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  • @crispycrablet
    decent padin system mo, mukhang di naman ganon ka outdated. Maganda CORE 500, planning to shift my ATX build to the same case. Kaya din niya i accomodate yung CPU cooler ko na D15 kaya ok din, puwede ka mag SG13 since maliit naman cpu cooler mo.
  • @tochivelez
    Thanks for your input! Based sa research ko, I don't think pwede sa SG13 mainly due to the modular ATX PSU and 3.5"hdd. Pls someone CMIIW.

    Siguro good padin current config ko hirap lang kasi pag najan na yung upgrade itch hehe minsan kailangan kamutin. OT parang ok din yung bezel brand na monitor so bagong budget nanaman. :(
  • Sorry for OT.

    I cannot play Latest games lately and my PC always crashes on Games
    Updated all drivers, I even tried to reinstall W10 but no luck.
    Tried ROG Furmark Stress test and no encountered crashing
    have you installed any new Windows updates lately?

    best thing to do is format windows just to eliminate OS as the issue. if the issue persists, tsaka ka mag-troubleshoot ng hardware.
  • Tried ROG Furmark Stress test and no encountered crashing

    I don't think that's reliable.

    Try Unigine Superposition.