yun.
    is it a common feature among different brands of laptop?

    im guessing it maybe a micro hdmi or a mini display port.

  • guys,

    i have this samsung ultrabook series 5.
    there is a small port which im not sure kung anu yun.
    is it a common feature among different brands of laptop?

    im guessing it maybe a micro hdmi or a mini display port.


    Check mo sa dulo nito, <click here for link>.

    Sa mga may NP535U3C-A02PH, tanong ko lang po sana kung may kasama s'yang DVD for the OS? Bumili kasi ako pero wala s'yang kasamang DVD. Thanks!
  • @Ryzl

    May kasamang DVD yung sakin despite na wala naman syang DVD drive
  • I am selling my unit, see specs:

    RFS: emergency need lang po need ng pera, p30k ko pa po ito nabili. and selling for P25,000 (good as brand new)

    Note: OS is upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

    price is negotiable. wag lang po barat. complete package po ibbgay ung unit.


    For those who are interested, kindly pm me.
  • fyi lang tanakashi, bawal na bawal mag benta sa forums. respetuhin po natin rules ng site.

  • Samsung NP5-******* users, update nyo Drivers ng APU nyo. para ma boost graphics performance, So far itong gamit ko ay HD7600G katumbas ay NVIDIA 9500GT, ayos na pang games. :D
  • guys,

    anyone familiar with hybrid SSD HD?

    My samsung ultrabook HD has this feature, a hybrid ssd+regular hd

    anyway, my question is what is the best way to clean install win8?
    can i just create two partitions and install the win8?
    is there a fix partition of that hybrid hd where i should install my win8?
  • tanong ko lang if pwede ba magpalit/Upgrade ng RAM, from 4GB 1333mhz to 8GB 1866mhz? hindi kaya masisira ung laptop?
  • @bald0

    Yung isang memory nasa board mismo kaya add lang ang pwede with the same frequency
  • Eto benchmarks ko sa 3DMark 2013 sa unit na ito

    <click here for link>
  • Hi everyone! Tanong ko lang sana kung mabubura kaya yung partition ng Samsung Recovery Solution kung mag-a-upgrade ako sa Windows 8 using the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant? Thanks in advance!
  • ^basta yung drive c: lang ang gagalawin mo at hindi ka magrepartition walang problem yun
  • sa mga owners po ng model na ito, any update po sa battery life after 3 months of use?
  • @mardaile

    Yung sakin mag one year na sa July pero ok pa naman din mga more than 2 hours (surf, HD Videos). Naka set sa BIOS ko na up to 80% lang ang charging to extend battery life span.
  • yung akin mag 1 yr na din ok naman batt life.
  • Sir paano po magboot sa usb drive.. lahat na ata ng settings sa bios triny ko na.. Gusto ko sanang magdual boot.. Windows 8 ung nkainstall ngayon..
  • Weird keyboard problem. I\'m using a Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook, the 13.3\" touchscreen Intel Core i5 model. The arrow keys turn into the PgUp, Home, End and PgDn buttons when you press the Fn key. It\'s been working fine since I got it in January. But recently, I think soon after a software update, it\'s like the Fn key is permanently pressed. I can\'t use the arrow keys as arrow keys anymore! Even when I press the Fn key, nothing happens, naka-permanent na sa PgUp/PgDn/Home/End. Anybody else experience this and know how to fix it?
  • Try to press the \"Fn Lock\" beside F12, Use system restore bago mag update si Windows, or you can use the recovery app. to revert the changes to the date you purchased your notebook. sa tingin ko hindi naman hardware ang may tama.
  • Samsung NP535U3C-P02PH users. I need help. Hindi na po kasi mah open laptop ko. Hanggang sa logo lang ng samsung. Then try ko sana sya ifactory reset but i want to back up my files. kaya lang po dun sa pinagpagawan ko ng back up, pagkaopen nya which is not in front of me, wala sa slot ung memory.
    Nagtataka po ako. Bat mawawala yung memort :\'(
    May built in memory po ba yung Samsung NP535U3C-P02PH natin?
    please i need response :\'(
  • Ako naman ok na ok pa yung laptop, badtrip yung hinge naman ang bumigay... Grrrr
  • Hi to all.

    This is my first post in this forum. My GF ha n NP-535U3C-P02PH PINK. Its almost 2 years old and barely used by my girlfriend. It is very slow and loaded with unnecessary softwares which made it crawl. She planned to use it for her basic wordprocessing, internet surfing and watching videos. Kaso sobrang bagal nga lang and parang nawalan na sya ng ganang gamitin and most of the time she\'s just using her iphone to do things. So inadopt ko na muna, (I felt sayang and underused) and watched alot of you tube videos on how to speed Windows 8 up, even performed a factory reset, removed all crapware. True enough I was able to make it fast and usable. The last upgrade I did which is the most helpful upgrade was to replace the 500GB HDD with a Samsung Evo 250GB SSD,optimised it with the Samsung Magician and Im so happy with its performance now. I cant believe Samsung shipped this one out with so much crap it literally crawled and was so useless spending much of its time booting up and taking forever to shut down. Naawa nga ako dun sa GF ko when she said halos di nya magamit dahil its always reading something in the background and sometimes she would let it run down its battery because she did not know what to do when it seems to hang and she needs to go already.

    Anyhow, Im happy now its performing fast plus its got this \'Ultrabook\' appearance (though Im aware of Intel\'s specifications of what an Ultrabook is.)
    I must say the Data Migration was easy to do (cloning) and I was easily able to replace the HDD.

    The last upgrade Im thinking is adding some RAM. Ive researched online and the Maximum stated is 8GB total. I know that if we remove the cover on the underside that there is an empty slot for the RAM and that the 2GB that came with the laptop is on the Motherboard but concealed from view. Is this 2 GB on the motherboard NOT REPLACEABLE? How do we get the Maximum 8GB stated? 2 x 4GB RAM chip? does this imply that the 2GB original is REPLACEABLE? Ive also searched on youtube asked some there but there is no clear answer? MOREOVER, at one time I tried putting my 8GB RAM from my own laptop on the exposed RAM slot and I checked on Windows that it is working with a TOTAL of 10GB! I tried also running the CRUCIAL website scanner for compatible RAM. It showed that the maximum was 8GB as 2 x 4GB. Again, does this imply that the 2GB original is replaceable; But the scanner also detected that time that I had a 2GB + 8GB. Now, I also tried looking for photos online of the back portion disassebled to see kung replaceable yung original na 2GB pero I cant find any photo and lastly Im not about to disassemble her laptop at baka masira ko.hehe. then Im dead.

    Paano ba ito?

    Sorry for the long post. Thank you to everyone and Im glad I found
  • 2gb ram? I think you have been mistaken. On board 4gb comes with that model same as mine. It has an extra slot for another 4gb ddr3 ram to upgrade your memory. Also, if you are so selling that spare 500gb,please do send me a private message. Thanks. :)
  • @zeronone

    sir, thank you for your reply. I however doubt that I\'m mistaken with the 2GB that came with it in the factory. This is clearly indicated also in the box, in windows and in Speccy. In, there are several units similar units there and they also have it as 2GB. Anyhow, I think built in talaga itong 2GB na ito and therefore not replaceable. huhu. So I guess the logical configuration would be 2GB (OB) + 2GB on the additional slot? Though right now, its 2GB + 8GB and everything seems working fine and fast. When I check the Win resource monitor, the 10GB total is filled up to 85-90% most of the time and I believe this is healthy because unused RAM is useless RAM. Ive optimised it and removed all unnecessary software and programs on the start-up. It boots up in 10 secs and boots down in 10.5 seconds (all lights out). It runs fast now but later I will have to shift it back to 2GB + 2GB.

    May suggestion pa po kayo? Thank you again.

    Regarding the spare 500GB, she plans to use it as external storage and also I would like to keep the original OS and recovery solution there in case any problem crops up with the SSD, though I am also tempted to just format it and make it purely an external storage because the Samsung Data Migration also cloned the recovery solution on the SSD and I checked if the recovery runs on the SSD.

    thank you again.