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  • Hi guys! Super new to SFF builds and I was planning to use a Silverstone SG13. My main concern is thermals.

    I'm a video editor and I need the following minimum parts for my work. I'm concerned about the temps considering that I don't work in an airconditioned room and that I would be editing all day.

    Ryzen 7 3700x
    2060 super gpu
    B450 mobo
    2x 16gb ram
    AIO cooler
    1x m.2 1TB
    1x 2.5 Sata Ssd

    I've been watching all the youtube videos about SG13 and reading all the forums and articles. But all of them are in a colder country. How would these specs fare in the PH with no air conditioning?

    Thanks guys! Super appreciate your help! :)
  • ^ if you are worried about thermals, you might want to bump up the motherboard requirement to a B550 instead since they would likely have better VRM thermals than B450...

    Gigabyte B550I AORUS PRO AX
  • @chaingang317

    Thanks! This is noted. Aside from that though, am I wrong in worrying about the temps just because ambient temperature is a lot hotter here in PH?
  • @kevlexcruz
    usually published yung ambient temps. Take notes na lang. What you see on the web, usually add 10 C agad.
  • @kevlexcruz
    Consider these locally available cases for better temps:
    NZXT H200/H210/i
    LianLi TU150(for restocking ata ito right now)
    InWin A1
    NZXT H1

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