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The Movies Thread (Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations. Spoilers not allowed.)

  • 6/10

  • He Got Game

  • Ganda ng SlamDunk movie! Ganda ng pagka-animate nung basketball game! Though anime sya ginawa nilang mas realistic at mas malapit sa tunay na basketball in real life. Kung fan ka ng Slamdunk Anime must watch ito sa Big Screen.
  • ^ parang may feels ng animation ng Spiderman Miles Morales. sa una kala mo stop-motion, pero sa katagalan smooth na.
  • ^First few scenes ng laro napapa "Taena ang ganda! Lupit ng animation ng basketball." Ako e. I have low expections pero maganda naman pala para sakin.

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  • Plane 2023

    Decent film for its budget. Simple lang ang story simple lang din acting. Nothing top notch or worth raving about. Set in Philippines kuno in Jolo area pero minadali ata kasi kinuhang actors eh di talaga full blooded pinoy. Mapapansin kasi eh. Nevertheless pwede na if ayaw mo talaga mag isip or ma hook while watching a movie. Or watch with your peeps na madali lang ma entertained

  • Plane 5.5/10

    'bida ulit tayo' hhe simple action story, pero napa edge-of-your-seat moments ako sa flight scenes.

    like what deadmanwade said, hindi locals yung most pinoy actors, phil-ams I reckon.

    di ko halos naintindihan lines ng contra-bidang leader, napaka slang lol
  • legion of superheroes

  • Legion of Superheroes

    I thought it was toned down action-wise. Unlike previous dc animated films na bardagulan talaga. So yeah naidlip akonkahit less than 90mins ang run time. Anyway this is the first installment ata since meron post credit scene.

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  • Alice Darling

    Stars Anna Kendrick in a lead role -the reason why I gave it a try. But it was bland. I thought it was going to be a psychological drama ala Gone Girl coz it dealt with psychological trauma in a relationship (gaslighting if I am not mistaken). But the whole film was like just a 90 minute PSA (public service announcement). I mean the message was there but thought it was a boring way of presenting the topic.

  • Wakanda Forever (7/10)

    Not as bad as I thought it was. Ramdam na talaga yung MCU fatigue. Though Namor was portrayed as the villain, I actually sympathize with him than the arrogant Wakandans.
  • Di ko rin masyado bet ang Wakanda Forever but I can't say for sure that it's due to superhero fatigue. Sadyang na derail lang talaga ang plan ni Ryan Coogler after ng dearh ni Chadwick Boseman. Mismatch si Shuri kay Namor. Mas interesting talaga if it is between Tchalla and Namor. Masyadong maaga para maging Black Oanther si Shuri. But commendable pa rin naman ang nagawa ni Coogler kasi nagawan nya ng interesting na narrative. He was able to work around the death of Boseman. Yung resolve ni Namor is something new para sa isang comic book movie.

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  • Wakanda Forever 5/10

    I haven't finished watching this movie, because the Ironheart is very cringey. It's like watching Ms. Marvel (TV series) again.

    No characer development for both Namor and Ironheart. All I read is that she's a genius - created a device that can detect vibranium, and created an iron suit, then she need to study for calculus ??? What's the purpose of the iron suit? the detector? There's no story.

    Angela Bassett acting - 10/10
    Pag i-compare mo sa ibang cast, specially sa acting ni Shuri, parang OA yung acting ni Shuri.

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  • Shotgun Wedding - 5.5/10

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  • Spiderman: No Way Home (Extended)

  • Spiderman: NWH Extended Cut

    7/10 - this is coming from a person who already watched the original theater release and liked it enough to give it a 9/10 rating. Ang rough kasi nung nadagdag na around 11 mins daw of additional clips and they really are better left out IMO. May fatigue narin siguro tapusin ulet kaya I was waiting for everything to finish.
  • Musta First Slam Dunk mga movie goers? Curious kung worth it ba ipa-baby sit ang aming supling para gawin naming date night ni misis.
  • Maid in Malacanang = 10/10

    Ganda pati acting.

    Sana mapanod to ng mga Leni Supporters para alam nila katotohanan sa baho ng mga Aquino.

    Grabe din mga supporters ng Aquino, sobrang grabe na manira.

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  • ^ Lol!
  • Musta First Slam Dunk mga movie goers? Curious kung worth it ba ipa-baby sit ang aming supling para gawin naming date night ni misis.

    Worth it. Puro mga batang 80s at 90s nanonood sa sinehan.hehehe.nagpapalakpakan pa pa nakaka shoot ang Shohoku.hahaha
  • Let's go!

  • Entergalactic

    Subtle romance but with a big impact. Maganda ang love story. Kinda low-key but capable of leaving an impression. This is supposed to highlight Kid Cudi's music but I guess it fell short on that department so I guess that's the only gripe for this movie or probably I was more hooked to the film's narrative since I am also big on romantic films.

    Anyway what's also interesting is the cast. The film features an ensemble voice cast. And since it got rave reviews, Kid Cudi is planning to make a follow up to Entergalactic (per wiki).

  • lalabas nanaman yung Fast n Furious X
    feat. Aquaman hahahah langya talaga

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  • ^Tiningnan ko list ng cast, kasama si Gal Gadot, may resurrection story na naman. Haha
  • ^ baka merong back story scene or memories kasama si Jason momoa
  • ^
    antindi nung pinag umpog yung helicopter hahaha!