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[email protected] Fiber Optic Broadband Thread

  • ^^

    Tawag mo na lang sa hotline para ifollow up. Medyo may delay ata ngayon.
  • @hellbert
    Yes sir, actually ok na din 2899 sa amin. For bells and whistles nalang talaga yung 3499 kami since sulit +600php lang for 'double' the speed (in actuality ay around 40% lang pala. Pero still bilang gamer narin, the extra speed might come in handy when DLing games. )
  • @Decidueye

    That's an interesting point of view.

    So being on Globe does not impact your gaming life? Some people prefer PLDT as the people they game with are there.

    For those reading I use 4K streaming (15Mbps) as my baseline as it's the most bandwidth-intensive application that is not tolerant of buffering.

    Downloading multi-GB video, music and games then playing them may be somewhat acceptable but waiting for a streaming 4K video isn't.

    I hope one day 25Mbps is 499/month and 500Mbps is 2,999/month so over 80% of people will have fiber to the home.

    Only way for that to happen is to reduce red tape to less than 2 days and to just 1 document.
  • ^Globe lang ang available sa area na lilipatan namin sir. Settle nalang for workaround like VPN kung strict NAT talaga, or maybe even avail the Public Static IP addon. Pero itsek pa namin...

    Speaking of gaming... May nakatry na po ba gumamit ng WTFast GPN dito? Kung mataas ping, talagang napapababa po niya talaga?
  • ^If no choice then no problem

    Static IP's 500/month extra and I think it's for business plan only.