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Tecware Case

  • Hi, newbie here. Ask lang po san makakabili ng Forge M2?
  • This build was a bit of a challenge since we had a fairly large video card which needed to fit in a medium-sized case. Part of the GPU had to actually be INSIDE one of the case fans (without touching the prop, of course).

    No space was wasted since we were also able to add a 7th fan between the hard drives and the power supply underneath the video card. It sits no more than about 2mm above one of the hard drives.

    Btw, really pleased with Tecware. It's a budget brand that punches well above its price tag. This case is a meshify style clone which comes with 4 120mm aRGB fans AND an aRGB controller hub to boot. Nooks and crannies are done right and build quality is not that far removed from a Lian Li or the original meshify from Fractal Design.


    • Ryzen 7 3700x (with stock Wraith Prism cooler)
    • MSI X570 board
    • MSI Radeon 6800xt
    • Tecware Forge S case
    • Tecware Omni fans,
    • Tecware flex cables
    • Tecware vertical GPU mount (for the Forge S)
    • 32GB of RAM (2x16GB DDR4-3600)
    • 2TB NVME SSD
    • 120GB 2.5" SSD
    • 20TB hard drives (2x10TB)

    I think the only thing missing is a better CPU air cooler than the stock Wraith (which isn't that bad, tbh). Hopefully, a decent one under 165mm in height comes along.

  • Ask ko lang po kung sinu naka tecware vxr ask ko lang kung ilan sukat ng top fan , kasi balak ko bumli ng vxr and lalagay ko yung 360rad ng arctic freezer ii which is 398mm ung size ng rad nya.
  • may nabibili ba tecware hdd bay Tool free 3.5” bays from tecware cube case
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  • Question for Tecware Fusion owners, kahit na hindi nakasabi sa compatibility, may holes po ba na magkakasya ang 120mm fan sa likod? The case's max cooler height is 155mm, and all the other cases that have the same max height have 120mm rear fan compatibility. I've seen other builds din na may 3.5" hard drive sa likod.

    I'm planning to save costs by buying a 5-pack of fans but I'd have one extra. Any insights/experiments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.