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Anong magandang specs na desktop pc para sa programming?

  • Ano kayang magandang specs na desktop pc for programming? I'm planning to buy kasi budget around 10k below


    Fast loading of IDE's
    Run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer (using VMware)

    Any feedback/suggestions would be great.

    thanks guys
  • lots of ram, ssd (if possible)

    and other decent specs
  • budget for around 10k?

    medyo maliit yan bro in my opinion.

    decent na desktop na may 4GB of RAM and i5 processor and Windows 7 ( 64bit para ma utilize yung RAM)
    , sapat na yan

    dagdag ka pa ng another 10-15k , if di kaya go for a laptop na may hawig na ganyan na specs

    hope it helps
  • depende sa language/IDE na gagamitin mo.

    I3/I5 should be more than enough
    if you're planning to run VMs then you'd need more ram at least 6gb prefferably 8gb

    speed of launching apps minor na lang processor, mas ma nonotice mo pag naka SSD.

    I doubt you'll find a full package with the kind of specs you need for 10k, pag 2nd hand na c2d siguro pwede pa dagdag na lang ng ram, pero malabo na SSD dun. saka pag plan mo mag 64bit os and 64bit vmware guest os make sure yung processor has vt-x support

    unless....turbo pascal IDE pinag uusapan natin :P joke :D

    -- edited by Geekz on Jan 02 2013, 08:45 AM
  • a decent c2d should work fine, fits your budget, just slap it with a decent amount of ram.

    let's face it, running/building applications ganun talaga, a few seconds is ok unless you're building a huge one. but then again, comes with the territory huh?
  • Mga paps, what about video conversion? OK ba ang AMD processor? I was planning kasi na magpa-assemble. This time, LLANO 3670K ang balak ko. I'm not a gamer. Mostly for video conversion, video editing, DVD authoring. Intel ako noon pa. Balak ko mag-switch to AMD since mas mura ang mga processors nila.
  • read review, usually may mga kasamang ganun na benchmarks