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Converge ICT Fiber ISP Thread (never ever hard reset your modem and refer to page 1 for FAQs)

  • 45mbps sa speedtest placebo saken haha.

    actual download speed or real-time downloads nasa 35mbps pa rin.
  • Hi Guys.. Bakit ganon yung speed ng browsing ko sa iPhone 12 ko sobra bagal..

    Upon checking sa Speed test nasa 2-3mbps lang consistently? (Already did Network and Factory Reset)
    Kapag sa Android ko (Realme X50) umaabot ng 45mbps naman consistently.

    Same Wifi with Converge. 45mbps plan 1599.

    - Speed on PC is 45mbps also.
    - iPhone speed connection to LTE is fast, abot 20-30mbps.
    - Looks like my iPhone is limited by Converge's wifi

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  • Meron ba taga las pinas na affected ng service upgrades na ginawa nila kanina madaling araw? After nang service upgrade nila bumalik ng 25Mbps yung speed ko. 1 week palang nila naayos itong speed ko from my previous issue within more than a month. Ngayon ito nanaman sila. Grabe na yung deterioration ng service support ng Converge.
  • Good day po ok na po kaya at wala na po kayang problem pag nag upgrade from 35mbps to 45 mbps

    salamat po
  • @kcarlos456

    weird, sakin yung okay naman connection from iPhone pag 2.4GHz full signal abot lang ng 50-75Mbps. Pag 5GHz full signal 180-200Mbps. (using ASUS AX3000 and to check speed)

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  • @kcarlos

    Click mo yung "i" na may bilog sa wifi na kinoconnectan mo from your ip12. Check if naka enable low data mode. Dapat naka off.

    Also try mo disable yung Private Address if naka enable.

    Settings ko is Enabled Private Address, Disabled Low Data Mode.

    It may vary din kasi sa compatibility ng router mo.
  • @sabawballs

    Thanks sa tips.

    However, still getting the same bad speed on iPhone 12:
    - Private Address (Enabled or Disabled)
    - Low Data Mode (Disabled)

    As a matter of fact, I am enjoying the fast blazing speeds since last 2 years with Converge. No replacements on wifi router. I only upgraded from 35 to 45 mbps due to promo last December.

    Until this January, nagkaganito na ung sa iPhone. Dahil dito I preferred browsing with my Android :(
  • @kcarlos

    Weird nga niyan. Have you tried forgetting the WiFi and re-join?

    Last troubleshooting is if you can try to disable Networking & Wireless under Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services.

    Or simple Reset Network Settings

    Sorry medyo OT.. but it is about connecting a device naman on a Converge connection :P

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  • sa mga nag pakabit lang sa agent, pano malalaman account number?
  • guys any las pinas area nawalan ng connection kagabi ? ngaun pag balik ang lala ng internet halos hindi mag load mga page?
  • @sabawballs

    Weird diba?

    Yes, I already did everything for the past week.

    Now I also tried disabling the Location Services, still didn't helped hehe..

    I tried contacting Converge ICT thru messenger pero I am not getting good response from them.

    If ganito kapalaran ng iphone ko, I might stick na lang muna with my PC and Android phone. Pero need some answers from them what happened with my iphone connection this January :D
  • @kcarlos456 I dont advice calling the ISP (converge) for this issue. The ISP has nothing to do with your issue on the iPhone. I will advise to bring it over to apple service center or contact apple support directly. As you have already mentioned that other devices works with the modem provided by converge which means its not the ISP's issue.

    Off topic:
    other option is to update IOS version, toggle wifi assist: Settings -> Cellular, and lastly reset the iPhone after doing backup. Also if you can go to a neighbor's house and borrow their wifi connection to test and see if the speed will improved, if the problem persist then definitely a problem with the device, hence going to apple service will be the best option. You are still under warranty since you have an Iphone 12.

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  • May big impact ba ang pag upgrade ng Modem ni Converge from single band (yung puting luma) to dual band 5g daw?

    Intermittent kase tong current kong puting luma. 75mbps yung current plan ko
  • ^definitely meron. For your speed, better na may 5GHz band talaga. Also mas stable (if within range) and less prone to interference.
  • sino Las Pinas area nag ka problem sa upgrade nila kagabi? ngaun sobrang bagal ng internet
  • converge might release a new fiberhome ONT model soon called HG6243C

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  • @kcarlos456

    Same issue on my iPhone. Twice as much pa ang speed ng spare iPhone 6 ko. What I did was reset network settings, turned off private address and updated to iOS14.4. Okay na ngayon.

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  • @BunnyBee

    Thanks, I'm updating now to 14.4. It seems kaka release lang nito :)
  • ^Known issue yung slow WiFi speed sa iPhone 12 series. If you will be searching online, maraming users yung nagreport regarding the issue.
  • good day mga sirs,

    ask lang po sana ng config niyo for 3rd party routers.
    ung 3rd party modem ko is tplink ax1500, and ung modem provided by converge is Fiberhome.

    Current setup is plugNplay,

    CONVERGE Fiberhome Lan1 (DHCP on) to TPLink Ax1500 WAN (dhcp on).

    sa converge modem off na wifi, wala na din other cabled connections. lahat na ng connections dadaan dun sa tplink.

    any inputs are appreciated, maraming salamat po.
  • ^ have you put the fiberhome ont on bridge mode?
  • @supergeek

    Pwede na yan. Another way is to do the "bridge" way, Kaso not all are successful. Ako dati naka bridge though hindi na gumagana as of late.
  • Potek na Converge yan, nagulat ako bakit may ticket reply ako na nareceive sa email, pagcheck ko, noong Sept 2020 ko pa inopen yung ticket pero ngayon lang nareplyan? Bilis ah
  • @oweneighty

    Mga shunga rin eh. Ganyan din ako. May technical issue na ni-raise last year. After 4 months sinagot.

    Talk about competence! Daig pala ng converge si Mang Kepweng. Bumubuhay ng patay... patay na email.
  • Sarcasm na lang nireply ko: "Your ticket resolution is as fast as your internet." LOL
  • 45mbps sa speedtest placebo saken haha.

    actual download speed or real-time downloads nasa 35mbps pa rin.

  • Sa akin di naman. Plan 25mbps ako pero nakukuha ko 80mbps kahit real-time downlaods, pero yung ul speed ko 35 mbps
  • currently on 35mbps, 1600 a month

    daming nagka issue dati dun sa nagpa free upgrade nung pasko. okay na ba ngayon?
    hindi na ba nawawalan ng ilang araw ngayon?
  • currently on 35mbps, 1600 a month

    daming nagka issue dati dun sa nagpa free upgrade nung pasko. okay na ba ngayon?
    hindi na ba nawawalan ng ilang araw ngayon?

    Waley hehe Parang isang linggo lang naging 45mbps stable then after that, balik 25mbps na after series of outages nitong January. I reported it na and I have a ticket. I also responded sa isang email nila regarding the concern pero isang linngo na sila walang paramdam awa ng dyos.
  • update lang

    ZTE Modem = 200mb speed boost no need to call
    ONU Modem 4 antenna = 150mbps only

    pinalitan ung bagong modem ko dito any las pinas area na nagkakaproblema dahil daw sa migration hindi ko alam kung anu ung nag migrate poro so far mas matino pa ung ONU modem .. nung bagong modem sobrang bumalik ung problema sobra congested ung linya ng bagong modem hays