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Official PLDT Fibr thread (No piracy topics or hints)

  • Hello! Im running thru a problem on trying to host a minecraft server on my laptop. The problem is I cannot join my own server with local host or the private ip even My friends could join with my public ip (planning to use no ip). I cannot join. I connected my laptop with ethernet cause ap isolation is enabled on my router i think I cannot find a setting to disable it so I figured if I connect my ethernet cable to my laptop I could connect since my rig is on ethernet too connected to the same modem my laptop is connected too. I tried disabling my firewall even allowing my private ip on the firewall still no luck. I get an error though when i join with local host or the error is "connection refused getsockopt"
  • ^ You've been posting that for a few weeks now, did you get a 3rd party router? as my answer a few weeks ago, AP isolation is next to impossible to disable right now on the PLDT provided modem/router, get a 3rd party router and do everything on that router.

    also is your computer, it's every computer's local IP, if you want to connect to another computer, is not the IP you use.

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  • Yes I did, but the problem is that my main rig is really far from it and I need a really long ethernet cable to connect it since my motherboard doesnt support wifi. I've researched AP isolation only applies to WAN and LAN not being able to communicate with each other, but I connected my laptop via LAN so how can LAN to LAN not communicate with each other? @baratzki
  • I've researched AP isolation only applies to WAN and LAN
    Nope, PLDT modem's implementation includes LAN ports
  • Hi, anyone working with remote desktop here with OpenVPN? How's your connection po? Mine is only 500kbps since nagpakabit ako last month. My plan is 1699. I already talked to our tech(company) but they can't figure it out. I also asked PLDT but they are still not responding. I suspect it's probably on the PLDT side. Meron po ba kayong workaround to make my connection better? Thanks in advance.

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  • @baratzki is it possible to disable AP isolation thru telnet?
  • @Begoiure
    I'm not using RDP via OpenVPN but use an OpenVPN Connection on my router (My router acting as a client to another OpenVPN Server) and haven't had any issues with connection. I also host my own OpenVPN and Wireguard Server which I connect to when I'm away from home and it was also stable with correct speeds.

    There may be some firewall rules on your company's side which limits your connection to them to 500kbps. You can try to connect to your mobile data first to check if the issue is isolated with your pldt connection.


    Can you illustrate your setup? Is your laptop (Minecraft Server) connected via LAN as well as your computer which you are using to connect to your Minecraft Server? If you post your ipconfig on command prompt of your laptop and computer that would be helpful as well. The address is your own computer (localhost) which is why when you try to connect to that ip address on your computer, it won't connect to your laptop.

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  • @baratzki if I connect my laptop to my 3rd party router wirelessly port forward it on there but my main rig is still connected to my modem would it be able to work?
  • ^ You can always try, (but from the stuff you are doing for the past few weeks, I think you can deduce what the result is), consensus is, just use a 3rd party router, the modem will just be your source of internet, any networking you will do will be on the 3rd party router.
  • It seems like NTC is preparing to adopt and regulate the 6GHz frequency in the Philippines.

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  • last week pa daw yung "network outage" sa area tapos hindi nila alam kung kailan maayos to hays.
    tuwing gabi lang nangyayari to 6pm onwards

  • @zein

    Just found out from an old e-mail from PLDT na nag eexpire pala yearly mga reward crystals.
  • Ayos ang download, sayang lang talaga sa upload. Mukhang magrereklamo na ko.

  • Anu ba talaga hehe. Ang slowed sa SG pero sa Japan okay naman
  • @BCFreeman

    Yes, just like Globe rewards, the crystals expire by March 31st. Did PLDT ever announce that this "rewards" program has stopped? We didn't get any new crystals anymore since January 2024.
  • May putol ba uling undersea cable? Bagal magload ng ibang sites ngayon simula ata kahapon.
  • ^ wala naman paps, smooth naman sakin, gamit ka adguard dns
  • Have you heard about this 899/month promo? 30 Mbps with no landline. Source: Guizguideph
  • ^

    <click here for link>

    Goods sana if i-expand nila sa buong fibr lineup nila ung "no landline" option para makabawas sa bill. Di lang sa lowest plan. Di rin kasi masyado nagagamit ung landline ngayon.
  • ^ Meron na din silang prepaid fiber hanggang 999 ang pwede iload at 299 ang pinaka mura 7 days duration. So most likely walang landline din yun.
  • Mas maganda lalo yun Plan 899/month pag may speed boost kahit up to 50Mbps lang pero malabo mangyari sa ngayon.

    Pwede kaya magpa-downgrade sa Plan 899 coming from Plan 1299 o para lang sa new subs?

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  • prepaid counterpart is +100pesos (same pricing sa GFiber prepaid)

  • May outage ba ngayon pldt?. location Pasay Area or nearby city.

    LOS kasi sa modem, then wala makita masyado post sa pages ng PLDT sa FB..
  • bulacan area rin sobra bagal.
  • Last Friday whole day LOS mode
  • Ok na net namin.. nagkaroon around 2 pm kanina.. meron network maintenance.. nagtext din si pldt, 1 am - 5 am kagabi.. nag worry lang kasi ako pag walang abiso lalo na kung LOS baka naputol na, matagal kasi magpaayos pag physical wired damage na..