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Need help in simple mathematics

  • Mga sir, tanong ko lang po if ano yung solution sa mga problem na itatanong ko. May mga answer na kasi pero di ko alam paano nag-arrive sa sagot na yun. Thanks po.

    1. From a boat, the angle of elevation of the foot of a light house on the edge of a cliff is 34 degrees, If the cliff is 150m high, how far from the base of the cliff is the boat?

    Solution: ?

    Answer is 222m.

    2. Horizontal line point B to point C is 12cm in length. Vertical line point C to point G is 5cm in length. Calculate length BG.

    Solution: ?

    Answer is 13cm.

    3. An airplane has an airspeed of 275 km/h, and flies on a bearing of 295. The wind is blowing at a speed of 225 km/h from West to East. What is the head wind and what is the crosswind?

    Solution: ?

    Answer is head wind = 204 km/h and cross wind = 95 km/h

    Many thanks po sa makakatulong! If may alam po kayong mga sites pa na may sample questions na ganito with solutions, hihingin ko lang po sana yung link. Thanks po.
  • trigo question lang yan.

    1. tan 34 = 150/x

    2. phytagorean = a2 + b2 = c2
    12^2 + 5^2 = c^2

    3. di ko lam

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  • ^ thanks sir arthur!
  • 3. The air speed of the airplane is not important. With a bearing of 295 degrees, the plane is flying approximately west-northwest 65 degrees from the north heading.

    The component of the wind the plane is flying against (the headwind) is

    HW = 225 x sin(65º) = 225 x 0.9063 = 203.9 km/hr

    The component of the wind blowing across the plane (crosswind) is

    CW = 225 x cos (65º) = 225 x 0.4226 = 95.1 km/hr
  • ^ sir motion, thanks a lot! yan na lang yung problema ko. Thanks for solving!
  • Anyone can help:

    Solve for the equation of a line
    1) passing through points P1(7, 3) , P2(2, -6).
    2) slope is -1/3 , passing through P1(2, 3).
    3) slope is -4, x intercept is -3/4.
    4) slope is 2/3, y intercept is 4.

    Find the equation of a line.
    a) parallel y = 3x + 4, passing through P1(-2, 5)
    b)parallel to a line passing P1(0, -3) and P2(-6, 4) and passing through P3(-1, 4).
    c) perpendicular to the line y = x + 4 and passing through (-2, -6).
    d) perpendicular to the line passing through point P1(3, 2) , P2(4, -6), and passing through P3(-6, 4).