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Sony Playstation 3 Fat 60GB - Rare And The Best???

  • nasa "no intention to sell" ako pero kapag sinipag ako buksan, silipin ko muna... malay niyo hindi na pala gumagana hehe 2 years na rin palang hindi ko nasilayan yun lolz

    -- edited by leomar on Mar 13 2013, 12:38 AM
  • i'm not pretty sure about that particular model, i thinks that is from europe. pero i forgot to mention na the lower the OFW, the higher the price. nasa 500$ nga yung nasa link mo. kung nasa 3.15 OFW ka, wag mo update kasi yun ang firmware that supports Linux OS.

    *CECHA-06 is not european version. "06" stands for south east asia. while "01" stands for north america and "00" for japan.
    only PS3 60GBs with "00" and "01" SKU supports full backward compatibility for playing PS2 games.

    *"00" and "01" ang first generation. while "06" is second generation and hindi full backward compatible.
    i wouln't pay 7,000 pesos for CECHA-06, sorry pero hindi yan "rare". 5,000 to 6,000 na lang value nyan.

    *why do you people crave for this model eh halimaw sa power consumption lahat ng old models lalo na ang 60GB.
    60GB will consume 380watts, while the 320GB slim consumes 200-230watts and the super slim at 190watts.

    *pati is it because backward compatible? naku, dirt-cheap na lang PS2 ngayon, bili na lang kayo.
    pati you bought PS3 pero PS2 lalaruin mo? hellooo...

    *pati mga loko loko tao sa ebay, minsan sila na lang gumagawa ng presyo. 3999$ for PS3? ano yun kotse? ginto?
  • kaya bumili ako ng murang ps2 nun after ko matapos yung MGS4 para laruin yung MGS3 hehe
    at naalala ko parang R3 yata yung dvd at ps2 games na pwede dito sa CECHA06...
  • kaya bumili ako ng murang ps2 nun after ko matapos yung MGS4 para laruin yung MGS3 hehe
    at naalala ko parang R3 yata yung dvd at ps2 games na pwede dito sa CECHA06...

    *that is simply because naka region-locked ang backward compatibility ng 60GB.
  • i wouln't pay 7,000 pesos for CECHA-06, sorry pero hindi yan "rare". 5,000 to 6,000 na lang value nyan.

    i see. akala ko yun na yung hinahanap ko na 60GB eh... 2nd gen pala yun kay sir leomar at partial ang BC pang PS2.
    damn, halos mag ready na ako ng offer kay sir leomar. thank you gaming_god!

    BTW, i just found out na yun 60GB ng friend ko is CECHA-00 and 7 years na nga daw pero hindi pa daw narepair o nagkaproblema. so, should i make an offer to him? pati complete pa at may kasama pa pala yun na genuine ethernet cable from sony sa package compare sa mga slims ngayon na wala. cross cut tlaga!

    "no intention to sell"

    bsta nasa iyo contact ko. hndi man po 00 or 01 yung unit mo pero i will still try to convince you. hehe.
  • It's easy to say 60gb, I can just find a 60gb HDD, plug it in the PS3 Fat and call it Rare And The Best

    ngek! what a bummer! such idiot! kaya nga may SKU di ba?!
  • Got the 2006 LAUNCH US VERSION 60GB PS3 dati pero got YLOD after 2 years. Pero maganda talaga ung added features niya pero yung cooling mas inferior. Kasi after that I bought a 40gb fat it is more cooler at mas tahimik kaysa dun sa 60gb ko dati.
  • THe best reason I can find is ang sony PS3 na Linux compatible ay pwedeng gamiting halimaw na PC for computing purposes...

    Since 2000, Folding@home (FAH) has led to major jumps in the capabilities of molecular simulation. By joining together hundreds of thousands of PCs throughout the world, calculations which were previously considered impossible have now become routine. FAH has targeted the study of protein folding and protein folding diseases, and numerous scientific advances have come from the project.

    Starting in 2006, we began looking forward to another major advance in capabilities. This advance utilizes the new Cell processor in Sony's PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) to achieve performance previously only possible on supercomputers. With this new technology (as well as new advances with GPUs), we will likely be able to attain performance on the 20 GigaFLOP scale per computer. With about 50,000 such machines, we would be able to achieve performance on the PetaFLOP scale. With software from Sony, the PlayStation 3 will contribute to the Folding@home project, pushing FAH another major step forward.

    With these computational advances, coupled with new simulation methodologies to harness these advances, we will be able to address questions previously considered impossible to tackle computationally, and make even greater impacts on our knowledge of folding and folding related diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Huntington's Disease, and certain forms of cancer.

    From here

    <click here for link>
  • <click here for link>
  • hindi dahil may bagong labas eh mas ok na. tandaan mo yan.

    perfect comment!

    ginamit din pala as super computer ang particular 60GB model. WOW. ginamit pa ng military.

    so it is true that 60GB model PS3 is the best PS3 model. ever. unlike nung slims and super slims.

    craving to have one!!!
  • CHECHA 00 or 01 anyone? PM me!!!
  • just saw this thread and na-intrigue ako sa model ng ps3 ko. cecha01 pala saken.

  • @heille1221 - planning to sell it?

    Easily the CECHA01 PS3 or CECHA00 for the Japanese version is the best ever made. It can play PS2 games with full hardware, has 2 extra USB ports, card readers and with that chrome finish it just looks amazing. and SACD (SuperAudio CD) support!

    In fact, that PS3 is quite possibly the best console ever made when you take into account the libraries of the PS1, PS2 and PS3 and combine them into one sexy box with all the extras.

    A CECHA00 - CECHA01 PS3 and a Cobra dongle running mmCM is heavenly not only for playing backups but for having EVERYTHING region-free.


    everyone is still welcome to post their opinion and you can also post your own 60GB collection photo. thank you TPC!

    oh and lastly, kalokohan nga yung sinasabi ng iba na 'prone' sa YLOD ang fat PS3.