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portable bluetooth speaker

  • hindi pa rin nawawala sa limelight ang XIAOMI MI. The best portable speaker for sounds at low level volume, more full sounding and more base/bass at that vol. level. Ito ginagamit ko when it comes to playing music at low level. Mas marami kasing places and time na bawal o hindi pwedeng magpalakas ng volume tulad sa office, sa gabi as bedtime sidetable speaker, or while doing some task or paperwork or reviews, etc

    Minsang lang naman ang party, or pagwalang maistorbong tao at saka lang ako magpatugtog ng malakas at ibang speaker ang gamit ko for that loud vol. level tulad ng doss soundbox, jbl flip 3, mifa f6 for middle vol. level, S20, TG 113. Some speakers with good bass at high level lose its bass when played at low vol. level but not with the case of xiaomi that produces bass even at low level and more full sounding as this will be shown in the following video of clavinet junkie being compared side by side with TRIBIT XSOUND
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    Tnx for that post of XIAOMI V2...actually that's my next buy sana after T/Mega for its full bodied sound at low volume...pang table top or bedside sound ko sana....ang seste Ahri binili ko instead of Xiaomi...tinny ang sound ng Ahri at low vol...di uubra for my need for a low vol., full bodied, background sound while doing things, resting or ngmumunimuni, he3!..IMO, Ahri shines at high vol. in an open space kc dinig xa kahit malayo...(meh lng bass ng Ahri)...bought Ahri at L*Z*D*, pero pg may willing bumili, bigay ko nlng ng 600...
  • Sony brand, even in the olden times of radio cassette and mini-components, is known for its clarity of sound and good quality bass sounds aside from its durability.

    Well said...i'm in NO CONTENTION for that....i was first introduced to the world of music thru (Mega Bass) Sony Mp3 Walkman during those glorious days of cassette tapes...nothing beats Sony in those days...i love Sony Build & Sound Quality up to present with my new gen. Sony Walkman that i love so much (soundwise) & can't do without....thing is, Sony products are too always almost tempted to buy Sony knowing how good their SQ are...even to the point of saying , "to hell with priorities...BAHALA NA!"...,but i always caved knowing how hefty priced they are...buti nlng some Soundmaster here positively commented on T/Mega...true with their comments, maganda nga ang T/Mega...all boxes checked for a bang for the buck speaker...

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    yap, with these original brands tronsmart, mifa, TG, awei, remax, xiaomi, doss soundbox, noblecrown, and wking, et al , we found a less expensive speaker affordable to the masses that is good substitute for those very pricey brands speaker such as the BOSE, JBL, AND SONY. At least, these low end brands of speakers are not really far left behind by these high-end pricey speakers when it comes to sound quality, and can even beat the pricey item in some aspects.

    If you are looking for an immediately affordable speaker at around P500 only that you can bring anywhere and with all complete features and advantages of being very portable for its small size, being waterproof, weatherproof and shockproof, with clear strong fm radio signals, sd card slot, and aux in, It is a good sounding speaker with presence of bass and prominent mids and highs. These are the reasons why more and more people are buying this WKING S7 than the WKING S20. More than 7 pcs of this s7 were bought from me while only two pcs of s20 by chance only and not intentionally he he he

    It si because the wking S7's price is affordable to the common masses of people
    - there are good mids and highs and presence of bass despite its small size
    -nice builds and designs with a sporty rugged look
    - strong and clear radio fm stations
    - sd card and aux in
    - with memory function and auto shut off
    - weaterproof and waterproof

    there are no more english or chinese voice prompts when turning it on or connecting, only the beeping sounds and the neon lights color are enough indicators of mode changes and connectiion. the latest make of s7

  • Charge G2...bang for the buck para sa akin...nais ko lang i share...6 hours playing time at 60%-80% volume...30 mins charging time...

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  • Makikiraan lang po sa mga Bluetooth speaker enthusiasts.

    Sa mga nakapunta sa Quiapo. Bukod sa mga Bluetooth speakers, may bluetooth gamepad din ba na tinda dun? How much?

    Hinahanap ko kasi yung ganitong model (IPEGA PG-9025)

    Pasensya na kung off-topic ako. Thanks in advance.

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    search ka sa ifs section, baka meron dun

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    narinig ko yung tronsmart mega ng officemate ko
    well okay naman ang SQ... di ko maitodo andun kasi si boss hehe
  • On poweramp, T/Mega punches way above it's price...sounded like it's a 10k+ bt!...

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  • May alam po ba kayong magandang Bluetooth receiver para sa speaker, or component po. Para via Bluetooth na lang sila. hehe