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  • sana may mag reproduce nito, full size atx

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  • @heidz01

    Last choice mo lang talaga kung ayaw mo mag bottom mounted AIO ay mag custom loop.
  • @heidz

    I have been using a bottom mounted radiator with my Evolv Shift for over two years and its still running fine

    It will probably be fine to run a bottom rad in an NR200 but dont expect the aio to last long, budget replacing it every 2-3 years. I want to replace mine but the Corsair H80i is not available anywhere.

    Or you can do a custom loop with a Barrow pump block; but that would probably cost 12K excluding fans.

    The new MSI liquid AIOs use a pump mounted in the radiator. Based on reviews, the performance is slightly less than Asetek based coolers such by NZXT or Corsair. That should be completely fine being bottom mounted.
  • Ok ba thermals ng nzxt H200?
  • ^
    No problems kung gagamit ka ng beefy CPU tower cooler. Avoid adding front intake fans & mag SFX PSU ka for better GPU thermals.

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  • Meron na ba tayong user na may combo na H200/Inwin A1 Plus with sapphire 5700xt nitro+?
  • Anong pwedeng itx case for sapphire nitro+ 5700xt? preferably yung pwedeng patungan ng PS5. haha
    Wouldn't consider the A1/A1+ kasi gusto kong gamitin yung psu ko.
  • @melmediona

    Lian Li TU-150 if you have an sfx psu
  • Share ko lang,PIIC X1 (it's like sgpc k55) and Sirius T70, both using SFX, together with my M24 using flex (ka size nang k39)

  • Buti nagkasya
  • NZXT Rocket

  • Meron dito naka Ncase M1 using 3700X with AIO. Anong idle temp and load temp niyo? Games or benchmark tools used. Salamat in advance. Gusto ko sana i-check kung tama lang ba nakukuha kong temps sa akin.
  • Sharing my HZMOD XQ69 (7.5L) (69mm x 323mm x 339mm) build from Ta*ba*.

    The case is very heavy, yet very sturdy. The package came at 13 lbs. Feels very premium, and very sexy. Built like a tank, and weighs like a tank. The package comes with all you need to build it, including the GPU riser cable. It even has an included torx screw driver, same with the Sentry 2.0.

    Side by side comparison with the SG13 (11.5L).

    Building in it was a bit of a challenge but very straight forward if you've watched enough Sentry 2.0 builds. Temps are "okay"-ish during load. CPU temps reached 85C on Prime 95 and was still rising kaya I stopped midway the test. The mounted slim CPU fan was already running at max 2000RPM. I need a better CPU cooler since yung cooler ko is a Wraith Spire lang modded to fit a 120mm fan, functioning as an exhaust. I also ziptied a 70x15mm fan from an old AMD CPU cooler beside the GPU to function as exhaust. The GPU runs at 78C maximum with the 70mm fan and 85C max without the fan. The fan also helped with the HDD temps. The HDD and SSDs run a bit warm during load, with temps ranging from 44-47C.
  • @habarabadabas12345

    Sir, how much inabot total damage?
  • Mukhang maganda naman pala thermals sa SG-14
  • Ano magandang slim 120mm fans?

    Gusto ko maglagay sa bottom ng TU150 haha, kawawa GPU ko lagi reference blower design kasi.
  • ^ ID-Cooling NO-12015 or Scythe Kaze-1212
  • any recommended po na ITX system unit na pwede alternative sa NUC ni intel? Will only be using a small table space pero AC room. prefer ko po sana AMD apu set up for multi tasking and not into gaming purposes.
  • ^ Inwin Chopin!