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Android Thesis Game/App Ideas & Suggestions

  • ^ picture print wirelessly.

    Using a phone to take a photo using your software and wirelessly printing it on wireless printers. :)
  • @handshake

    thanks sir..

    more suggestion pa mga master :)
  • possible po ba na mamonitor yung power consumption (wattage) thru mobile phones? may device po ba pwdeng ilagay sa metro ng kuryente then can send signal containing the wattage consumption then mareceive thru mobile phone?

    metro--> device ---> pc ----> mobile phones or

    for monitoring po sana..
  • ^ I don't think there's a device na approved ng meralco na kaya yang requirement na yan...
  • @wow_lon

    sir yung pag off sa mga electrical appliances thru mobile phones possible po ba? thanks
  • Pwede din na Taxi Meter base on GPS.
  • A self guided tour application for tourists/travelers.

    You take a snapshot of a monument/cathedral/building or any structure then based either on 1) some image processing technique to compare the image from that of what you have in the database (feature matching or histogram) or 2) GPS coordinates associated with the image location that would both serve as the key. Grab the string associated with that key from the DB and if there is a match run a wikipedia query, filter out the results such as general information, then display as output.
  • Share lang mga sir.. =)

    QuizBuddy 1.5 for Windows

    System Requirements : Windows XP/Vista/7 with .NET 2.0 framework installed.

    New Features
    -You can now import and export a questionnaire.
    -You can export a questionnaire and use it in the QuizBuddy mobile version.


    QuizBuddy Thread <click here for link>

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  • Re: QuizBuddy
    1. This is OT.
    2. Resize your pics please.
  • If you want to be ambitious, you can try the android version of nokia city lens:

    Utilizing Google Maps presaved locations (gasoline station, diners, malls, etc), you can superimpose it to the camera while utilizing the phone GPS. What will happen is that the camera will overlay the nearby presaved locations wherever direction it points.

    Or instead of explaining it, here is a link instead:

    <click here for link>
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  • Ask Ko Lang if paano i-disable sa android tablet yung pag install ng apps. Plan namin gamitin sa school, only PDF files Lang ilalagay namin.
  • tol to help you

    Android Games tutorial series:
    Android Edutainment Examples:
    Specific idea try mo gumawa ng Sudoku game xP