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  • RE: Joker Folie A Deux Trailer

    That ending part of the trailer gave me goosebumps. Galing cinematography!
  • GoodFellas - 8/10
    Sisu - 7.5/10

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  • That ending part of the trailer gave me goosebumps. Galing cinematography!

    whoever thought of that last scene deserves a raise.

    This is how the batman movies should be, dark, grim and more realistic.
  • Kay James Gunn na ba itong Joker 2?

    Dapat last na itong DC na to na non-James Gunn.

    So after googling.... Superman Legacy mag sisimula kay James Gunn.
  • Civil War
    Went out to see this movie last week. Stars Kirsten Dunst as a battle-weary photojournalist trying to cover the horrors of war in the US. Topnotch visuals and sound effects. 8/10.
  • Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (2024)

    Too much are happening, leading to a muddy, complicated plot. This is worse than the 2021, tiresome and full of nostalgia. If you are a fan that wanted to see the OG gang, you will have a tad of fun.
  • Horror movie most reco. please?
  • ^sisterakas or Praybeyt Benjamin
  • ^

  • definitely worth watching. The 2021 version is better though for me. Seeing the original cast minus one or two really is a wow factor to me.

    My son loves it too!


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  • Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver


    Not too bad, popcorn and fries kind of movie.
  • Late Night with the Devil (2024)

    Fascinating found-footage/mockumentary film . The wonderful set design adds up to the premise. The concept and execution of this genre-mashup from Aus was uniquely satisfying.
  • ^sobrang nakakatakot ba? Balak ko kasi panoorin kasi parang unique yung premise kahit horror. Pero if sobrang nakakatakot, di bale na lang hahahaha
  • ^Nope...few jump scare.... mix genre yang film. I can't give the elements... mawala yung surprise of the film. It is unique...SHUDDER always wanted to be different when it comes to Thriller/Horror films they offer. Try to view some doesn't give away the film.
  • Late Night with the Devil 7/10

    unique horror film. Hindi naman all spooks yung palabas just like any typical horror film. It's like watching a classic TV show na may intriguing horror theme kasi nga halloween special and they're desperate for the TV ratings.
  • Horror movie most reco. please?

    Try these SHUDDER titles.

    Terrified aka Aterrados (2019)
    The Dark and the Wicked (2020)
    When Evil Lurks (2023)
  • Rebel Moon Scargiver

    Meron pa rin talaga nagtitiwala at nagiinvest na movie execs ke Snyder ano? Ano kaya nakikita nila? Sabagay, di naman talaga flop movie nya. Di nga lang abot yung expected profits but never the less nag profit pa rin.

    Anyway as for the movie itself. Di ko pa tinapos. Twice ko na hininto kasi mas may importanteng house chores gagawin kasi sunday. Mas pinili ko mag laba. Hahahaha

    Na bore kasi ako sa slo-mo nya. Grabe pati pag harvest ng crop naka slo-mo. Buti na lang may FF option ang netflix.

    Tatapusin ko later ang movie pero bigay ko na rating ko in advance. Di ko naman talaga gusto yung movie kahit pa baliktarin ang mundo.

  • Rewind


    Monday First Screening

  • Dune Part Two

    Watched this after Rebel Moon and so I can't help but compare the two. Sobrang layo talaga ng level ni Snyder and Villeneuve. Even without relying on slo-mo, you can still appreciate the visuals of Dune. I particularly like it when characters moving along with gargatuan machines as the backdrop. You can actually feel the magnitude of the scene and it doesn't require slow motion to appreciate the action sequence. As such it is hard to take Snyder seriously when you have guys like Villeneuve who can create proper space-opera.

    Meanwhile, Timothee Chalamet proves to be the most bankable actor of his age group. In my opinion he is better than Tom Holland. Dune Part Two cemented his acting skill to be the best. At first glance kasi he appears to be weak or ''malamya'' as an actor but acting isn't just about performing backflips and the like but it is about delivering lines and making a compelling performance out of it. Chalamet was the big star in this movie even for his small size. I was wrong to think that he was miscast in the first film and he wasn't showcased enough (since the character/story called for it) but today he proved to be the right actor for the role. He is praiseworthy indeed.

    So all in all, I really enjoyed the movie and I was glued the whole time (almost 3 hrs running time) and I am glad that there are future plans for it since it was also a box office success so there's something to look forward to from Villeneuve and Chalamet.

  • Horror movie most reco. please?

    mga new movies this past few years lately na definitely can recommend
    - cobweb (2023)
    - barbarian (2022)
    - ung latest na evil dead (2023)
    - The Black Phone (2021)

    walang hilig ako sa horror /s
    tip search ka lang sa google , "horror movie {YEAR}" + check imdb+rottentomato score you'll get the good recommendation

    yung Late Night with the Devil , its okish , can imagine folks here will not like it, hindi traditional horror nag invest sa jump scare
    nung pinanood k midsommar na movie parang ganito same feeling ko, may pagka unique dating na horror
  • Get out, Hereditary, Bone Tomahawk, Us yun mga mej patok sa kin na horror movies lately.
  • Absolutely! The cinematography looks stunning. Can't wait to see it! It's no wonder <click here for link> are drawn to such visually captivating films.
  • Monkey Man (2024)

    Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, Hotel Mumbai) on a full force mode here...starred, directed and wrote the whole film. An entertaining watch for the action seeker, violently bloody, yet still have fun surprises in the plot. Not a superhero movie (Hanu Man),
  • May nag review na ba ng exhuma? Paranormal ba o parang the wailing lang? I saw the wailing pero di naman sya totally paranormal. Parang it is up to the audience kung may kababalaghan ba talaga o baka psychological case lang.

  • Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths 2
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  • I rewatched Dune Part 1 and Part 2. I said before that the movie was not for me but after rewatching it maganda naman pala although weird (I don't know if it's the right word) about the "messiah" sh1t but it's good. I give it a 6.5