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  • got my golden loot box from my amazon twitch subscription, and more standard loot boxes in the next months

  • Americas is a good server lalo na kung naghahanap ka talaga ng coordination with the team through voice chat since karamihan dun eh english speaking. Ang downside sa Americas eh may servers na iilan na 200ms ang ping. Malas lang kung dun ka napunta tapos competitive match sya.

    Kung di ka naman gano nagsasalita sa voice chat and you just wanna play for fun eh Asia ka nalang para iwas dun sa 200ms servers.
  • americas ang server ko, ok naman ang ping at latency, problema ko e mga ka team ko ang dadaldal tapos mga bata pa, ang kukulit.

    pero nakakaadik itong game na ito, naka install na sa main rig ko, sa rig ng anak ko, at pati dito sa laptop ko naglalaro ako sa work hehe, pati playerunknowns battleground at diablo 3 pa hehe

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  • hey guys, planning to get the game already.

    mura ang Origins Edition sa anyone tried buying na from G2A?

    gumagana ba Local CCs naten? thanks!
  • gusto ko sanang mag upgrade sa game of the year edition kasi yung nabili ko sa amazon e parang standard or origins edition lang, pero nung pag click ko ng buy game of the year edition eto ang lumabas, it appears na game of the year edition ang nakuha ko sa amazon sa halagang $39.99 e ang halaga sa ng game of the year edition ay $59.99, super sulit pagkakabili ko sa amazon hehehe

  • Hello mga sir!

    Add nyo naman ako: deadbyte#1198
    Playing on US server

    Mas maganda maglaro kapag may constant team mates..

  • Damn. Haven't played in a month since nirelease yung pRO. Hahaha i'm rusty
  • anybody having latency issues lately?
    americas server current ping is 150+
    my old ping is usually 40+

    im on pldt plan 2800.
  • @tin_man
    ok naman sakin..

    pero globe po ako plan 100mbps 70 ping Americas din po ako

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  • May servers talaga sa Americas na 200ms.
  • PLDT HOME FIBER user here

    there was a latency issue with PLDT that started july 27, also some businesses that are link to PLDT have a temporary outtage.. upon investigation we have 160+ ping in US server coz we are directed to JAPAN servers, there might be a problem with their gateway to SINGAPORE but BIZ and IGATE users doesn't suffer from this..

    in the meantime you can temporary play at ASIA server where you can have 90-120ms since most of the servers there are from TAIWAN and HONGKONG
  • ^
    Playing in Asia is fine as long as it is QP.

    Playing competitive requires team communication, we almost cannot do that on Asia servers since most of the players do not even speak English.
  • Hehe, I hope makaipon ng credits for the exclusive skins, kahit yung 2016 versions pwede na :D

  • Anyone here use ultrawide monitor? Fully supported na ba sya? hindi na compressed yung height? TIA
  • if you buy loot boxes using real money, will you get the summer games content (skins, sprays, emotes)
  • ^^
    If you bought the loot boxes during the event = yes.

    The loot boxes also contains the event cosmetics content.

    If you bought it before the event & open it during the event = no.

    The content of the loot boxes were made when you acquire/bought it & NOT when you open it.
  • ^ okay got it. Thanks!