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  • Hello po, kamusta po latency sa dota 2 sea server ganun pa din po ba? cavite area.

    Using pldt home Fibr 1699 :)


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  • ^ now ito ping,

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  • @mdamda

    > 600mbps speedtest (pero syempre only to pldt servers hehe) pero tops out at less than 150mbps.

    If 600Mbps is file transfer within PLDT network then OK lang but is the 150Mbps you are talking about the actual Mbps of the plan you paid for?

    I'm on plan 2699 / 600mbps dapat. Was doing 150mbps actual download on steam, while the 250mbps converge plan was doing above 250mbps. Hassle lang haha

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  • ^

    Baka depende sa area? Sakin sumasagad sa 75MB/s (~600mbps) sa steam. Also plan 2099

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  • sino po expert dito sa openwrt?
    (noob lang talaga dito kaya kumakapa pa), problem ko po is nawawalan siya ng wan ip (both ipv4 and ipv6, which means nawawalan ng internet) everytime na magre-reboot ako ng router....tapos everytime na magrereboot, napupunta sandali ung public IP rekta sa ip add ng pc ko..kaya siguro nung pagkareboot nya, wala nang madetect na wan ip sa router...
    openwrt version 22.03.03

    setup is:
    pldt modem (bridged) --> openwrt (cf-n5) --> clients

    balak ko na nga lang sanang iroute mode ung pldt modem eh, kaso may major effect ba ang double NAT?
  • Current plan fibr 2099. Diba 400mbps na siya ngayon? Sa amin kasi still 200mbps. Do I need to call PLDT or just wait mag automatic updagre sila?
  • call, and if possible, downgrade to 1699, that's also 400Mbps

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  • had the time earlier, and tried to downgrade to 1299, it's not available anymore daw, siguro try and try until makuha ng agent na makaka-downgrade
  • @ceejaybasist

    na experience ko na yan, and gumawa ako ng script sa use-case ko, there are also times na ma pipickup nya yung Class C Private IP address ng modem which is 192.168.X.X

    anyway depende yan sa logs mo, may pattern yan. and make a script , and cron it.

    EDIT: parang natandaan ko na nawawalan akong internet pero restarting the WAN interface seems to fix it, mga ang issue sakin

    EDIT 2: bumabalik ang ala ala, i used mwan3 ifup if down , did not made a bash script.

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  • @ceejaybassist917 same experienced kami kay @nicejuan, pag di pa naoobtain yong public IP is yong 192.168.1.x yong nakukuha ng Openwrt router(Newifi D2). So what I did is inaccess ko yong full admin ng PLDT modem(bridged HG6245D) ko then I disabled the DHCP manually and so far didn't experience that issue again. I don't know sa case mo and been wondering why napunta sa PC mo yong supposedly sa WAN ng router, nagVLAN ka po ba baka may nagconflict sa config.
  • na reremedy siya kung i rerestart mo yung WAN interface. well thats on my case
  • ^ plug n play plng ang ginawa ko, aside sa lan ip, wala pa akong ibang pinalitan..
    @nicejuan pwede pashare nung script? tsakakahit magrestart wan interface ako,di niya na mapickup ubg public ip ko, haven't tried power cycling the pldt modem for 15mins though...pero hassle pag gnun ang workaround lalo kung magbrownout ng medyo matagal tapos sabay mag-oon ang modem at openwrt router..
  • try mo muna if pag naecounter mo na nawalan internet, mag restart ka ng wan interface, then if yes bigay ko sayo or kapag nahanap ko, halughugin ko yung luma kong repository ^_^ basta ang natandaan ko imbes na mag lalagay ako nag script sa busybox, sa mwan3 ko nilagay.
  • Guys,

    Dun sa mga naka plan P2699 plus P100 Speed Addon, Ano you speed na nakukuha nyo? Still 600Mbps pa rin ba or dinagdagan na?
  • @baratzki, nagpa-downgrade kami from Plan 1699 to Plan 1299 ngay.
    Ang sabi nung nakausap ko na agent sa phone, ang babayaran lang daw is the pro-rated charges for the 1st month at wala din ?500 din downgrade fee.

    Di pala na-refresh yung lock-in namin nung nagdowngrade kami from Plan 1899 to Plan 1699 nung August or Sept last year.

    Nagtanong rin ako sa FB page nila before tumawag, meron pa rin daw ganuon na promo.

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  • Need advice on what to do.

    Our PLDT Fiber connection (landline + Internet) stopped working starting around March 2 (so it's around 3 weeks now).

    Back then, I called 171 to report the issue, and the automated hotline says that it is part of a network/technical issue.
    I called a few times within that week, and was able to speak with a service support person, who mentioned that it's part of a larger network issue (seems like "lines" stolen in Sampaloc/Manila area daw, my location is near Sta. Cruz/Manila area).

    Anyway, after a followup call within the first 10 days of the outage (so maybe sometime March 11 or so), the service support person says that the issue is soon to be resolved. About a couple of days later, I received a text message that our line issue has been resolved... BUT it was never resolved. Still no landline/Internet.

    I called 171 again and a new repair ticket was created. From this time onward, I made a few more calls to 171 the next few days, but following the PLDT 171 automated prompts, I never got to a customer service support person. The automated reply is always "issue being handled". And then the repair ticket got closed by itself again, even when the line was never fixed at all.

    Calling 171 again, yet another repair ticket was created. (It would seem like "repair tickets" get automatically closed after several days even if they are not resolved??) So a few days later, which is today, finally got a repair field team to actually visit our place.

    The field team (appear to be subcontractor), says that the panel box was damaged/stolen, and actually there were many other lines in our street (on the next street block) which also had the same problem as us. So it's basically 3 weeks now without landline/Internet.

    The "field person" says that it will take PLDT a LONG time to get those panel box / cables to get repaired.

    (Now that person also mentioned that he can try looking for a free port in a farther away panel box (about 3 streets further away) to connect our fiber cable so we can have Internet but I believe he is implying something else..)

    Our PLDT Fiber is under a 24-month lock in period, and have not yet finished the 24-month lock-in period (around 18 months now into the lock-in period). Prior to that, I had been using PLDT DSL for over 15 years (since there was no Fiber connection available in our area until just over a year ago).

    What do you think will be the best course of action?

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  • @dta

    24-month contract na lang yung PLDT Home? Woah!

    If I was you I'd reach out to PLDT and explain your concern that you've waited nearly 1 month for a fix and if it possible to pre-termiante without penalties.

    At the same time I'd reach out to other fiber ISP and ask if there are any vacant fiber ports for you to apply for.

    If yes, then send a an application for new account with them and termination letter to PLDT with all documentation on what you did and what they did to try to fix it.

    We had a similar problem with Globe before. DSL Plan 1299 10Mbps 100GB did not work and they had no plans to migrate us to fiber. So we requested a pre-termination without penalty. Pumayag naman because it really didn't work because the faculty was that decrepid. We switched to PLDT.
  • @dta

    File a complaint to NTC ([email protected] and [email protected]), and PCC ([email protected]). Make sure complete details mo (ticket #, acct number, phone number, account holder, address) Effective yan, pramis. Make sure hingi ka rebate from 2nd of March.

    Merong tatawag from PLDT sa iyo. My issue was slow browsing and it took PLDT 2 weeks to resolve, escalated to NTC. Voila! Issue resolved after a day, and got a rebate of 2,400 :)

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  • Advisable po ba mag pa un-cgnat to get better ping especially in steam games?

    currently i have no access to superadmin to change VLAN ids.
  • ^ nope, those claims sa soc med, nag hahanap lang yun ng pagkakakitaan.
  • @geloloco

    Not better ping, but connectability with older steam games that uses peer to peer multiplayer gaming like Grim Dawn.

  • I moved my vpn back to the US instead of Tokyo the other day. The connections to the Japan server have been too slow every evening for many weeks already (< 1mbps). The US server is better, so far.