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3D Printing Thread

  • Xulera is a rebranded Flashforge Creator with Acrylic instead of wood
  • How much is the 3dprinting services in manila?
    I saw one kiosks offering per hour basis. 250php per hour for single color pla prints.
  • saan yan? nagpa 3d prind ko, tabingi yung mga edges, di pala accurate to, mga simpleng boxes lang pwede di kaya mga complicated designs
  • baligtad/complimentary ng 3d-printing, a small and relatively cheap multi axis CNC cutter

    <click here for link>

  • That CNC machine build size is small 14 × 11.4 × 3.2 cm

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  • I have a lot of scrap ABS. Anyone here have a plastic recycler filament maker? like a Filabot
  • How 3D printing could revolutionize war and foreign policy

    With key patents running out this year, new printers that use metal, wood and fabric are set to become much more widely available – putting the engineering world on the cusp of major historical change

    <click here for link>
  • ask ko lang bakit yung molten plastic madalas di dumidikit sa tray or hot plate?
  • ^hindi properly calibrated yung heat bed. thin as paper dapat ang distance ng nozzle to heatbed. also try applying some glue stick.
  • San meron 3D printing service sa Manila? How much yun pagawa? Thanks
  • jaypax21 madami na sa olx ngayon.
  • anong software ang ginagamit for 3D print?
  • ^slicer software? I use Cura.
  • simplify3d or Cura. Maganda ang CURA especially if Ultimaker ang printer niyo mas madali siyang gamitin and free
  • my 3d printer apple watch dock from thingiverse:

  • hi, newbie din ako sa 3d printing, normal lang ba yung pagbaluktot ng model pag abs filament? dami ko na wastage sa abs kase, pero nung mabprint ako ng model na maliit lang yung base perfect naman result. mula nun ayaw ko na gumamt ng abs, pag heated yung bed di naman sya babalutot? saan makaka bili ng heated printing bed?
  • Peeps, patulong naman, meron pa ba kayo alam na 3D printing service na gumagamit ng Form 1 (stereolithography) bukod sa 3D2Go sa Robinsons Galleria? Preferably mas mura :) TIA!
  • look at this blog about M3D Printer:
    <click here for link>

    And the defect was still the same as ever so I gave up and tried to communicate with the M3D support so I can get help from them and they insist that I ask for replacement unit but I had to prove that the unit is under warranty. I told them I bought it locally from someone who won a contest in the US that was his prize, and is barely 1.5 months old. So I was confident that that I had satisfied their inquiry but I got their reply this moring and they are that it was bought from a 3rd party so it is not covered by warranty, and because of this, they are asking me to pay $200 + $135 shipping cost, that excludes the cost of sending it back to them and the import duties when it arrives which probably would cost another $135.

    I tried to negotiate with them but they are firm with their decision that the unit was out of warranty. A brand new unit is $345 + $135 shipping and plus $30 when it arrives and if I fall into their scheme, I will pay about the same which is so stupid.

    All the defects are absolutely due to poor designs and a defective heating element which they dont admit it was their fault and they think I would fall into their scamming scheme.
  • Ano-anong 3d printer gamit niyo? nasubukan niyo na ba ang Colido 3d printers?
  • <click here for link> flashforge
  • <click here for link>
  • San kayo bumibili ng mga mga murang filaments? yung mga nasa OL* ba? ABS palang natry ko pero balak ko bumili ng PLA para lang matesting.
  • May nakapagtry na paprint sa kanila?
    <click here for link>
  • hi architect here. tanong ko lang kung lucrative business na ba ang 3d printing? balak ko sana hobby lang pero parang okay rin na gawing business, not sure lang sa ROI dahil sa mahal ng printers and material.

    btw, i'm already quite adept in verious 3d softwares so that's not a problem. thanks!
  • ^i wont recommend it based from my personal experienceu kung pagbabasehan ang income. sobrang tagal mag print. kapag pumalpak uulit ka sa umpisa at magagahol ka sa oras ng deadline at baka ikapuyat mo pa. minsan yung mga designs pa ng nagpapa print hindi compatible para sa 1 time print at mapapa edit ka pa. nangyari sa kin several times. kung hobby mo na din ang 3d printing then go for it.
  • may gumagamit ba dito ng acetone para ma finish yung mga 3d prints? san kayo nakabili? TIA!
  • ^abangers din ako nito sa OL* may mga nakita ko pero madamihan ata.
  • Saan makakabili ng ninjaflex at watersoluble filaments sa metro manila?
  • Anet A8 DIY 3D Printer, available: <click here for link>
  • Estimated volume na magagawa sa isang refill na filament nyo melianalonzo?