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Globe@Home GFiber Broadband Thread

  • @ccl2003

    Salamat sa feedback... Me difference pala ang residential plans of Globe/Converge 24 month contract vs PLDT 36 month contract.




    Anyone else?

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  • 2499 getting additional 100Mbps for download only.
  • Speed ko sa 800Mbps plan ni Globe. Very generous sila sa speed. Unlike my Converge, Literally talaga na UP TO sila. Kahit peak hours steady lang ang speed ko with Globe. Sa Converge ko from 800Mbps down to 20Mbps. Hahays.

  • @DeAntagonist

    Thanks for the reply. Plan 3499 800Mbps is hitting ~125MB/s with STEAM or p2p file sharing?

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  • Mukhang commonality talaga ni Globe yang +100Mbps (at least for higher tier plans).
  • @smuggy

    Unofficial PLDT HomeFibr plans by comparison are

    - Plan 1299 200Mbps
    - Plan 1699 400Mbps
    - Plan 2099 600Mbps
    - Plan 2699 800Mbps

    Trade off is 36 months contract and only unlimited local area code & PLDT to PLDT landline calls
  • - Plan 1299 200Mbps
    - Plan 1699 400Mbps
    - Plan 2099 600Mbps
    - Plan 2699 800Mbps

    Kamusta naman yan sa totoong buhay. Yung 1Gbps nga nila parang 50Mbps lang eh hahaha hindi na ako magpapaloko dyan kay PLDT kabisado ko na yan mapa-Home or Business same lang ng quality ng service.
  • @ccl2003

    Based yan sa feedback ng PLDT thread.
  • @filipinX

    Yep but I know exactly how crappy PLDT's service is because I am also managing multiple clients that uses PLDT. Bad service especially during peak hours plus don't expect reliable tech support. I am surprised they can market those advertised speeds but whether they can support their claims is another story. Kaya lahat ng kakilala ko sinasabi ko go either with Globe or Converge never with PLDT mai-stress ka lang sa service nila pero sa singilan mabilis yan.

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  • @ccl2003

    I agree with you. Do you have your clients have dual fiber connections per location?

    For SME accounts meron bang PLDT Enterprise Plan 1299 50Mbps ba sila like Globe GFiber Biz Plan 1299 50Mbps?

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  • Do you have your clients have dual fiber connections per location?

    So far wala. Old plans din kasi pa.

    For SME accounts meron bang PLDT Enterprise Plan 1299 50Mbps ba sila like Globe GFiber Biz Plan 1299 50Mbps?

    This I am not sure kasi di na masyado minamarket ni PLDT yung Enterprise plans nila unlike before pero what I know is very expensive Enterprise plans ni PLDT yung 50Mbps nila alam ko nasa 3k kung di ako nagkakamali unless inupdate na nila recently.
  • @ccl2003

    Thank you for feedback.

    Yung PLDT Enterprise Beyond Fiber Plan 1990 50Mbps lang meron sila. :-|

    I think they're counting on having more service areas than the competitors.

    Mahal din ng Converge flexiBiz Plan 2200 50Mbps. :-|
  • @filipinX

    Di ko pa na try kasi di naman ako gamer talaga. ML lang sapapt na. Pero i work from home 12Hours a day. Plus 3 kaming nag wowork sabay sabay di pa kasali mga nag youtube and netflix kaya tinaasan ko nalang plan namin from Plan 2699. :)
  • @smuggy
    Mukhang commonality talaga ni Globe yang +100Mbps (at least for higher tier plans).

    Parang. Ang pagkaka explain jan ng mga techs ni Globe is to avoid daw yung complaints ng mga subs na sobrang baba ng speed sa subscribed plan. Like sakin sa Converge bumababa usually pag gabi nasa 250 pataas pero always below 500Mbps siya. Nag complain ako sabi ng nakausap ko pasok parin daw sa 30% average speed ni Converge yun. Pero that's from 8pm to 11pm yan. Pero for me lugi ako eh. Si Globe ko naman from 900+, nasa 800+ padin speed ko kahit na peak hours.

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  • I reckon, for the vast majority of people, 30 Mbps is fine, 50 Mbps is enough, 100 is quite more than enough, and anything above that is overkill. Including my own household na dalawa kami sa bahay na Work from Home which includes large file downloads, video conference meetings, etc.

    Currently, I'm on Globe 1699 @ 200 Mbps, getting 200-220 Mbps.

    Right now the main limitations for most set ups are:
    1. Reliability of that specific provider in your area
    2. How your network is set up inside the property

    I've observed that #2 is often sub-optimal, if not just outright bad. Wala naman kasing incentive ang mga ISP (or specifically, their contractors) to optimize your setup. They're incentivised to service as many places as possible daily, so they will tend to run a cable to the most convenient point in your house (tabi ng bintana, usually) and you often get bad Wifi outside that room. And to "solve" that problem, the ISP will want to upsell you a higher plan, which will rather conveniently come with a Wi-Fi mesh set. ;)

    In the past 3 years since fiber infra has been aggressively rolled out nationwide, marami na akong mga kaibigan at kamag-anak na inayusan ng internet sa bahay. What I usually end up doing is either relocating the router itself to a more ideal location closer to the middle of the house, or potentially if that's not possible and/or not enough, run a cable to another part of the house and get another router there to use as a AP. In at least two cases the subscriber got upsold (or talked into extending their contract) by the ISP offering a mesh set and even that wasn't enough, so we run a wired backhaul to the mesh nodes.

    Sa lahat ng mga inayusan ko ng internet in the past three years, literally zero people a) needed to upgrade their internet plans (at least one downgraded lol), and b) subsequently complained to me of bad internet (besides being disconnected due to an outage).

    Just a couple of weeks ago ginawa ko 'to sa bahay ng pinsan ko. He set up a home office and gym sa harap ng property nila, and while the property isn't big the mesh set up wasn't cutting it to allow him to get more than basic browsing speeds on one device. Nagpatakbo kami ng cable and voila, problem solved. Their mesh device doesn't even have Gigabit so 94 Mbps lang nakukuha niya sa office, and yet he was so happy kasi nakakagawa na sila ng mga video presentations from his home office.
  • @Alpha_One

    Have you considered getting 2 fiber accounts from different ISPs? Pag mag down ang 1 meron kang backup?
  • @filipinX,

    Yes, actually, but I ultimately decided against it for two reasons:

    1) I'm within a 10-minute drive to either side of the family, one of those households use a different provider from me. If ever pwede naman ako makigamit.
    2) The actual few times I had downtime, mobile data served the purpose. I get good signal from all providers (Globe, Smart, Dito) in my house.

    In other circumstances I'd definitely go for it. With a basic plan with something like Surf2Sawa which is Converge powered.
  • @Alpha_One

    Thanks for the good idea.
  • ^ Work from home din kami ni misis and DITO mobile lang back up ko since super reliable naman ng Globe dito sa amin, isang beses pa lang nag down last 2022.
  • Anyone know how to make Hikvision CCTV work with Globe GFiber?
  • ^meron platform access ang hikvision, register and enable mo lang yan. once naka enabled na, i pair mo yung NVR/DVR mo using hik-connect app via qr code, after that remote access na yan, no port forwarding needed.
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  • @polka I would advise against allowing hikvision equipment over the internet, but convenience may trump security in this case (i'd recommend setting up a VPN like tailscale/zerotier since you're not bound to a known bad actor)

    in other topics: anyone having routing problems with globe in the past week? I'm setup on Quad9/Cloudflare but response times are highly abnormal at around 3k to 8k ms response at worst. I've ruled out the equipment since switching over to Starlink yields much faster response times, which is indicative of a routing problem
  • @lollerskater

    yeah I know, im just telling the easiest way that a normie person can do. not the advance things like vpn. to be honest hindi naman siguro magtatanong yung tao ng ganyang ka simpleng tanong kung alam nya mag vpn so... yeah.

    I also had the same cctv setup in my house with a hikvision nvr, of course the entire thing is blocked access to the internet, I can still access it over the internet via VPN or via Home Assistant with a help of ONVIF and generic camera integration tunneled via cloudflare zerotrust vpn.
  • bigyan niyo ako reasons not to downgrade from 1899 to 1699 :)
  • can anyone recommend any 3rd party budget modem router? tatry ko mag bridge for the first time. only getting 40Mbps wireless and 250Mbps wired.

    @bisdakol I downgraded last month since afaik 50 lng diff nung 1899 sa 1699 kya nag pa downgrade ako and that more than enough sa bahay since hindi nako panay download unlike nung buhay single haha

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  • lilipat sana ako sa globe eh. tandang sora area ako, okay ba ang service sa area na ito? hindi ako close sa mga kapitbahay ko at gusto ko kasi ng anonymity kaya di talaga ako nagtatanong sa kanila.
  • Finally decided to get another line from globe

    question: does the +700 fee for static ip rental reflects on the bill?

    if no, pwede ko ba siya ipasama sa total bill na lang di naka itemized , thanks
  • question: does the +700 fee for static ip rental reflects on the bill?

    lalabas siya as an Addon sa bill mo monthly like this.

  • Meron ba naka iPOE residential dito naka avail ng public static IP?

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