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Surplus PSU Mini-Reviews - Submissions are welcome!!

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    Modular PSU cables from different brands are usually not compatible. AFAIK there's no universal standard for modular cable harnesses.
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    that is so true... do not mix and match modular psu cables from different brands.
  • @MashedPotato
    Is it possible to find the date of manufacture?

    No, FSP does not indicate the date of manufacture on their units unlike Seasonic and some other manufacturers. You can try sending them an email to find out though.

    Is it a PSU problem if I shut down my computer but the fans are still running?

    I encountered that problem in the past. Typically eh motherboard issue yan. But nangyari na din sa akin na psu ang culprit. Try swapping it out muna to see if the problem persists.


    If the "warranty void if tampered" sticker was already damaged and you bought it as a surplus psu, then that could mean one of several possibilities:
    - it might be a RMA unit that a distro repaired and resold as surplus so wala na talagang manufacturer warranty
    - it might have been a unit with a defective fan and the seller chose to replace the fan. If surplus unit yan, it won't matter since wala naman talagang manufacturer warranty ang mga ganyan. Ang mahalaga eh buo yung warranty sticker ng seller so that you can still hold them to that
    - it may be damaged unit sold off as junk by the manufacturer and bought by a scrap buyer then repaired. No warranty to begin with

    tanong lang, tama ba yun idea ko sa mga modular psu cable, hindi mo ginagamit sa ibang psu? since iba yun" type" of cable at wiring nya?

    We once tried to use yung cables ng Seasonic M520 sa Corsair HX520 which was also made by Seasonic. The result? Sunog yung HDD na kinabit namin. Anong dahilan? Iba ang pinout ng cables ng Corsair HX520 sa Seasonic M520.

    Ergo, it is a BAD IDEA to use cables from other brands and models (due to different OEM) unless you are handy with modding and a tester.
  • thanks sa input. naconfirm ko rin na bad idea yun hehe.
  • Ok lang ba mag Korean PSU for GTX 650 ti boost? Wala pa kasi pambili ng buong set, extend ko lang muna buhay ng PC ko.
  • Ok lang ba mag Korean PSU for GTX 650 ti boost? Wala pa kasi pambili ng buong set, extend ko lang muna buhay ng PC ko.

    Yes puede naman. But you have to be sure na true rated ang surplus psu na gagamitin mo.
  • Ok, one of the newest finds I got today from the depths of Gilmore is what appears to be a Super Flower variant -- a 700w SF-700R12A Nova -- sold so far only in South Korea and most recently here and in Indonesia as surplus. This particular specimen was obtained for much cheap and manufacturing date around June 2017, and considering the reputation of Superflower in the industry, this PSU should be a match for the likes of FSP Hexa and maybe even their Hydro series, as the Nova, like the rival Hexa, doesn't have dual voltage and thus no 80 certification as it's restricted to only 220-240V.

    Initial reviews by Korean and Indonesian testers say that this model is well within their reach but should be able to power mid-range systems.

    <click here for link>

    Further examination reveals that the PSU is using a Teapo capacitor, which puts it in the mid-tier in terms of quality and possible endurance (according to the Korean documentation, if bought as new the PSU has a 5 year warranty).

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  • ^ What a good find Pyro!!! Share some pics!!
  • Close shots of the 700w Nova:

  • ^ Puede na kahit hindi siya autovolt!! Sulit buy!
  • Btw from the same shop were seen Colorful 1250w certified platinum PSUs and wired up for mining. Good news they're insanely cheap and genuine 80 platinum. Bad news you'll need a big enough case to keep the long cables tucked in.
  • panalo siya... parang kay cristyle yan boss ha? hindi siya 80 plus certified? pero super flower naman so sure yan...
  • panalo siya... parang kay cristyle yan boss ha? hindi siya 80 plus certified? pero super flower naman so sure yan...

    Dinoble-check ko nga na genuine Superflower siya. 85+ efficiency rating ayon sa Korean website (magkakaroon lamang ng rating/certification kapag autovolt o dual-volt ang PSU). Hindi lang yan, tahimik din ang fan. Mas maingay yung mga high-perf casing fan ko.

    Regarding sa performance, so far, wala masyadong issue lalo na bagong build na maglilipat pa lang ako ng mga partition.

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  • i bought a rex cool r4-600 v2.3 PFC

    i wonder if it can run my rig

    Ryzen 3 3200g
    gigabyte b450m
    WD GREEN 240gb
    8gb ram

    please answer po new to pc building e
    also nakita ko na mga review ng psu just making sure .

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  • Kaya yan so long as:
    1. Onboard video ka lang
    2. No overclocking
  • salamat po sa pagsagot Godai_Yusaku [TS]

    saka po ano po pwede kong ipalit dyan na PSU ?
    pasamantala ko lang po yang gagamitin e .
  • So long as onboard video ka lang, even a 450w true-rated psu will easily suffice.
  • pag po magdadagdag ako ng gpu ano po maganda ipang palit ng psu ?
    like 1050 ti , rx570 or 1650 s mga ganitong gpu po ilalagay ko.
  • Run your intended specs sa online psu calculator to get your load then saka ka tumingin ng psu for that.
  • thanks po :> saka po kelan ka po ulit magrereview ng mga surplus psu? nakakaenjoy magbasa ng mga ganun e since newbie palang po.
  • My latest score from Shopee. 758 pesos after using vouchers. Sobrang nagulat ako nung binuksan ko yung package. Came only with 1 sata and 1 molex lead pero sakto naman sa use case ko. Will be stress testing it this weekend

    Seasonic M12II-620W
    Semi-modular, 80+ Bronze
    Manufactured 2012

    <click here for link>

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  • Almost 6 years still alive and kicking fsp 500 60apn :)

    Running RTX 2070

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  • Suggestion:
    Would be really nice if someone does basic reviews of PSU's with a breakdown on the board level components.

    Now we would be able to see the difference between OEM, Cheap psus and quality ones.

    TPC Techtips :)

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    That's a time-consuming and costly endeavor.