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portable bluetooth speaker

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    okay naman ang aukey speaker. pero masyadong thin ang sound pag sa low to mid volume levels according sa mga reviews from yt and buyers. lumalabas na ang bass on high volume levels so okay siya pang large room/space listening rather than personal listening.
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    Not like the tronsmart t6 that still plays better with huge bass at low to mid vol. level. Those speakers with DSP are preset with high bass at low level and then it's controlled when the vol. is being maximized to prevent full distortion of the bass. Xiaomi, mifa f6 and t6 are examples of speakers with DSP technology. The problem with this or the downside is the twitter(treble) is missing or barely audible in the low vol.
    This is where the equalizer adj comes in to fine tune the sounds

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  • Yun bose soundlink 3 ko pag di ko nagagamit ng mga 1 week nagdidischarge. Sign na ba yun na palitin na battery?
  • i own the Soundlink 1, sa tagal na rin nito it does discharge over a week even not in use and up to 2.5hrs continues all high settings audio listening na Greenhills and service center dunno how much battery replacement...
  • ....i noticed that those speakers without DSP like the wking s20, ahri doss, Q3, etc. , when played at low volume, the bass is missing or scarcely audible. Only when the volume is increased usually at 50% or higher, the bass comes out
  • HK Onyx 3 do not have any DSP but bass is still noticeable during at low volume...And it does not distort even at high levels...Crisp and clear...
  • a bit bigger sized speaker will still produce a bass even at low volume because of its bigger size of sound. But the problem with -small-sized speakers is that it can hardly produce bass owing to its small compartment and small size of sound, resulting in tinny sound at that low level.
  • @rodfs

    Do all models of remax speakers sound pretty good just like these m8 and m16? Is the m16 the most highly recommendable model speaker by you from remax?

    lumalakad at natutumba pala itong remax rb m16 pag nakatodo ang volume at heavy bass ang music mo. Muntik ng mahulog sa lapag buti na lang natumba sya na malapit sa gilid.
    for a few days break-in of this speaker, i found out that battery really takes long to run out of power. The speaker really produces a very loud sound that can fill a wider area or bigger rooms.
    An all-around speaker, for home use or for outdoor use bec. of its loudness and bec. it"s also ipx5 water resistant and dust-proof bec. of fabric covering , for any particular use like for any kind of music bec. of its EQ mode button. if it is vocal clarity that is more important to you when watching youtubes, you can shift to treble mode , or to standard mode if watching movies so that all sounds are balanced,or shift to bass mode for some music with bass-heavy.

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  • bumigay na yung oontz angle 3 ko after 2 years of excessive usage.haha ayaw na nya mag charge. plan ko bumili ng replacement nito and halos remax m16 yung nakikita ko. ang problema ko lang is wala akong makitang seller aside sa lazada na walang feedbacks.
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    hanggang 80% volume lang ako sa m16 kasi talagang malakas yung na eemit niya na sound but i also noticed that on some tracks when playing at max volume, sumasayaw na yung speaker hehe.

    about sa other remax speakers, maganda din siguro yung m17 but so far, yung H1 ang best sounding sa mga natry ko frpm remax followed by the m8, m16, m9 then m2. but the m16 is the best all-around speaker so far sa mga remax speakers and also in its price range. two aspects malaki ang lamang ng m16 over the others, aesthetics and sound quality (also loudness).


    legit yung remax mobile na seller, sa kanya ako umorder sa lzd.
  • I use flexite stick pad to all of my bt speakers...for safety...
    Ang hihilig kasi sumayaw...hahaha
  • @rodfs
    How will you know if the remax m16 is already fully charged while charging? Does the neon light turns off automatically or it turns green from a red light?
  • ^^ the led light turns off
  • @rodfs
    Thanks a lot.
    I waited for more than 3 hrs and the lights turned off automatically. I think my other charger is defective.
    So after many days break-in of the speaker, all features are already tested working right.
    I felt hesitant at first to order it from there since i found no rating yet. But it was delivered on time in bubble wrap. I am the first one to post a rating there

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  • to all:

    may alam po ba kayo repair shop ng Doss Ahri Soundbox? yun saken kase nagcharge at may indicator pero ayaw bumukas. mukhang sa switch pero Im not sure. thanks in advance.