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Official Mini-ITX Thread (See Page 1 for Info) - stop naming sellers!

  • You guys may check pcpartpicker or, just search for the case you aim to build around on. Plenty of ideas there to choose from. :)
  • @TatakTamahome
    d19 pro check mo. malaki konti sa k39 pero sfx psu
  • HDPLEX 250W GaN All-In-One ATX PSU

    <click here for link>

    Kung half sana nung actual price nya kuha ako 2 ahaha

    HDPLEX 250w and 400w user here-both discontinued.

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  • @scandinavian_armor

    Thanks sir! Mura ah! Granted, basic compared to others, pero I never expected na may ganito kamura.

  • pa isa k39 :D

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  • Anu flex psu?
  • New SSUPD cases

    Meshroom S (sandwich style, updated Meshlicious): <click here for link>
    Meshroom D (classic style, inbetween NCase M1 & NR200 in volume): <click here for link>
  • Sf750 for P8,050


    Coolermaster V850 Sfx for P6,995?
  • ^If reliability habol mo then the SF750 is a no brainer.

    I currently own the Coolermaster V850 SFX, got it for around 5.7k with a coupon (sa coolermaster mall page mismo ng suking online) but I did researched muna sa mga quirks ng unit na to. Sa reddit, you'll find out na yung unang version nito has coil whine issues as well as fan issues din (where the fan would suddenly ramp up to 100% speed every minute). If you want to buy this, buy it from coolermaster mall page mismo or if sa ibang seller, ask them anong revision number or version nung PSU nila. Magkaiba yung box ng unang revision sa latest revision (you can google it or ask sa reddit).

    So far naman sa case ko, been using this for a year now and wala pa naman ako naeencounter na issues. I just decided to get it since mas mura and I could return it naman if may issue yung nakuha kong unit. Just make sure na dun ka sa official mall page bumili para sure na latest revision.

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  • meron bang amd a320m na itx form factor available locally dito pinas?
  • @taba

    Meron Asrock A520M-ITX/ac A520 Ryzen AM4 Motherboard search mo na lang sa suking tindahan.

  • DAN Cases A3 m-ATX
    This prototype is the latest collaboration between DAN Cases and LIAN LI. Just under 20 liters with support for up to a 360 radiator, the case features a reversible frame for the option of choosing a left or right orientation. Depending on your configuration, the A3 m-ATX is capable of supporting SFX and ATX PSUs, 4 slot GPUs of up to 380 mm in length (horizontal or vertical), up to a 360 All-In-One liquid cooler radiator or a 158 mm tall CPU cooling tower, and two 2.5" SSDs. The A3 m-ATX features a 1.5 mm thick all-aluminium exterior design on a steel frame 1.2 mm thick and the bottom features a beautiful ARGB underglow. An optional side tempered glass panel is available to replace the side mesh panels.
  • patulong naman ng budget itx build for 50-60k more on gaming lang
  • @glendbest:
    Malayo mararating ng budget mo if you start with a cheap case like the NR200. Then you can build your specs around it from there.
  • not familliar po with the specific parts that i need for that specific case po, since im using an matx case before.
  • You need an ITX motherboard preferably, SFX PSU, and the largest cooler than you can fit inside your new case. Some modders have been able to squeeze in an mATX motherboard in that case pero medyo advanced level of building na yun. You might be able to retain your processor, RAM sticks, storage. If you're lucky, might even be able to use your GPU in it.
  • @limyar
    A Tecware Fusion could also work for @glendbest, right?
    That way he can keep the mATX board, but get the benefits of an SFF chassis.
  • best deal I got - Galax bundle for 4k. revolution 3 case (tecware fusion with led ligh in front) It's white too.comes with mech kboard, mouse and headset.
  • patulong naman ng budget itx build for 50-60k more on gaming lang

    ^ Ilang liters ba goal mo sir? Meron sub 10L na matx case.