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about po sa java programming

  • graduating po ako next sem . may nabasa po ako d2 na post na sabi ay java po ang pnaka indemand na pl . ask ko lang po kung panu po nila gnagamit ung java sa company? are they using gui programs? or ung mga simple application lang po? kc po habang pnag aaralan ko ung java, d ko maisip na magagamit un sa company :D? panu po ba nila gnagamit ung java?
  • Madami gumagamit ng java.

    Well if youre thinking of the examples used in schools of course those are not applicable in the industry, basic pronciple kasi pag sa school.
    Gui ?, sometimes. But most are web apps. But you will still use them for example when creating plugins, or customizers/editors for custom components.

    Have you heard of spring, hibernate? Those are just 2 other frameworks that are based on java.

    If you can already appreciate oop, then youll know its not that simple.
    Napaka raming framework ng java that it is almost impossible to learn them all.

    Youll be aurprised when you see how java or other pl's are being used. Similar ang java sa c#, so same question in mind din ba about .net framework?

    Sorry for the typo, using mobile
  • whow thnx for the info sir. never heared those 2 frameworks(spring & hibernate) . ndi un tnuturo sa sch , self study nalang hehe . more on vb.net po talaga ang tnuturo samin , madami dn po bang gumagamit sa company non? tsaka pag po ba guagamit ng java ung company ay JCreator po ba ung gamit nla?
  • maraming framework sa java, pati pang web. basics lang sa school so ganun talaga.

    for .net, personally i like c#. but that's just me, medyo ma-english yung vb kasi, daming words.
    c# is similar (sa syntax) sa java so mas madali sakin yun.

    good luck
  • JCreator po ba ung gamit for example pag aaralan ko po ung spring? anu po ba ung gamit? eclipse po bA?
  • mostly eclipse, dami kasi plugins, you can even create your own.

    daming frameworks, research kung alin ok, then try to learn.

    a good grasp of oop will be a lot of help
  • Add ko lang sa post ni sir con. Medyo ot sa java. Pero since parehas tayo graduating hehe..

    Di porket gumagamit ka ng polymorphism, inheritance e OOP na yung development. Basic lang ng oop yun.

    Dapat may alam din tayo sa design patterns, design principles. Like low coupling, open-close principle etc.

    Mahalaga to imo sa development. Para maiwasan yung mga failed project pag lumaki na yung program. Usually dahil mahirap na i maintain. At minsan kailangan pa i rewrite ung program.

    Hth. :)
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