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The Movies Thread (Ratings, Reviews and Recommendations. Spoilers not allowed.)

  • No One Will Save You

    Not into horror especially dwelling on this premise coz The 4th Kind still gives me some chills every time the movie crosses my mind. But seeing No One Will Save You on Disney+ I told myself, there's no way Disney will showcase a horror movie that will send me to therapy afterwards. And I was right. This was sci-fi/ psychological thriller.

    Anyway as for the movie itself, it is indeed good and fresh. This is more enjoyable than Jordan Peele's Nope. Also I have seen the lead actress in the miniseries Dopesick and she was so convincing in that role and I am glad she's getting recognition these days.

    Also what's commendable in this movie is its sfx. A budget over $22 million, I was expecting like 1 or 2 scenes with CGI but it was full of CG goodness that it's giving A Quiet Place a run for its money.

    As for the story, it was good. In fact, this is a good film to discuss among peers especially if you guys are fond of psychology or any field related to this. Coz to me this ain't just a straightforward sci-fi horror film, I know there is some psychological stuff going on in there. In fact I believe that this is just the character's way of coping from tragedy.

    All in all, No One Will Save You is good film that will satisfy you cravings for sci-fi, horror and psychological thriller.

  • Sympathy for the Devil (2023)

    Nick Cage, doing his thing....bonkers! It has a Cruise/Pacino fusion film vibe. If you like the "CAGE RAGE", you'll enjoy this one,
  • Gran Turismo

    Used to play the game in PS1 but I am more into NFS as I find the latter more exciting. I guess this sentiment of mine also applied to the movie. I found Gran Turismo less exciting and a it's a huge bummer since this was made by Neill Blomkamp but I just found the film to be bland-ish that I just made it a background noise 90% of the time.

  • Gran Turismo - didn't expect much but it was actually good for a video game turned live action movie.

  • Gran Turismo - 8/10

    So this is based on a video game or based on real life story of Jann Mardenborough or both? Hindi ko 'to nalaro kaya wala akong idea, pero nagandahan ako at hindi nabored.
  • So this is based on a video game or based on real life story of Jann Mardenborough or both? Hindi ko 'to nalaro kaya wala akong idea, pero nagandahan ako at hindi nabored.

    both. He came 3rd and youngest winner of the GT Academy in 2011. He still race, currently placed 4th at the TAikyu Series...this is Japan's version of Le Mans.
  • No One Will Save You

    grabe 4.5/5 for me. salamat sa reco.

    fresh, new horror/sci fi, mind-f*k kinda way.

    dun ako sa spoiler mag tatanong haha
  • Gran Turismo

    4/5 - Biased ako dito kasi I love playing racing games since I was a little kid. +1 din kung true story siya based sa ending credits
  • Golda (2023)

    I am so fascinated with the Israeli conflicts (past to present). This is about the Yom Kippur War. What loose my interest is the lack of insight about Golda Meir, not enough context and limited take on the event.
  • Nowhere

    interesting movie from Spain (Netflix)

    if you like survival suspense, kinda like The Platform-ish, 3.5/ for me.
  • Nakalimutan ko magshare ng rating pala nung showing sa sinehan ang Gran Turismo


    As a fan and follower of the game, GT Academy and its current happenings. This is a good movie insight of what went during the GT Academy season since its culmination in 2008. PH had its own share of GT Academy for 2 seasons (2015 and 2016). And all the top 6 went to Silverstone for the finals

    Meg 2

  • Reptile 3.5/5 (netflix)

    all star cast, iba talaga pag si Benicio Del Toro yun bida.

    grabe parang kelan lang at si Alicia Silverstone hottest during the 90s. She is aging gracefully in her mid 40s and always has that killer smile.


    thank you sa explanation sa kabilang movie thread hehe ;) (regarding GT)
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  • The Wrath of Becky (2023)

    Bloody, gory, fun Anti hero is back! Forget the propaganda...she's a fun character to spend time with. If you've no idea about her, watch Becky (2020)
  • Gran Turismo


    Talladega Nights


    "If you ain't first, you're last"
  • Concrete Utopia

    Not what I expected but it was alright. Also I believe the catastrophic event in the film (though it wasn't explained), isnt what we are all thinking. Some say it is a massive earthquake but I believe it is a different disaster. All in all it is a good movie.

  • Mission Impossible 7

    available to stream
  • Nowhere

    Chuck(Castaway) + Pi
    Anna Castillo deserves an Oscar
  • Nowhere (2023)

    Unique style of Thriller movie, tipid sa cast but the actress did great.
  • No One Will Save You 8/10

    - great premise, kakaiba sya...and i like the ending, it was open-ended.
  • No One Will Save You 3/10

    Fave actress namin si "Eve Baxter" ever since she was a kid, na sayang nga lang yung performance nya here... But still, she did very good.

    Felt like a B movie script...
  • She was good in Dopesick
  • ^Maganda mga movies nya na napanood ko like Booksmart, Ticket to Paradise, etc.

    Itong No One Will Save You lang ang panira sa akin xD
  • @elman

    thank you sa explanation sa kabilang movie thread hehe ;) (regarding GT)

    No problem sir.
  • Deliver Us (2023)

    If you are into religious horror, check this out, but, for me, its just a thriller.... it lacks the scare factor and a dominant villain. Slightly comparable to Stigmata 1999 and Damien Omen...but it has its own flavor.
  • Any feedback on Sound of Freedom. I mean I read reviews online, it is good raw but kind of unsettling. At first I wasnt sure what the film was all about and I didnt want to watch its trailers coz I want to have zero idea when watching a movie but I did get a partial idea of its premise and I understand why some folks have been taken aback. So just wanted to get feedback lang from fellow pinoy movie buffs here in this thread kasi gustong gusto ko panoorin kasi maganda daw. Is it really shocking? Like need ko ba talaga i-prepare sarili ko?

    Thanks in advance for the feedback
  • nagka sequel pa :D
  • The Equalizer 3

    A Man on fire 2??? :D Nice to see Denzel and Dakota reunited on a project. McCall never fails to deliver.
  • Saw that a while ago (wink wink)

    Okay naman Equalizer pero rehash lang talaga ang plot. Ganito ba talaga mga novels? Like focused langf sa isang town?
  • ^Going beyond the plot will ruin the concept and character of McCall. About changes. EQ 1 Boston - Russia. EQ 2 multiple locations.