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Globe Tattoo Platinum Home Broadband

  • Parang mataas nga sir, yung sa Globe DSL ko 80-120 tapos dito sa Fiber onti lang binaba.
  • mga paps. magpapakabit na kami ng plan 1899 50mbps vdsl ata yun kasi fibr cabinet yung nakita ko dun, within 3-5 days

    mag babayad ba dun sa installer ? sabi kasi ng agent magbabayad daw ng advance e 1899 pesos

    thanks in advance! :D
  • Depende sa deal na kinuha nyo.

    Yung sakin 4.5k bayad sa installer para sa promo nila ng 500 for the first 3 months. It's on their website.
  • I get full speed sa 100mbps plan namin dito sa desktop na rekta ethernet cable sa Huawei HG8245H modem nila, pero on mobile devices that connect via WiFi, I'm only getting 3-7mbps. On a good day, it can go up to around 50mbps, pero even then that's only half of the normal speed and most of the time it's on single digits only. Mabagal rin mag load certain websites like facebook and instagram on mobile devices.

    Sa side ba ng globe ang problema or should I just buy an aftermarket router and set the Huawei modem to bridge mode?
  • Not sure if unlucky with dynamic IP or what but rebooted my router 5x but still getting the same exact IP that starts with 120, weird.



    Is it specific mobile device only or all of them?

    Possible Globe router setup or your mobile devices.
    If you can get more than 50mbps on your mobile device with other network (office/friends /malls wifi) then possible need isetup yung globe wifi router or buy a better one.

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  • important question for those who own any Qube branded CCTVs..

    did globe fiber or dsl internet connections block access to the QUBE branded DVRs or NVRs CCTVs?

    kasi their globe mobile prepaid sims block it.. so if mabilis lang block.. then madali lang gawin sa mga fiber or dsl lines ng globe..

    Use ko lang in case mag subsribe ako sa globe fiber is to connect to the NVRs para ma broadcast feeds sa bahay

  • Globe fiber plan lowest is 1299 pesos at 10 Mbps with 100 Gig data cap. For entire month na ba yun 100 Gig cap?

    Kasi if calculate mo 10 Mbps,, it will take one day lang to reach 108 Gigabyte! See

    san ako nakamali sa compute?
  • @krpk
    All mobile devices. I tested again today and I'm now getting ~94mbps, so I guess it fixed itself again. It seems to happen randomly.
  • @lost_stereo

    Then could be the globe routers fault. If you really need a reliable wifi I suggest buying a 3rd party one.
  • Guys, bat ang hirap tumawag using landline ng globe fiber? Laging di makatawag. Ano ba fix nito?
  • @iamayugiohfan

    mag request ka ng on site visit at tell mo magpapa change ip address ka sa voip mo.. ganyan din skin ang hirap makatawag siguro 10 attempts bago ako maka connect..naun swabe na isang beses lang ring agad. Congested na kasi ung pinagkabitan ng sau.
  • Sa akin inayos din ng technician pinalitan yung ip address thru router page naging ok na.
  • Magkano yun initial cash out talaga ng 3 months 499 promo nila?

    I spoke with an agent from customer service sales department (7301010) and they told me the 4500 vdsl plan for 50 mbps that I am applying for is inclusive already of the 3 months fee of 499. Meaning its all in. But according to globe store it is 4500 for modem fee, plus they will send you a bill for the next 3 months. contradicting both answers.

    Also, when would the start of the 3 month 499 take effect? If I installed this today and have a 15 day period(ending on Dec 31), would the 3 month count at Jan 1 to March 31 considering the 15 day is a free trial and you start paying after the free trial ends.
  • I recently got connected to the Globe 100 Mbps Plan.

    Right now I am getting average speed of between 86-93 sa Ookla speed Test.

    My problem is I am still experiencing buffering sa youtube especially when I a trying out 4k content.

    Kala kopag nag 100 mbps na ako this wont happen anymore.Ano kaya ang problem?

    Please help.Thanks.
  • Pwede po pa feedback about sa 100mbps plan ng globe, vdsl po, ilan po usual upload speed nya?