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Globe Tattoo Platinum Home Broadband

  • Globe Advisory: Hi! To ensure our systems remain healthy and capable, they'll be taking time off to rest and recharge. While they rest, you may experience a loss of home internet services on October 20, from 12 MN to 5 AM. We're real sorry for the inconvenience. Don't worry, services will be back to normal once we complete our activity. Once completed, simply restart your modem to start surfing again. Thank you!
  • @Sarhento_Sabaybunot
    kung adsl ang modem mo, papalitan yan ng vdsl modem. kulay puti tapos dual band wifi, meaning may 2.4 Ghz at 5.0 Ghz na wifi yung vdsl modem. wag ka maniwala sa csr. lahat yan hindi technical. mga bobo yan. yung din sabi saken nung nagpa upgrade ako. wala daw papalitan at walang aayusin sa cabinet. Pag punta ng contractor, may dalang vdsl modem na ipapalit tapos ipapatch pa nila yung linya mo dun sa main cabinet.

    Tama nga haha. Pinalitan nila modem ko from adsl to vdsl 2 dual band then nilipat nila linya ko dun sa blue na cabinet. Yung phone pala voip na. Pag walang net wala rin dial tone haha.

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  • Kahit pala mababang plan ngayon kung available na fiber sa area ayon ikakabit nila as opposed sa dsl lang. Example sa katapat namin plan 1299 lang pero naka fiber na. Nagpaupgrade ako from adsl plan 1299 to plan 1599 na fiber.
  • Medyo magulo nga si globe kasi pabago bago sila sabi una fiber then nung nag ff up to confirm naging vdsl. Kanina pumunta contractor fiber nga ikakabit. Unfortunately tomorrow na lang daw babalik since maling cabinet yung nakaassign sa akin. Need pa raw nila icoordinate since iba configuration ng malapit na cabinet.
  • taas pa din ping

  • @krpk thank you!

    I just called Globe to follow up my application. It has been 3 says since they ask us to send them the requirement. When they called us regarding the requirements. The agent told
    Me that there is 1 available slot in my area for go big 1899. So i didt emailed them my id right aways for faster processing. Unfortunately, i called them this morning. They told me that the slot is already taken. And that i can apply again the next 2-3 weeks.

    I just dont know why they will tell you at first that you can have it, then later on get it back.

    They need to make sure first that customer can really expect to have the connection or not by rchecking the area and not only their system. Before giving such confirmation to ther customers... My sister didnt went to work, as we are really expecting that it will be installed one of these days. Badly need an internet connection. :’(

    Converge and pldt fiber still not available in my area only DSL which is sucks.