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3D Printing Thread

  • ask lang sir balak ko sana magpagawa buckle (starwars theme) gagamitin sana for cosplay
    ikakabit lang sa Belt

    any suggestions ung maganda magpagawa? for cosplay use kasi sana

  • One of best print using Anet A8- Tudor box using wood filament

  • The gang!

  • Hehe, totally forgot to post this here :D

    Imagine if this tech becomes mainstream, para na tayong nasa Star Trek if ever :)

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  • saan po kayo nagpapa 3d print? And magkano po singil?

    depende po sa design or laki?
  • Guys, sino sa inyo meron na neto? :)

    <click here for link>

    Okay lang ba ang maintenance, like hindi ba mabusisi?

  • Is the Creality Ender 3 Pro a good product?
  • Anyone still visiting this thread?

    Recently purchased and Ender 3 (Nov. 11 sale, discounted sa store tapos may additional 10% discount voucher pa). Been looking at 3D printers for quite some time and finally decided to get one. Experience so far:

    - Galing packaging, foam inside the box really keeps the items well protected
    - ... unfortunately, may konting defect ata ung PSU, hindi naka sarado ng mabuti ung isang plastic part so may gap, no issues sa performance so I let it go since mas excited ako gamitin ung printer
    - medyo nahirapan ako i-assemble since some parts of the manual are not clear. Watched some youtube videos to get some help
    - did the bed leveling based on sa mga napanood ko, tapos na sana pero nakalimutan na hindi pala nakakabit ung printing bed na ntatanggal, HAHAHA, had to do it again
    - took a while to get the filament into the extruder. Had to go back to youtube again dahil hindi swak sa butas ung filament pag pinasok mo
    - 1st print was benchy, results were nice
    - 2nd was ung face cover clip ng old Lian Li cases (yes, ung madalas mabiyak na female part). Works naman pero PLA lang meron ako so doubtful ako sa durability. Also, medyo mahirap kinabit since PLA is not very elastic. Will probably make new ones pag naka-order na ng ABS or PETG.
    - Starting to learn 3d modelling. Went with FreeCAD since gumamit ako dati ng AutoCAD. Gumawa ako ng headphone holder para kay mrs. May NB H180 monitor stand cya sa table nya, so made a design na i-shoot lang dun sa poste. Got it on the 3rd try, ung 1st kulang ng laki ung circular holder and maikli ung sabitan, 2nd was completely wrong dahil lalong lumiit ung circular holder.
    - Currently printing a car celphone holder design that I found in Thingiverse. Wala kwenta ung mga nagamit ko before but this looks promising. 2 piece lang and ung mount goes into the CD tray of the car radio. Encountered a problem during the 1st try na naipit ung filament spool, ganun pala yun, hindi nage-error kundi tuloy tuloy lang kahit walang filament lumalabas. 2nd try is running right now, hopefully hindi magka-issue.

    Overall, it's a fun learning experience. Was also looking at the Ender 3 V2 pero sa laki ng difference ng price, ok na to.

    Next projects, mini steering wheel for xbox one controller, low profile hitbox and I really want to make a custom case for my xbox 360 < nadudurog na ung case.
  • Currently printing the main housing for the hitbox, can't believe it's going to take over 9 hours. Made my own case using FreeCAD since I wanted to learn it anyway.

    The Kailh low profile switches also just arrived. The shop I ordered from only had 1 pack of whites and browns left so I got both (10 pcs each). Pretty good deal, I'll use the browns for the 4 directional keys and 6 for the main punches and kick buttons. Will use the whites for the remaining 3P, 3K, start and select buttons.

    Also need to load the program into the arduino pro micro, never done this before but my daughter took it up so she can help me out. Then, there's also youtube.

    It's going to take a while to print all of the parts pero definitely worth it if it works. This is one of the main reasons I got the Ender 3, because it's cheaper than buying a snackbox micro, plus it's a fun project.

    It's too bad that TPC doesn't allow directly attaching photos. Need pa mag-upload sa ibang site then use that URL. Will post pictures once I get around to doing that.

    Ung steering wheel for the xbox controller pala nagawa ko na. The print by itself won't do, you really need to finish it. Otherwise, movement is not smooth and tends to get stuck. I tried sanding it pero it's not enough. Borrowed a heat gun from my brother and will test that later on to figure how to do finishes for 3d prints.

  • Wow, 3D printers used for mass market consumer products... there might come a time when traditional manufacturing methods may become obsolete.
  • Orca Slicer
  • Star wars?

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  • Video:

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